The first ice in the middle of winter

When will the ice at the Volgograd sea? Last year, on the last ice we almost swore Sudak and Bershov that the first ice on our beach - do not miss! And here it was, but then melted. When you can safely walk on the sea, like the brigantine, in search of treasured gossip «cans»?And once in already built plans for the coming fishing like a tornado rushes information that became ice in the port of the Volga! On the ice is already out! And for one day in such a cold – clear ice will get stronger! The fear, of course, there is. Here and warning MOE, and just common Read more [...]
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At night

Important in night fishing – This early morning and late evening. It is one thing to wake his morning visit to the lake, and another thing to wake up on the lake, alongside his tame spot.I agreed to go on a fishing trip with an overnight stay at once. For some time I was looking for answers to the questions: how to keep the evening catch, whether to take a tent and whether afoot with soup? However undisguised desire of my friends go to the lake just overnight – It splits into smithereens my imaginary alarm.Charges were short-lived. Long ago, in such cases, I always Read more [...]
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When memory scratched

Hunters – very patient people. Waiting game or a beast, they have to be for a long time without moving, to endure discomfort for the sake of their prey. Fishermen have also come in the days when it comes to the waterfront and include all your patience. Such fishing are remembered for a long time. Of course, I was prepared for a meeting with midge dignity. I bought a set of smoking spirals, aerosol spray against mosquitoes and, without fail, a mosquito net.When moved Akhtuba flood for the first time after a long, and I want to stay in a place where water flows through the Read more [...]
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On the Volga for FIREBIRD

While reading a story about a child Humpbacked Horse and Firebird, I had no idea that this bird is living in our country, and her name - pheasant. Rooster shines like a rainbow, a long tail winds in flight, the flash of color, and - the vision disappeared ...Well posed dog and find pheasants will give all recovered, including the wounded game. Tomorrow we go on bank of the Volga, hopeful hunt pheasants Pointing dog. AT Once I thoroughly enough clambered lower reaches of the river, the so-called «rumble». We hunted ducks and geese. Read more [...]
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In the mountains and forests of Manchuria

Taiga noiseThe dead of night. In a barely visible trail zverovoy sneak two hunter. Dark dense cedar noise. Groaning tops mighty giants; cold north wind shakes them with a roar swept over the earth, hardened by his icy breath. Old gloomy taiga muffled roars, singing his formidable majestic song.- Where is fanza? - Said one of the hunters, turning to his companion.- It must be close! That will go a little bit and will fanza - replied the other, considering the match with fresh traces of Chinese street on the trail.Come on, but all the huts there; the trail winds along the shore of a mountain stream, Read more [...]
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Rybinsk Reservoir report on duty over the pond

In the morning loaded snow flakes ... again. And so it filled up! .. When reached Milyushino snow only razoshёlsya.On the field Snezhik slightly led, and he began to be filled up in the pow. Seryoga stopped ... I tried to get off the snowmobile, set foot on the snow ... Fell above the knee and firmly felt.At sea, the visibility of half a kilometer, then everything closes snowy shroud.Buranki not knurled, Snezhik on track burrows into drifts so that the snow flies through the hood. By virgin ride unpleasant. 28 mm of precipitation during the night, giving so much water ... And Read more [...]
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How well they started …

I can not say that in buying my first shotgun I came totally unprepared, so to speak, on the same enthusiasm. I read a few books on hunting weapons, and with all sorts of mechanisms I "you" since childhood, a good engineer and a mechanic. Creatively comprehended all the information available and taking license to buy a gun, began to search. The program maximum in this quest - gorizontalki, in which at least one barrel without choke, ie cylinder, and there's how it goes.I am fully aware that this problem is hardly feasible. Recent guns of this type released in 1955, it was the TOZ-B. And then began Read more [...]
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On weekdays in the small river

It is in everyday life I like most fish in a small river. After all, to find himself alone with the river – it is always a certain mystery. But this can only happen on a weekday. Neblizkaya road and the river is quite popular, and not only for fishermen, but also for canoeists.Last year, I attempted to find a treasured pit, near which have huge swim chubs. I have long winds through the river, looking at the map browser, and when found, and was ready to give serious attention to catching fish cautious - at me suddenly surfaced three kayaks. Of course, it scared away all the Read more [...]
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Three Meetings

Fishermen have such a thing as to go on a date with the river. Even when there is a confidence that does not promise any date «reciprocity» a catch, still want to see the river. Show her my new spinning and bait… And what if time is short, and few favorite streams? It's simple. He tells his wife that went to a river, and the time to visit two or three. This, of course, spending on gasoline. What to do if hunting – Forest captivity?I have three of these rivers, which are in the same side. All the rivers something similar and something different. Chir and Read more [...]
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There, around the corner …

Most hunting or fishing go with someone who has been in these parts, and for myself to discover new places. But the most interesting thing to be first with a gun or with a fishing rod in a completely new and unfamiliar place! So one day my friend and I chose a weekday raspogozhy day and moved in search of new fishing spots.We were lucky, we immediately drove to the ferry berth and within 10 minutes were on the other side of the Don. I previously scored the required points in your browser, and «cornfield» unerringly went to the picturesque ravine. With krutoyara we Read more [...]
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Living facing the sea

To get to Chukotka always wanted. Even with the youth of this region, I had developed a kind of romantic notion. But after two months of living in the north-west coast of the Bering Sea, I once again convinced that the reality often does not match with what is spinning in our heads for a living. Lorincz considered lucky and dobychlivymi hunters, so all unused in neighboring settlements quota for whaling to end of the season it is transmitted. To understand the commercial hunters have to be one of them. A to understand the herders should at least be born in tundra. Read more [...]
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Stray they?

Today, as never before, it has become an urgent problem of stray and ownerless dogs. It was noted that in countries where a tax on domestic animals through the streets of their cities, much less run. Photo: Mikhail Semin Today, as never before, it has become an urgent problem of stray and ownerless dogs. First place in Europe (excluding the CIS countries) in the number of stray dogs takes Portugal at a density of one dog for eight residents in the country is on the streets every year more than 500,000 animals.In France, which occupies first place in the European Community on the Read more [...]
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Offshore killer

            Man, like all living things on the planet, originally came from the sea, and we always inevitably attracts the water element, the birthplace of our earliest ancestors. Sea is the bearer of the beginning and end of all things, constancy and variability of peace and excitement. The sea is endowed with a hidden secret, it seems that his grand smooth breathing belongs hidden in the depths of the animate being. How many hidden in the depths of the sea! Mysterious properties of sea food produce light reflections, but to light feelings inevitably mixed with awe. Great variety of Read more [...]
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Before me viper …

Gurza! This short, clearly not Russian word is pronounced with caution, fear, fright, anger, sometimes in despair, when a huge viper man does his lightning-fast and irreversible "sentence."In fact, prior to the introduction protivozmeinyh sera from bite viper every third died in the torments of hell."Gurza Woerden! (Gurza hit!) "- As they say in Azerbaijan. After all, in fact it was "hit" and not "bite" as the animal bites; viper has teeth and instantly pulls them having to introduce a split second deadly poison. And it is quite wrong to say the snake bitten. Lapse photography proves popular Accuracy: Read more [...]
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Smoke over the forest

Nobody needs to prove how big the role of forests in meeting the ever-growing material and cultural and aesthetic needs of the population, their beneficial effects on human health. Read a lot about our green friend, many kind words slyshish it, but we do not always treat him gently. There is, apparently, because many people think the forest inexhaustible wealth, which can be used without restriction. We forget that the forest as one of the durable systems is very difficult to restore. "Cut down the tree - a minute to grow - a hundred years," - says the proverb.About irresponsible, even criminal Read more [...]
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Strike while the iron is hot

Thirty years ago in the Ukraine and, in particular, in the Vinnitsa region was a lot of ungulates. Especially many of them were in remote areas. But wanting to hunt goats and pigs were many, so to get a license was not so easy, especially wild boar. The lion's share of licenses taken away and the authorities "thieves," and went to the ordinary rabbit. Photo by Anton Zhuravkova Our team was interrupted and promotstrelom sometimes roe. AND suddenly our team cronyism, as the Arkady Raikin, «kiriltso through the back, through the Goods», Managed to get a Read more [...]
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Cryptozoology — this is not only a snow man

Cryptozoology was created precisely in order to attract professionals to the active search for animals whose existence is not formally registered, but it is assumed on the basis of aggregate diverse data and that may disappear before they will be officially recognized. It is the science of the hidden "hidden" animals ("Kryptos" - hidden, secret).The article with the title already printed in the newspaper "Kamchatka time" in 2004. Then its appearance was due to a desire to explain to a local biologist, what cryptozoology. In addition, all contained in it would be interesting not only to him and Read more [...]
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Woodcock in the Tver region

Ringed woodcock in the Tver region, we started with the surroundings Orshinskogo Moss, but in a few years there is a herd of cows had been eliminated, and after that feeding grounds of birds have declined. I had to look for another place.Photo Peter Zverev After wanderings in Management Area agriculture great difficulty, finally, we found an area with a collective farm, which has a herd of cows several hundred heads. Earth in this collective farm While yes, and Now even look real «oasis» including turns in woods and fields meadows. Read more [...]
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Paint the White Sea

There is in Russia a place where the soul seeks to every Russian. Especially if all his life he goes hunting trails, inhaling the smoke of bonfires, spends the night in the hunting cabin.Rustle makes careful to turn his head. it Dog on berries found and raised the capercaillie. There seemed to have collected all the centuries attracted miners «furs» and monks who sought prayerful solitude.There is nothing more appropriate for understanding the true nature of Russia than its northern expanses. The beauty of the White Sea is fabulous, especially in the Read more [...]
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For a goose in Ivanovo

Lipetsk goose try we could not, therefore, rested a few days, set off towards the Ivanovo luck and loyal friendsauthor photo Before Ivanov road passed quickly. On Monday, April 19, we were not given the permit, citing sanitary day. Calm, the weather was bad and the goose was not visible. On Tuesday, April 20, defended a half hours in the bank and paid 400 rubles, came with a receipt back to society, and finally received the long-awaited tour.In the evening, we decided to go for traction, although the weather was, to say the least, inappropriate. But Woodcock drew surprisingly good. Read more [...]
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