In the Omsk region have established emergency response team antimedvezhyu

The authorities of the Omsk region responded to complaints from the public on the threat to life posed by bred bears. The local Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment issued a permit to shoot the beast and Bolsherechensky District even created an emergency response team from the members of the society of hunters and fishermen, the official website of the department.In places, and grazing on the spot death of domestic animals have organized night watches, the situation reported by farmers and beekeepers area. However destroy clumsy and failed. "During the re-occurrence of events bear Read more [...]
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In the Omsk region wounded two hunters for hares

In the Omsk region 1 November saw a hunting accident in Tyukalinsk and Cherlaksky areas. Two hunters shot wounded, but now their life is not in danger, said on November 2 in the press service of Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia in the Omsk region.The first case occurred three kilometers from the village Laptev Tyukalinsky District. The police from the hospital, it was reported that to the front desk asked 62-year-old Omich with a wound in the face. Police previously found that a man with four friends hunted hares. From the story of the victim, it follows that his friend shot in the direction Read more [...]
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As hunters have Omsk draw

Acting Governor of Omsk Region VI Nazarov July 16 signed the Law of the Omsk region number 1778-OZ, "On Amending Article 5 of the Law of the Omsk region" On hunting and the preservation of hunting resources in the Omsk region. " The next day he was officially published at the federal Internet portal.Photo by Oleg Panteleyev What is the importance of this law for hunters that preceded its adoption, and what is the role of the hunting community here?The main thing, the law provides that all permits for the extraction of wild hoofed animals and brown bear in public hunting grounds Read more [...]
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Omsk hunters blatantly framed?

Photo: PCH-Omsk. In the photo: B. Mishkin Read and understand that fooling our brother ... write press releases, most likely, "on request"People far removed from the hunt, as directed by the powers that be ... "Bureaucrat" quite insolent, under the guise of national name and making smart face.What can I say, when I read this news that Omsk hunters against the spring hunting, they ask themselves close it ...?Yes, I want to say that the local "bureaucrats" quite insolent, under the guise of national name and making smart face. Very insolent, "mastering" Read more [...]
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On the collision of the ship with a barge on the river Irtysh (video)

August 17, 13 hours and 55 minutes on the Irtysh River near the village The village newcomer Leninsky Administrative Area town of Omsk came head-on collision of the ship "Woodlands-8", owned by OAO "Omsk river port", with a cargo barge. Motor ship traveling from the village of Omsk Achair Omsk region. On board were 56 people, among them 52 passengers and 4 crew members. At the scene, quickly checked the responsible leaders of the Russian Federation Ministry of Internal Affairs in the Omsk region and the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation in the town of Omsk, investigative team, Read more [...]
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LOBKOV Zalman Yudovich (desks. aliases Biglobe, Bahalul)

LOBKOV Zalman Yudovich (desks. aliases Biglobe, Bahalul) (1898, Tobolsk 17.05. 1919, Ufa), desks. and owls. figure. From a merchant family. Studied in Tyumen commercial Uch-school. CL. RSDLP (1916). He was fond of cystostomy. For vol. flyers-appeals in the Tolstoyan spirit in 1915-16 was in prison. Participated in the roar. work in Tobolsk, Moscow, Omsk. In 1917-1918 one hand. Omsk desks. organizations, before. of the mountains. the RSDLP(b), CL. Omsk Council, the Commissioner of Finance. In June 1918 he took part in the fight against the rebels by the Czechoslovaks and the white troops. Until Read more [...]
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The captain of the ship Polesie was drunk

Now what happened on August 17 clash passenger ship Polesie-8 cargo barges claimed the lives of 6 people. Office of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in the Omsk region has published the results of medical examination of the MS Polesie. In the blood of 51-year-old inhabitant of the Omsk region examination recorded the presence of alcohol. As reported by the press service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the region, NIGHT MODE scene will be guarded by the police. On the bank of the Irtysh River for this involved staff patrol service officers, and employees in the wake of the Omsk line of the Read more [...]
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Irtysh not forgive irresponsibility on the water

Without looking at the constant warnings that swim while intoxicated safe is the main cause of death for people in the water, many disparage the rules of conduct on the water. So, August 3, 2013 on the Irtysh River in the Russian town of Omsk surrounded inspectors GIMS removed from the water and taken to saves drowning man born in 1964. He was intoxicated. Rescuers spent with saved preventive conversation. From man refused medical assistance. And on August 2 divers rescue service removed the body of the town of Omsk drowned. July 29 in the village of Jubilee Russian administrative Omsk neighborhood Read more [...]
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In the Omsk region on the Irtysh River boat collided with a motor boat

Now, September 5, 2013, in the Omsk region around 13 pm local time on the Irtysh River opposite the village Nikolevka, located near the regional center, left the ship collision with a motor boat.  According to preliminary data of the Investigative Committee, the ship "Horizon" towing three barges followed from the town of Tobolsk in the direction of the town of Omsk. Not far from Omsk, near the village of Nikolevka ship collided with a rubber motorboat. At the moment of collision the boat were two people. 1st of their rescued and taken to a medical facility. Search is on for the second victim. In Read more [...]
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In the Omsk region car with fishermen fell through the ice

The incident happened in the area on the lake Krutinsky Sultan in the Irtysh River basin.  Now remote operations duty MOE Omsk region, it was reported that on the lake Sultan Krutinsky district in the ice trap proved UAZ. Experts at the State Inspectorate for Small Vessels of Russia's EMERCOM in the Omsk region and the fire department for the protection of Krutinsky district promptly left the scene. Despite repeated warnings about the ban, as well as prohibiting signs installed in the pond, five fishermen left the ice on a UAZ car. One kilometer from the shore failed car with 2 wheels in Read more [...]
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In Omsk on the Irtysh River attacked the Inspector of Fisheries

On the night of 30 May 31, the duty of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation in the town of Omsk received information according to which in the area of ​​houses located on Prospekt Mira, on the banks of the River Irtysh unknown shot made from a traumatic gun. Arrived on the scene investigative team has found on the beach on the shore of the Irtysh seven people who had previously been in a state of intoxication. At the 1st man in the neck were injured. The victim, who was Inspector of Fisheries, was taken to the medical facility where he was diagnosed earlier for a gunshot Read more [...]
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Hurricane in the Omsk region

In the Omsk region at the weekend strong wind tore the roof, and hail the size of a hen's egg beat in the homes of the glass. As the press service of the Ministry of Emergency Situations in the Omsk region, on the night of 19 to 20 June at the Omsk region blew heavy wind, the speed of which reached 17 meters per second. Moreover, in some areas went hail the size of a hen's egg. In four villages in the district Tyukalinsky — Bekisheva, Gurovka, Obroskino and Tokarevo — were broken windows of private houses and slate roofs. Source: SAN Omsk Read more [...]
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Omsk has covered a dust storm. Video

A rare natural phenomenon - dust storm - struck today at Omsk. Buildings and streets disappeared into the murky shroud (almost the same was recently Moscow, only due to peat fires). Residents of Omsk urgently wear jackets with hoods, to somehow defend sand, flying right in the face. The dust on the roads literally is a pillar, poor visibility seriously impede the flow of cars, according to NTV. As explained by meteorologists, the dust from the steppes of Kazakhstan in Russia now puts in a strong wind. Forecasters predict not yet taken, how long will sandstorm in Siberia. Source: NTV Read more [...]
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The hurricane damaged the power supply in 198 villages of Omsk region

Eighty-five crews branch «IDGC of Siberia» — «Omskenergo» and 92 units of the automobile and machinery were involved in the liquidation of the consequences of the strong wind on 8 September. Element, accompanied by strong winds, rain, and Northern districts of the region even snow raged throughout the territory of Omsk region. The greatest amount of damage occurred in Ust-Ishim and Krutinsky areas. In «Omskenergo» was set up operational headquarters for elimination of consequences on the power lines during the storm, told state television and Read more [...]
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In Omsk blossomed tea roses

The weather never ceases to surprise the Russian regions. In Omsk at a rate of minus 10 degrees today plus six. This November, the people of the region have never seen. In the town of blooming tea roses. On fruit trees — Apple trees, pears and plums — appeared green buds. Gardeners seriously fear for the future harvest. If the bushes and the trees start to bloom flowers, to save them from impending frost will not succeed. But the weather forecasts are favorable. In the coming days it will be a little cold, and spring processes in nature will cease. And winter in Siberia, Read more [...]
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Solar flares affect the human psyche

In Omsk recently seen the Northern Lights. The head of the Omsk planetarium Vladimir Krupko reported that the phenomenon is associated with increased solar activity, and in Omsk auroras will occur more often due to the fact that the magnetic pole shift - "magnetic pole is moving toward Omsk from Canada. Furthermore Krupko said the northern lights, radiation from the earth creates infrasonic frequencies up to 10 Hz, which affects the psyche of people.Category: Sun Read more [...]
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Grey anomaly Omsk buried mysterious powder

Hideous powder dark gray sleep a district area of Omsk. The origin of an unknown substance understands Rosprirodnadzor. In Omsk again precipitation of unknown origin. Strange powder dark gray covered the Volga district and the ring road of the city on an area of about 12 hectares. Seeing gray drifts frightened townspeople reported it to the local RPN. Experts immediately went to investigate the cause of the anomaly. Preliminary analysis of the substance showed that it could be ash or soot. First on the list of suspects in the release - CHP-5 and the Omsk branch of "Omsktekhuglerod." Read more [...]
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Nine people were injured in the hard landing of Mi-8 in the Omsk region

Nine people were injured in a hard landing of the Mi-8, which took place on November 17 in the Omsk region, said on Wednesday the International Aviation Committee (IAC). The incident occurred in the village Sedelnikovo at 17.50 (14.50 MSK). Mi-8 "UTair" on the approach to the heliport made the list to the right side, caught the screw for the ground and fell on its side, having mechanical damage. Threat of fire helicopter was not. The reason for the emergency is established. On board were 20 people: 17 shift workers and three crew members. On the ground, victims and destructions. Earlier Read more [...]
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Unique mummy Omsk

Unique Omsk mummy. Embalmed body is kept in the anatomical museum of the Medical Academy - this year marks the exhibit for 80 years. Scientists still do not know the composition of which was used for mummification. One thing is clear - for those years, he was unique.In a glass coffin lies the body of an elderly man. Lies here for 80 years. It is the fruit of a unique anatomical experiment, which in 1933 had not the light of science, and ordinary laboratory assistant Andrew Romodanovsky. This is, perhaps, the world's mummy, which, if conservation is not lost any internal organ. The Read more [...]
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A resident of the Omsk region, may have photographed a UFO

12/13/2012 In the Omsk region recorded another case of photographing the casual observer UFO. A resident of Tara (Omsk region) Alexander Besedin brought to the editor of the local newspaper unusual photo that he did on his cell phone the morning of the 1st of December. - I was in the evening on the street near the bowling club and saw a UFO - 6 white dots, which hovered over the grove near the bridge over the river Arkarku - quoted Alexander newspaper "Tarskoye Irtysh." - But what is it, I do not know. Without thinking, Alexander took a picture seen on the phone. Photo is of great Read more [...]
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