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FROM the Russian MISSILES Now can NOT HIDE EVEN the aircraft CARRIERS of the United States.

Not so long ago, the Pentagon chief Leon Panetta said lower-truth: "Any fifth grader knows that aircraft carrier strike groups in the USA are not able to kill none of the existing powers of the world." Indeed, the South American Aug invulnerable, so as aviation "sees" then at least some terrestrial (and marine) radar system. They have time to spot the enemy and from the air to do with it what you want. But we were able to find a method to put the dark marks on the South American Navy - from space. In the late 70-ies of the USSR made the sea galakticheskuyu system reconnaissance and targeting "Legend", Read more [...]
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What’s a long-wearing bipartisan tuner for out-of-door activities?

A:Good, thither are two things you pauperization to experience. One, the radios you see at ski resorts, such as the Kenwood Freetalk, use what is called the Folk Tuner Serving (FRS) frequence set. Those let a orbit of almost two miles, demarcation of vision, although from a pragmatic stand astir one mil is the limitation. Everything else uses frequencies that are governed by the FCC, and that demand a permit for use. So as far as a wireless with 5 miles of ambit and no permit, thither's no way. That limits your choices. A few of the Kinfolk Tuner units are somewhat long-wearing. The Motorola Talkabout Read more [...]
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Earth asteroid threatens three

It is learned that in the near future security of our planet and mankind is potentially threatened by three asteroid, and it is likely that their orbits will have to adjust with the intention that they did not encounter with Earth.security in the near future of our planet and mankind potentially threatened by three asteroid, and one of them - Apophis.The greatest way of these three asteroids known asteroid Apophis (Apophis). With our planet this asteroid might encounter in 2036. In order to more accurately navigate to the location of the outer body in space, Russian scientists plan to send Read more [...]
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Russia or the former glory as a campaign for Orbit

To begin with, that the orbit of a former children's summer camp. But before that it was a military unit number 12419, rocket men (the found documents): And so it was last spring, at the time I was still serving. we went into orbit (Perm region) road razebana bad, stacked plates, places spizhzheny taken away. pictured bald tibia - I After PPC is no road at all:view from PPCThen go on footThis part was completely autonomous, being in the woods could be a considerable period of time. had their own stables, staff, dining, parks repair mshin, barracks for enlisted personnel.Next photo Read more [...]
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The model planet Ocean

Compiled the most accurate model of the Earth's gravitational field, which will help in the study of earthquakes, tides, ocean circulation, and air masses. This became possible thanks to the European satellite GOCE with a unique design at a special orbit.The GOCE satellite After two years in orbit, the satellite GOCE (Gravity Field and Steady-State Ocean Circulation Explorer - Explorer gravity field and steady-state ocean currents\") of the European space Agency has released the most complete in the world gravity map of the Earth. The data collected was enough to give scientists access to Read more [...]
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Changes on Earth, visible even from space

on March 18. Changes on the Earth's surface visible from the ISS, said the participants of the space expedition, returned from orbit on March 16. At first postflight press conference held today at the cosmonaut training center named. Gagarin, Alexander Kaleri said that five of its travel to earth orbit, much has changed. «Of course, changes on the planet noticeable: many new quarries appeared, various excavations. In its fifth flight into space, I saw the famous artificially man-made Islands in the Persian Gulf», — RIA «News» his words. Companion Kaleri, Oleg Read more [...]
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The Earth is a large asteroid

An asteroid with a diameter of about 400 m on Tuesday, will pass by Earth at a distance of 325 thousand km, which is less than the distance from Earth to the moon. The asteroid will pass closer to Earth in 23:28 GMT (3:28 GMT). This is the closest distance at which the heavenly bodies were approaching the planet for 200 years.Before such a large asteroid passed by the Earth in 1976. The next time the object of this size will be close to the planet in 2028 year. Despite the dangerous convergence, scientists from the research laboratory of NASA in the U.S. state of California believe that asteroids Read more [...]
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Mysteries of the Moon — the facts, anomalies, secret satellite

Last night two moons "Grail" at the speed 6000km h with an interval of 20 seconds, hit the moon. The impact site was near the North Pole in the lunar crater Goldschmidt. And on September 11, has launched a NASA secret mini-shuttle, the aims and objectives of which are not known.What is the purpose of NASA sends two braidsnomic unit at high speed into a single point of the lunar surface? The official version - the mechanical properties and chemical composition of the lunar regolith.Two satellites "Grail" were relatively small (with washing machine), but with the weight and Read more [...]
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Weather satellites can skip the next hurricane Sandy

The ability of meteorologists to predict the approach of various storms depends on weather satellites, several times a day fly around the Earth. However, warns General Accounting Administration, USA, confusion reigning among military and meteorologists, could adversely affect the performance of various natural weather phenomena. Since the seventies of the last century, America led a polar orbit weather satellites are two types: one is under the control of public weather services, others belong to the military. In 1994, the U.S. government decided to merge in order to save the satellites under Read more [...]
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Fragments of the booster are dangerous to the ISS

Fragments of the booster "Briz-M", which exploded in October of 2012, could threaten spacecraft in low orbit, including the International Space Station. According to experts of NASA, the danger is short-term, most of the fragments of the upper stage during the year should enter the atmosphere.The likely impact of ISS and other satellites with fragments of block "Breeze-M" for this period scientists call "a small fraction of the risk of collision with the usual debris."American experts who observe outer space, were able to identify about 700 fairly large fragment "Breeze-M", Read more [...]
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NASA management has decided to destroy the satellite Landsat 5

NASA management has decided to destroy the satellite Landsat 5, which has been in orbit since 1984. He completed his mission to photograph the Earth in infrared radiation. Landsat 5 will leave orbit within the next four months. The first maneuvers conclusion Landsat 5 from orbit will begin in January 2013, according to U.S. Geological Survey Office and NASA. For 26 years the satellite orbited the Earth 150 thousand times. Camera mounted on the satellite did 2500000 sensing data in the infrared and conventional radiation. «Landsat 5 recorded any change on the Earth's surface, the scale Read more [...]
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The U.S. believes that North Korea does not fully control its own satellite

North Korea on Wednesday descended into Earth orbit around the Earth is not completely controlled by North Korean experts say U.S. experts. "There is some evidence that they (the Koreans - IF) can not fully control (satellite - IF)," - said the TV channel CNN CNN on condition of anonymity, the source of the official U.S. circles. The satellite, the Americans describe as "the most basic communication satellite with disabilities." According to the relevant services of the United States, has yet to receive a satellite signal from a control center, which should come immediately Read more [...]
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U.S. launched a new secret space drone

U.S. held on Tuesday successfully launched a rocket Atlas-5 with a new experimental kosmoplanom X-37B, start was from the spaceport at Cape Canaveral in Florida, representatives of United Launch Alliance.It noted that the rocket Atlas-5 with the machine on board off the ground at 13.03 on East Coast time (22.03 Moscow time). Unmanned spaceplane, enclosed in a special capsule on top of the rocket, was separated from her in a few minutes after the launch, ITAR-TASS reported.This is the third launch in the program development and testing of the X-37B. For the first time the device was launched in Read more [...]
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The U.S. military announced orbital data Yamal-402 and Breeze-M

Three objects launched from Baikonur on Sunday night, are in elliptical orbits with an apogee (farthest point from the Earth's orbit) of 18 to 35 thousand kilometers and a perigee (closest point to the Earth's orbit) from 500 to 3 thousand miles, according to the published on a dedicated website U.S. Strategic Command. Carrier rocket "Proton-M" with the upper stage "Briz-M" and the communications satellite "Yamal-402" was launched on Saturday night from the Baikonur Cosmodrome. Rocket worked normally, but the satellite separated from the upper stage for 4 Read more [...]
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Booster Briz-M was not able to complete the formation of the target orbit communication satellite Yamal-402

Period in orbit on Saturday launched from Baikonur telecommunications satellite "Yamal-402" can be slightly reduced because of the fuel on board will need to use to generate the desired orbit, "Interfax-AVN" in the space industry."Upper stage" Briz-M "in the fourth turn instead spent about nine minutes five. As a result he was unable to finish form the target orbit satellite" Yamal-402 ". This problem should be solved by the use of fuel that is on board the spacecraft, "- said agentstva.On recalled that after the third turn the main engine booster" Read more [...]
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North Korea claims deriving its satellite into orbit

Central News Agency of North Korea reported that the long-range missile launch was successful, the second version of the satellite "Kvanmenson-3" launched by rocket "Ynha-3", the satellite entered the preset orbit. " Earlier it was reported that on Wednesday at 09:51 (04:51 Moscow time) North Korea launched a long-range missile from the Baikonur, located in the northwest of the country. Although before the rocket launch was postponed due to technical problems, but in the end it took place in accordance with the previously scheduled, reports "Interfax". Read more [...]
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UFO in orbit of the Earth on December 25 2012

ISS camera again filmed a UFO in Earth orbit.
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UFO in orbit of the Earth during the spacewalk LDCM

Many UFO in Earth orbit during spacewalk LDCM — February 11, 2013

Category: UFOs
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To save humanity: how to keep your line in zero gravity or to a spare planet?

Earth is in danger she faces global warming or an asteroid collision-killer. Caravans spacecraft with humans on board to go and find a spare planet. To save mankind, there is the main question: how to keep your line in zero gravity or in the same spare the planet? "I think that the selection is small. Fact these planets, which can absorb at least hypothetically, only two. This Venus and Mars" - said a senior researcher at the State Astronomical Institute of the PK Sternberg (SAI) Vladimir Surdin. But if the conditions on Mars are more or less suitable for life, on the surface Read more [...]
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Extrasolar planet moves around its star in the opposite direction

Scientists have tried to figure out why one of the planetary systems of the planet moves in the opposite direction of its orbit its star. Recently, researchers have studied quite bizarre planetary system in which the exoplanet HAT-P-7b is moving in the opposite direction of its orbit around its star. The central star of this planetary system is located at a distance of 1.040 light-years from Earth in the constellation Cygnus.Planet HAT-P-7 was found March 6, 2008. The orbit of the planet is close to the star HAT-P-7, the major axis of the orbit is slightly more than 5 million miles, and its Read more [...]
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