The orientation of the sun

The sun – a good reference, since ancient times, man servant. However, many ordinary people who have never faced the problem orientation to the sun – are experiencing difficulties. In this article we will just try to fill this gap. If Sunny day – then all is not bad. If you have a right arrow coming hours – even better. How to know the direction the compass with a wristwatch and the sun, read here. If no hours, all the more difficult. However, there are options. During your stay you can install something like a sundial, in this case, working as sun compass. Enough to stick Read more [...]
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Orientation in the jungle

Orientation in the jungle it is a very difficult task. In order not to go astray in the humid Equatorial and tropical forests should be used very special orienteering techniques. We will discuss in the current article. The main problem for orientation in the jungle – the high canopy of trees called primary jungle and almost impassable, it is the same in all directions, thickets of secondary jungle. Completely unable to focus on the moss, as in the taiga and forests of the middle band, where it grows abundantly on the North side of tree trunks and stumps. In the jungle everything is just plastered Read more [...]
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The orientation of the stars

Orienteering during extreme survival in the wild – it is extremely important. Must use all possible ways and signs to navigate in unfamiliar terrain and choose the right path to salvation. In many areas of extreme travel at night is extremely dangerous. This has to be resorted only when it is impossible to go during the day because of the heat or other reasons. But clear, starry night – the perfect time to to navigate by the stars and to chart the route the next day. Of course, orienteering at night is quite limited, since it is not always the sky is clear and the stars are clearly Read more [...]
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For tourist: Downhill skiing on the moon

Orienteering on the moon
For approximate orientation need to know, that summer in the first quarter of the moon in 20 hours is in the south, at 2 o'clock — in the west, in the last quarter at 2am — in the east, 8:00 am — in the south. NIGHT MODE under the full moon parties are defined in the same horizon as the sun and the clock, while the moon for the sun.

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Substance created in the new magnetic state

Physics, Massachusetts Institute of Technology have shown experimentally the possibility of the existence of matter in a state of a quantum spin liquid. The work of scientists published in the journal Nature.The magnetic state of the material is determined by the orientation of the magnetic moments of its electrons. If the orientation of molecules in different in substance the same as locally, it has a magnetic moment. Such substances are called ferromagnetic. If the individual magnetic moments are oriented in opposite directions, their effects cancel each other. Such substances are called Read more [...]
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Resources and facilities for orientation. Methods orientation

It is considered that there are two main ways of orientation - orientation on the map (or the Itinerary) and orientation of the compass (ie, the horizon). But this division is conditional and incomplete. There is, for example, the orientation according to the legend - on "verbal map", that is, using a detailed text description of the path of motion. Same orientation of the compass (ie movement from the known azimuths) is impossible without a map, that is, bearings "in the stores do not sell" - they should get a measure on the map. So the card (even a home-made copy of the Read more [...]
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Fog makes it difficult orientation in the mountains in the fog is almost impossible to visually determine the correct length, steepness or height. Glacier or snow fields in the fog may move the map or sketch, using a compass and altimeter. Movement on the rocks in the fog continues as a landmark or labeling only when you are familiar with the route. In any case, while there is visibility, it is necessary to determine their location and pinpoint the compass (or, respectively, the band apart) the direction of the well-known landmarks. With the loss of the fog, the orientation should stop and Read more [...]
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The essence of orienteering

Ability to navigate the terrain to the representatives of various professions and to all travelers. It's a complex science, but often from the skill life depends. "Oriented" - literally means to find the east (from the Latin «oriens»), which in ancient times was considered an important aspect of the horizon - here comes the sun. Orientation, or the orientation of the field, is the set of activities designed to determine its location (station point), the direction of the meridian passing through the point and the direction of travel. Guidelines called geographic objects used Read more [...]
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Some features of the orientation of the various environmental conditions: in the desert

Flat terrain, bright contrasting color of the vegetation, the monotony of the landscape orientation difficult in the steppe. The main and most reliable reference points are the stars in the steppes. The Moon and the Sun. Kind of reference can serve also interesting plants compasses in North America - sylphium, and in Central and Southern Europe - lettuce or wild lettuce (Fig. 74). If Lettuce grows in damp or shady places, leaves it on the stem are in all directions and serve reference can not. If lettuce growing on dry or Public nezatenen-dimensional place, it leaves on the stem facing Read more [...]
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Recovery orientation

Loss of orientation during the campaign or competition may be partial or complete. Partial loss of orientation means the impossibility of locating an athlete with an accuracy of 25 - 50 m usually with partial loss of orientation is sufficient to evaluate the situation and make the right conclusion by reasoning. In more complex situations orienteering event requires some additional information: on the marked route, it can be obtained after KP, KP is finding enough to go to the nearest landmark by approximate linear movement in azimuth, and position themselves to find the CP. With complete Read more [...]
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Some features of the orientation in the different environmental conditions in the mountains

Being in the Carpathian mountains, Altai, Kazakhstan, the Caucasus, Central Asia, Siberia, Far East, etc., must be considered unusual for many people of the mountainous climate and await him at every turn dangerous. Each person walking in the mountains, should have information on the impact on the body of the mountain climate, the dangers and precautions in the mountains and be able to navigate. Person particularly depressing the following factors: 1. With the rise of the mountain and lower barometric air pressure (Appendix 1) decreases the concentration of oxygen, which acts on the Read more [...]
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Values and personal orientation-2

Soviet psychologists link directionality individual-specific socio-historical conditions - education, communication, employment. Directionality individual is determined, on the one hand, the fact that it is every personality can give to society, than it can enrich what socially positive contribution to make to society, and on the other hand, what society, in turn, enriches the personality, which creates the conditions for its full and harmonious development. Thus, the formation of orientation of the individual is a two way process of mutual exchange of values of the individual and society - from Read more [...]
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Value orientation and the orientation of the person 1

In alcoholism are serious violations in self-esteem, which is one of the most important components of value orientation. Self-assessment of alcoholics suffer loss of ductility, flexibility, adaptability, it is often inadequately overestimated (or underestimated), with high self-regulatory criteria bluntly ignored and instead of their self-assessment criteria are the ones that dominate the above-mentioned anti-social-oriented alcohol groups. Often inadequately increased level of claims, developing manipulative behavior, there is a decrease in the ability to rebuild their relationship in connection Read more [...]
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Movement without landmarks

In the absence of benchmarks. In the tundra, steppe, where no guidance, or in poor visibility can move by the alignment. Steering tourist traffic control direction, while at the end of the group, he sees the whole chain of tourists can compare it with a given azimuth direction and - to warn of deviations. In the presence of the sun (moon, stars), you can move in measuring the azimuth angle of the direction in relation to these heavenly bodies. Every half an hour of their position in the sky should be specified with the help of a compass. Of the techniques of the most common orientation orientation Read more [...]
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Orienteering - one of the youngest sports in our country, which in recent years is gaining in popularity among young people. In this sport work with a map and compass is regulated by a very small time, in minutes and seconds. Orienteering - is rapid, emotional type of cross on unfamiliar terrain, associated with a particular physical activity, cunning tactics and numerous techniques. Competition situation somewhat similar to the situation in which gets a scout, in the rear of the enemy. We must be able to quickly navigate the ever-changing conditions. Autonomy in decision-making in these Read more [...]
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The second way of orientation

The first feature of this method is different relation to the azimuth. He ceases to be regarded as an ideal line of motion, which shall be kept as close as possible. Here, the azimuth is considered only as one of the areas that a tourist mentally accounts while on the ground. The other two are on the side of the horizon directions (north, south, west, east), forming a right angle, inside which is the azimuth. Moving to the area, the tourist all the time mentally, imagine two main areas, which are limited to a quarter within which the traffic moves. Since moving to the north-east, he always Read more [...]
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World landmarks

Man often have the need to determine their position in time and space - to navigate. We use a variety of precision instruments and scientific methods. For example, they make it possible to solve a very complex problem of orientation of artificial satellites, rockets and ships. But we should not think that ability navigate without instruments today has lost its practical value. People of different professions - geographers, surveyors, geologists, botanists, foresters, hunters - can often okazatvsya at a time when the nature of the knowledge and ability to find the right direction, anticipate Read more [...]
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Meaning and content of the tourist guide

Without pre-planned route hiking trails do not exist. "Let us go into the wide world" - this principle can be good for a walk in the woods or a park where people just want to be among nature, get some fresh air or find mushrooms, berries, and nuts. But this principle is not good for the tourism campaign because the campaign have other tasks - the achievement of sporting and educational purposes, and for which people go to campaign. But these tasks require that the movement occurred at certain points of the area of the campaign - and the knowledge of local history objects sport overcome. Read more [...]
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Orientation in Antarctica

Terms orientation in Antarctica are very complex: for there are no maps, no reliable natural landmarks. Orientation are the main means of radio astronomy. Sun and Moon makes its way across the sky against the clock movement. Crescent of the moon in the last quarter of its horns turned not to the right, as we do, to the north and to the left: the eye instead of the usual residents of the northern countries of the basic guidelines of night - the constellation Ursa Major and rare clear nights - over the Antarctic stations shines a different constellation - Southern Cross. Read more [...]
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Pathfinder — Orientation forest

Pathfinder Gleb Daniltseva - series transmission, which introduces the viewer to the skills and knowledge necessary for a successful, enjoyable and safe hiking in the woods. How to make and where to make a fire, what to do in the winter dusk and at night, any of the animals and insects to fear, and finally, how to help yourself if trouble has occurred - this will tell the author and host Gleb Daniltsev. Series 20. Orientation forest. In this series, you'll learn what to do if you get lost in the woods, get acquainted with a compass and topographic map, disappointed in some of the "common Read more [...]
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