Kamchatka deep earthquake was the most powerful in history

September 20, 2013. Seismologists from the University of California found that the earthquake of a magnitude of 8.3 sea of Okhotsk, which occurred on may 24 of this year, was the most powerful of all known deep earthquakes. Research published log Science, its outline can read on the website of the University. Scientists have found that the hypocenter of seismic activity was at a depth of 609 kilometers under the shelf of the Okhotsk sea. The earthquake, therefore, undoubtedly be attributed to the poorly-studied class of deep, although the speed of movement of the fault and some other sign Read more [...]
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In the Okhotsk set a record for precipitation

2 September. Deep, extending to the South of the trough sharpens weather systems in the far East. The region is crossed by two active frontal zone. Arctic front stretches along the coast of the mainland, and polar is located on the island. There there was a strong rainfall. On Thursday along the Arctic front continued to move active Mongolian cyclone. He went on a tangent to Sakhalin and reached the South of Magadan region. Along the route of the vortex recorded heavy rains. In the Okhotsk has even daily record precipitation - 92 mm. Previous high was 80 mm and was installed in 1936. Source: News Read more [...]
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In the Okhotsk Sea intruder stopped just shooting to kill

In the Sea of Okhotsk, Russian border guards had opened fire from the air to failure to detain intruder. Trawler flying the flag of Sierra Leone has been found in Russian waters patrol boat. Not responding to requests, the offender at high speed started to go towards the Russian border. In the area of the chase plane flew the Russian FSB. Three times he fired warning fire, then was given permission to open fire. The bullets hit the screw trawler. Only then he stopped. No injuries were reported. As it turned out, the ship was equipped for the transportation of crab and other seafood. While Read more [...]
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Ice conditions in the Okhotsk Sea is estimated as a complex

Sakhalin-Kuril territorial administration (CTUU) Rosrybolovstva warns owners of fishing vessels on the difficult ice conditions in the Sea of Okhotsk, the press service of the ministry. "According to meteorologists, as compared to the same period in 2012 today the ice situation is much more complex, heavy ice covered waters by about 15-20% more than last year. In the western and central parts of the ice cover is 9-10 . This tendency of the ice drift south through Kunashir Strait into the Pacific Ocean, "- said in a statement. CTUU warns boat owners that, to avoid acts of God in the planning Read more [...]
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Sea lion, born in the Okhotsk Sea, found at the rookery in the Pacific

Scientists Commander Reserve on Kamchatka found on winter rookery in Avacha bay male sea lion, which was marked by still young in the hundreds of kilometers away from this place on Yamskie Islands in the north of the Okhotsk Sea, told RIA Novosti on Tuesday, Deputy Director of the Reserve "Magadan" Irina Utekhina."Information about the sea lions on the reserve labeled" Magadan ", came to our colleagues from the Commander of the reserve. They noticed a label on it, performed on him in 2004. For us, this is the first known case of sea lions, born in the north of the Sea of Read more [...]
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The earthquake of a magnitude of 8.2 occurred in the sea of Okhotsk

may 24, 2013. The earthquake of a magnitude of 8.2 occurred in the sea of Okhotsk, reported by the USGS. According to information from the American specialists, the lesion occurred at 09:44 MSK earthquake lies at a depth of 602 km. About the threat of a tsunami is not reported. Previously, scientists have stated that in Kamchatka increased risk of a major earthquake. Source: RIA Novosti  Earthquake in the sea of Okhotsk shocked Moscow may 24, 2013. Echoes of the earthquake in the sea of Okhotsk reached Moscow, told RIA Novosti on duty of the geophysical service of Russian Academy Read more [...]
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