On thin ice Unzha River

It is not easy to find a lover of ice fishing, which does not pervoledya waiting. What there is the moment when the ice shell will forge pond and and will begin drilling wells with fish young, clear ice. By this point I prepared in advance: went through winter fishing rods, tied jig, sharpened knives brace, scored «thistles»He recorded in for buyers earner bloodworms. Now with I am looking forward to a phone call. Usually on early winter fishing informs me of my old comrade Manturova — director of the local Read more [...]
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The Stretches

Aged editor Can Bradley stretch, right.     stretchesOlder editor Toilet Bradley stretch, decently.Older editor Trick Bradley demonstrates, bit-by-bit, the adjust manikin for six key stretches. Read more [...]
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In China, older men are the most attractive

Most of the young girls in China prefer to tie relations with older men, says a survey. According to The China Daily, nearly 70% of respondents aged 18-25 have opted for a partner who was 10 years older than themselves.Adult males are considered more sensitive, attractive and economically trustworthy. In this scenario, most of the girls worry about the negative attitude of the parents, the presence of his wife at the adult partner, or an inability to control his life. According to representatives of the Commission on Population and Family Planning, conducting research in the survey involved Read more [...]
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In many traditions, there is mention of a certain elder race that once inhabited the Earth

Most Western nations have called them elves, Scandinavians - Alva, Celts - tribes of the goddess Danu and sidami, Bretons - Corrigan, Slavs - divimi people, Indians - Gandharvas and Apsaras. Remained about this mysterious people and material evidence. So who are they - the older inhabitants of the earth?The strange discoveryAbout ten years ago in the Alpine mountains, permafrost scientists found the frozen body of a man. Due to the fact that the body was constantly in sub-zero temperatures, it is perfectly preserved. Scientists believe it was a man, aged about 40 years, which was cold on the Read more [...]
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Features jaw injury clinic in persons over 50 years

On treatment of surgical and trauma patients in elderly subject of a large number of papers (NY Milman, 1960 RV Bogoslavsky et al., 1962 IA Cats. 1963 AN Spring, 1965, and others). Features of clinic and treatment of patients in this age group with injuries maxillofacial little study (N. Popov, N. Shamayev, MA Gubin, LK Gubin, 1968). A common injury - fractures of the lower jaw - almost not studied and is not described in the literature, except for a single message A. Gianoulopoulos (1967) on the case of a triple fracture of the lower jaw of the old man. At the same time the clinic and treatment Read more [...]
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Children's clothing

Along with the requirements for clothes in general, with regard to children's clothing must also consider age-specific child's body, above all imperfection thermoregulation and locomotor activity of a large baby. Given the delicacy and fragility of the skin lighter children of the first months of life, OK for them to do a soft, absorbent (not synthetic) fabric, without rough seams, buttons, soft strings. Clothing must be free to allow air and protect the child's body from cooling. O. fit should be comfortable, full freedom of movement of the child. Children aged 2 months. dressed Read more [...]
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Duties older sister

The work of clinical nursing officer responsible and versatile. She manages the middle and junior staff, is responsible for internal order and sanitary department. The older sister is the first assistant director of the department on organizational issues. It should be well aware of anatomical and physiological features of preterm infants, methods of nursing and be able to use medical equipment used in the department. Not even any experienced nurse can become big sister. In addition to the knowledge and practical skills in the nursing of premature infants older sister demanding to be subservient Read more [...]
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Factors influencing the choice of a home for the elderly

Problem of housing for older people is closely linked to a number of factors, chief among which are the social conditions of life and demographics, health and psycho-physical features of the elderly. Solution to the problem of human settlement depends on the complex socio-demographic data: gender, age, marital status, employment, etc. For people in many countries are characterized by the predominance of women over a number of men. Marital status, the elderly can be divided into the following groups: singles, couples and the elderly living with adult children and relatives. With age, the relative Read more [...]
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Dietary intake of older people-7

The elderly man the mineral content in the tissues varies differently. For example, the content of aluminum, titanium, cadmium, zinc, lead and sodium increased and the content of copper, molybdenum, chromium, manganese and potassium is reduced, which leads to changes in the activity of enzyme systems and metabolic disorders. Each of 55-60 studied now minerals inherent special role in the process of exchange, but the aging body's need for certain minerals found out enough. The levels of minerals in the diet of people surveyed are shown in Fig. 20. Among the macro is not set deficit phosphorus Read more [...]
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Dietary intake of older people-6

Researchers attach great importance to energy intake in the direction of the metabolism and function of the aging organism. With age, reducing the need for high-calorie food that is attributable to reduced energy costs. This situation has a number of prerequisites. First of all, we should look at the level of the basal metabolism, which gradually decreases with age. Reducing the intensity of the basal metabolism is largely determined by the decrease with age, physical activity, size of active (muscular) body weight, intensity of metabolism, activity and other physiological reactions of the vital Read more [...]
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Dietary intake of older people-5

A set of products in the diet of old people is almost similar, but somewhat smaller in numbers. In general, it seems that there is no significant difference in their age of their actual power (Table 16). Studies indicate that the range of products used in the nutrition of older people, is large enough. It includes virtually all the major food groups, indicating that a high level of well-being, economic security of older people in the family. Dentition status had no significant effect on the structure of the assortment of diet. But, apparently, mostly one or the other range of products used Read more [...]
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Dietary intake of older people-4

The study of amino acids in the actual diet of the elderly and senile patients showed that it provided insufficient amino acids such as methionine, cystine, tryptophan, valine, arginine, aspartic acid, glycine (Fig. 18). Analyzing the data, it should be noted that the values for the various amino acids in the diet is not fully consistent with the formula of a balanced human diet. With the exception of four amino acids (see Table 18.) In dietary intake is defined variously pronounced deficiency of all other amino acids, and it manifests itself in women than in men, we tend to explain the differences Read more [...]
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Dietary intake of older people-3

In connection with the question of standardizing the use of fat for the elderly and elderly is of particular scientific and practical importance. However, so far not fully identified the need of older people in fats. It is believed that the optimal rate of fat in their daily diet should be about 1 g per 1 kg of body weight and energy content of fat - not more than 25% of total daily calories. As you know, none of the used in the human diet fat itself is not the full biological value, so in the diet of older people special attention should be paid to the rational combination of fats of different Read more [...]
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Dietary intake of older people-2

The development of hypovitaminosis in the body of older people have some influence age-related changes of the gastrointestinal tract (malabsorption of vitamins in the intestine, reducing the enzymatic activity of secrets digestive system, reducing the ability of the intestinal microflora vitaminsinteziruyuschey), and a lack of vitamins in the diet (VV Efremov, 1966; Dalderup et al., 1970, etc.). One of the important reasons why the provision of an aging body with vitamins, especially the B group, according to some authors (McGandy et al., 1966, and others.), Is a general limitation of supply. Read more [...]
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Inpatient geriatric care

Hospital care for older people receive in ordinary hospitals, and in special geriatric hospitals for the chronically ill who need long-term treatment. In Western Europe, where especially high proportion of older people (18-20% or more), the number of beds in urban hospitals involved patients older than 60 years, about 50% of the seats. Predominance of elderly among hospitalized patients have a medical, surgical, oncological, neurological and other offices. In the Soviet Union hospitalized geriatric patients in hospitals are usually general health. However, some agencies provide care predominantly Read more [...]
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Modern features and performance longevity of the population around the world

Dynamics similar indicators for women is even more clearly: in Sweden over the period I80 increased from 20.4 to 46.3 million (or 2.3 times), and the Netherlands - from 14.3 to 47.4 million ( 3.3-fold), in Hungary - from 6.5 to 37.8 million (about 6 times). Particularly noticeable improvements in the level of longevity of the population are found in the USSR. During the Soviet period, with the radical social, economic and cultural changes, as well as advances in medical science and healthcare, our country made significant progress in increasing life expectancy (Table 31). For such a move to France, Read more [...]
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Relationship of actual nutrition and health of elderly and old age-6

Material analysis shows that in all groups there was a statistically significant relationship between the total amount of fat in the diet and in essential lipids in the blood serum. Between the total amount of fat and the level of hypercholesterolemia and letsitinemii were correlated, respectively, r = 0.82 and -0.74. This dependence is most clearly manifested in the value of the coefficient of lecithin / cholesterol: it was the most favorable at low levels of fat in the diet (1,04 ± 0,009) and least favorable - at high (0,97 ± 0,01). Note the presence of such a link, depending on the content Read more [...]
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Principles of settlement and types of housing for older people

The health status of the elderly, age-specific mobility and various requirements for the device space, determine ways of their settlement in the respective types of dwellings. In recent years, housing solutions for seniors goes far beyond providing them with special boarding houses. The scientific and technical progress, urbanization, expansion of housing construction, progress in the development of health and social care is a problem extending the life of an elderly person in the home, raising a number of urgent problems construction housing, specially adapted for the elderly and old people. The Read more [...]
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General questions of the organization of geriatric care-1

In organizing the geriatric care should also be taken into account prospects for housing of older people. It should be borne in mind that the majority of older people are not supporters of the isolated settlement of them in separate settlements for the elderly, as is sometimes practiced (USA, Denmark, Sweden, etc.). Many people have the old residence or relocated to the lower floors in the same area. Essential for extending the life of older people in the "own home" has a further improvement of the different forms of community care, especially home health care, and social services. Due Read more [...]
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General questions of the organization of geriatric care

In the health sector in the Tenth Five-Year Plan - five-year efficiency and quality - by the Communist Party and the Soviet government provided software to further improve the protection of public health, a broader introduction into clinical practice of modern science, new methods of diagnosis and treatment, strengthening prevention, improving the quality of care. Solving these problems requires further improvement of health services, and attention to gerontology and geriatrics. Maintaining the health of the older population has a great social and economic importance, because of its level depends Read more [...]
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