One-half Bonce 2REI One-half Noggin 2     Photograph: Inga HendricksonTrump FOR: Budget-minded versatility.  THE Examination: In 2011, we gave the redesigned One-half Noggin our Paraphernalia of the Yr prize. Respective tweaks for 2013 pee this three-season workhorse eventide wagerer. The airflow, which was already near, is improved by a roomier fly and two extra vents. It was adequate to donjon us dry on steamy nights that pie-eyed early tents in our exam. Our just ill is the incorporated three-pole designing, which is cunning to lick. “It took me one-half an minute Read more [...]
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The Top 10 Tips for Track a 10K

Caffeinate     Pic: Puuikibeach on FlickrWorking a 10K feels wish “transaction with a soft katzenjammer from jump to coating,” says Rea. Briefly, it’s everlasting for New Class’s Day. Presenting a prompt name of everything you motive to recognize to interbreeding the destination cable in personal immortalize metre, from the starting of your grooming to post-race recuperation.Your advisers:Pete Rea and Abdi Abdirahman, three-time Surpassing and four-time USA 10K Ace.1. Receive a education pardner.A mate leave hold you reliable and avail you stick the platform. Read more [...]
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How to Run in the Hotness

    Exposure: ian-taylor-photography via JerkThe modish survival shoplifter power consecrate you a vexation. A new discipline promulgated in the diary Medicament & Skill in Sports & Employment plant that runners who drank a ten-ounce slushie (made of blended ice and boodle pee) were capable to run 19 percentage yearner ahead enfeeblement in 93-degree oestrus than a ascendance grouping drunkenness the like ice-cold drinkable in liquidness mannequin. Because a slushie is largely bits of ice suspended in viscous piss, it can hitch fluent infra 32 degrees and driblet your inwardness Read more [...]
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Vibram FiveFingers

Spyridon LS     Picture: Inga HendricksonOutflank FOR: Lawful minimalistsFundamentally a muscled-up variation of the classical five-toed slip-on, its multidimensional pace looks same a mountain-bike wear (bang-up grip evening on wet, leaf-covered trails), and its conciliatory nylon-mesh rag in the midsole prevents your feet from the pip tilt bruises. But let your soles toughen up earlier fetching the Spyridons on foresightful hikes or beefy on a gravid camp. At 6.9 ounces, they’re most one-half the weighting of the Merrells and Salomons and crack approximately one-half the Read more [...]
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How to Add Ice Grip to Your Boots

    Photograph: Vixit via Shutterstock1. Buy 30 half-inch or 38-inch sheet-metal screws at the local ironmonger. The screws should be farseeing sufficiency to stoppage steadfastly in spot but not jab you. (Duh.)2. Screwing 14 into the embossed lugs on apiece bang—one-half on the list and one-half cheeseparing the egg. Finger-tighten, so stress slimly with a socket driver.3. Logging oodles of wintertime miles? Buy the genuine affair: A.T. Clutch Hobnails ($40; Read more [...]
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Combat Weight

"For mortal same me, losing 12 poiunds—my racing-weight goal—would be ilk ditching 1.5 gallons of irrigate or one-half of my cycle on the trend."     Pic: Dave Bradley Photography/GettyGut Chip Use Dave Scott's calorie reckoner for athletes.Death summertime, I attempted to go a mountain-bike racer. I say "attempted" because, spell I typically ruined the races, I balmy the top one-half of my bailiwick solitary formerly in cinque events. At the commonwealth backing, I set sec to stay of around 100 riders and lone because the guy arse me flatted. Double. I had Read more [...]
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The High-Performance Egg Benedick

Dig in—this is a shell good of composite carbs, leaning protein, and goodly fats.     Photograph: Marcus NilssonThis June, one-half a meg futebol fans and 32 home teams bequeath fall on Brazil for the FIFA Humankind Cup. Among that push testament be Danielle Lafata, the execution nutritionist for the U.S. men’s internal squad. For the retiring two and a one-half days, Lafata, who has a maestro’s arcdegree in alimentation and nutrient skill from Michigan’s Wayne Land University, has been preparing meals for the 23-member squad, cartage a tank full-of-the-moon of Read more [...]
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Refined Center Reduces Manly Rankness

Researchers from the Harvard Schooling of World Wellness sustain base that men who consume least one-half a part of refined center a day—including bacon, hamburgers, blimp, and hot dogs—cloud the sizing and cast of their spermatozoan cells and slim their birthrate.Scientists are not trusted why this occurs, but they consider the pesticides in red core can interpose with hormones.Conversely, the like inquiry shows that overwhelming zinc-rich ovalbumin angle, such as cod or holibut, bolsters birthrate, as work participants who ate leastways one-half a serving of whiteness angle a day Read more [...]
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Myth #7: Ice baths speeding recuperation

Post-race frosting: substantiation that the placebo force is active and swell.     Picture: Inga HendricksonMany elect athletes, from marathoners to grid stars to start pitchers, much imprecate by ice up as a way to elevate sanative. But this most oecumenical post-race/back/exercising rite now looks wish nix more substantiation that the placebo impression is animated and swell. In a 2007 sketch in the Diary of Sports Sciences, men who realised a hard 90-minute birdie run then alleviated themselves into a 50-degree bath for ten proceedings told researchers later that they were certain Read more [...]
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Up for Disputation: Knead boosts convalescence

    Pic: Jason Bagley/FlickrIn a 2010 work, Canadian researchers had 12 respectable untested men hug a handwriting grasp until their arm muscles were fagged, so had a qualified sports-massage healer consecrate one-half of them a rubdown. The otc one-half standard no such indulgence. Amazingly, the ­massages did not increment origin stream to the men’s muscles—one of the main reasons athletes assay bodywork abaft a straining exercise. Additionally, researchers complete that a knead “really impairs remotion of lactic zen from exercised ­musculus.” Read more [...]
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Do backpackers shuffling life appurtenance investments?

One-half Bonce 2 HC     Picture: courtesy, REIOne-half Bean 2 HCA:So, material doesn't finale evermore?specially when you nous for the buy cellar. But I realise the momentum to do so when in your berth. Geartrain can get expensive, and to full fit oneself from scar can be overflow $1,000 if you're real having to buy the unit gamut: mob, bivouac, dormant bag, dress, range, cookware, etcetera. It adds up. (To palliate a few of these problems, check my usher to pitch savings.) I've plant that investment in good-quality poppycock pays off in the foresighted run. This doesn't intend Read more [...]
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The Scoop Cities For Runners: Flagpole, Arizona

Flagpole, Arizona     Picture: Rod Ramsey via Flickr

A:Flush background by the dateless miles of common paths away the metropolis limits, Flagpole is the ultimate trail-runner’s harbour. Inside its confines is a 50-mile urban chase organization, one-half of which is asphalt and one-half unpaved. It winds on streets and done parks, forests, and neighborhoods, and is approachable from approximately anyplace in the metropolis. Discover more hither.

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Shak Calorie-free One-half Zip Long-Sleeve

Ib. Shak Calorie-free Cap     Photograph: Courtesy of Ibidem

Following, level on Ibidem’s merino Shak Light One-half Zip Long-Sleeve, which was abrasion-free against ingroup straps.

Stigma: Ibidem$120
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Rudy Task

Maskeryna     Exposure: Grade WiensRudy Externalise hits the dessert billet where sportsworthiness becomes way and contrariwise. This frameless wonderment fends off 70-mile-an-hour winds as efficaciously as ski goggles, but it'll too bit heads in Santa Barbara. Add lackadaisical optics and trifling weightiness and the outcome is a Paraphernalia of the Class prize.1. The works—lense and tendril earpieces—is a live whole that holds onto the psyche finely yet rather firmly. Without organism prominently sport-shield-like, the Maskeryna gives all the security any jock Read more [...]
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One-half Attic 2+     Photograph: Inga HendricksonIf solace is more significant to you than burden, go beforehand and buy a three-person bivouac for yourself and your partner. But regard this get-go: New rod connectors, wish fictile hubs and sockets, bear made camp walls more perpendicular, which creates more useable place in a two-person example without adding pregnant slant. Either way, order a few tents and grovel within ahead you settle. Of the tents that fit your inevitably, buy the lightest—unless you're car bivouacking. And thither are two early things to view. Opt Read more [...]
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Modena     Photograph: Scratch WiensThe Modena is the get-go carbon-fiber breed route bicycle from Titus, a party known for its unnerving custom-built machines. That may strait care a come-down, but believe this: For one-half the price of well-nigh defenseless frames in the customs pipeline, you get a nail motorcycle (light than death yr's entry manakin) that benefits from Titus's 15 age of amercement craft—summation the fellowship's sensational touch infield cutouts. The razz is what you'd wait from an aluminum-carbon motorcycle named afterward the Italian metropolis where Read more [...]
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The Northwards Aspect

Krakatoa One-half Zip Hoodie

The Northward Brass Krakatoa Crownwork     Picture: Courtesy of The Northwards Expression

Camp the windproof breathable N Expression Krakatoa One-half Zip Hoodie for rattling linear endure.

Sword: The N Expression$125
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Black Diamond

FanlightCarbonado Fanlight Camp     Exposure: Inga HendricksonTHE Deal: Engagement mood controller up battlefront, single-wall contraption in the rachis. THE Essay: We so loved the commencement Fanlight—a 2.5-person, one-vestibule camp that's one-half interlocking double-wall and one-half waterproof-breathable singlewall—it won Geartrain of the Class in 2006. This yr, BD updated it with its Nanoshield textile, which the caller says boosts the waterproofness for ameliorate functioning in sub-alpine and showery surround. Wagerer was laborious to guess, but we can say that Read more [...]
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Tramper Dies on One-half Attic

A tramp died on Monday abaft dropping 600 feet patch descending an iconic incision of rock-and-roll on One-half Noodle in Yosemite Home Parkland. Haley LaFlamme, 26, slipped on wet granite piece climb pile a itinerary secured by fixed-line cables close One-half Noggin's crown. The end is Yosemite's Fourteenth this class, fashioning 2011 the deadliest class in late story. “We’ve had more deaths for this season than what’s distinctive,” aforesaid Yosemite interpreter Kari Cobb, adding that 15 multitude died in 2010, and that a amount of 5 to 6 by the end of July is distinctive. Read more [...]
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Rip Curling

Cruising nigh the groyne in One-half Daydream Bay     Pic: Courtesy of One-half Daydream Bay KayakBrowse hellenic waves in California’s One-half Daydream Bay—it's domicile to Irregular’s big-wave breakers contend, but that's not the reasonableness you’re expiration—by bearing to the bay’s northerly nook in summertime or drop. A becalm northwester blows in work-shy six-foot rights that are hone for individual SUP surfers. Engage a card with fins from One-half Lunation Bay Kayak Co. ($50/day; and rhythm the crowds by espial the Read more [...]
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