Orion Star

It was Sunday. In the morning Serge Ilchenko fed dogs, pulled out of the cellar potatoes for sale and went to his friend Grishka Mavroku. From bid came cheerful goose cackle. There was a warm breeze, the sun foaming green trees. Spring brings in the soul a sense of freedom, ease, waiting for something new. Hotel U elk begins in April (in the northern regions — at early June). The first day of calves and helpless lie outside the mother, and midsummer is already learning to eat the leaves, young shoots ... The favorite food of these animals — fungi.PHOTO Read more [...]
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What backcountry ski can cover rasping afforest terrain?

The Orion     Pic: courtesy, KarhuThe OrionA:No, you don't pauperism telemark skis, nor do you indigence cartroad skis. Sounds ilk you relish the execution of the Fischer E99's ($295; www.fischerskis.com) but wishing something a lilliputian shorter for maneuvering about trees and like. Ail is, eve at 170 centimeters you're on the short-change end of backcountry skis. One selection is to get a distich of Karhu Orion skis ($220; www.karhu.com), which are a supposed "short-wide" ski. They're a passably subdued ski, allowing goodness turn on pugnacious terrain, and get metallic Read more [...]
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How can I reparation a daged encamp fly?

Orion AST     Picture: courtesy, Sierra DesignsOrion ASTA:Low, let's get one affair consecutive. When they offered to trade you a bivouac, wouldn't the running idiom be, "Trade your Ally a camp"? Later all, he's the guy who owes you a camp. It's bad shape so to adopt a bivouac and restitution it in pathetic shape. So, what to do? It is potential to do around mending process the cloth. Campmor, among others, sells Kenyon Recoat 3 ($8 a jar; www.campmor.com), which can be motley onto material that's helpless its rainproof covering. But the poppycock is a footling gruelling Read more [...]
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Can you urge a effective daypack for rubber-necking?

Orion Trekker II     Photograph: courtesy, LoweproOrion Trekker IIA:Advantageously, it depends. If you deliver a mix of hooey that's evenly leaden 'tween those items you acknowledgment, so about AODP (Any Ol' Day Clique) testament ferment fair hunky-dory. The Arc'Teryx Razor 20 ($149; www.arcteryx.com), e.g., is a silky niggling 1,000-cubic-inch ingroup with a bare panel-load pattern, two inner pockets, and a extend corduroy for ligature jackets and standardised items to the away. It likewise folds fine-tune flatbed so leave fit well into your master locomotion baggage. REI's Deny Read more [...]
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Which x-country skis would sustenance a 250-pound skier from sinking into the pow?

Orion     Exposure: courtesy, KarhuOrionA:It's all a issue of dim-witted physics, Tim. Forgive my indelicacy, but you librate a bonnie amount—maybe 300 pounds by the metre you don boots, cold-weather wear, possibly a ring with 15 to 20 pounds of snacks, piddle, and spare apparel. If you and I wore the like skis, your skis would be asked to have most double the psi as mine. Ineluctably, that leave outcome in the skis sinking into the blow. And thence, no slide. Alternatively, kinda a lurching gesticulate, I await. The solvent is this: You indigence as big of a ski as you perchance Read more [...]
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The lures of the Southerly Sea are few. Seven-story avalanches of arctic sea. Glary squalls of coke. Hull-peeling icebergs. Thither's picayune reasonable intellect to canvas this dominion, unless you're a sport look to shatter the round-the-world book — or are assigned to rescuing person who unwisely intellection he could.By Craig VetterChristmas Day in the wild waters of the Southerly Sea, and Raphael Dinelli is hunkered lone in his cabin, dangling Read more [...]
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Cruise liner specially overcome a thousand miles to save 63-year-old traveler

French yachtsman Alain Delors, the ship which was severely damaged during a trip around the world, 53 hours waiting for help in the open ocean off the coast of Australia. Ship "Orion", the only ship that responded to the rescue, was in one thousand kilometers from the distress. The cruise ship "Orion" with hundreds of passengers on board heading to Tasmania. According to the ship's captain Mike Taylor, people were disappointed to learn of the change of course. "However, when the rescue operation was over and we pulled an elderly man on the ship, there was Read more [...]
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Astronomers have discovered a hole in the sky, studying the nebula NGC 1999 in the constellation of Orion

Object NGC 1999 (LBN 979) is the emission nebula and reflection nebula in the constellation Orion. He is one of these in the original version of the new general catalog. This nebula was first discovered by October 5, 1785 the famous English astronomer William Herschel, German-born.Nebula NGC 1999 is a bright nebula, despite the fact that it is filled with dust.May 11, 2010 with the telescope "Herschel" next to the nebula was discovered empty space, almost a hole in space. This discovery will help researchers to obtain new information about processes of star birth. Previously Read more [...]
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Orion Over the Mayan pyramids

21 December 2012. The winter solstice. Orion Over the Mayan pyramids. El Castillo, the central mystery of the pyramid of Chichen Itza in the Yucatan peninsula. It is sometimes called the Palace of Kukulkan, the height of 30 meters in height, and the side of the square base - 55 meters. Built before Columbus, somewhere between 9m and 12m centuries AD, is oriented to the cardinal points and it could be used for observations of celestial bodies, what the ancient Maya were great masters. In particular, based on this knowledge, the Maya constructed their own calendar.Category: Space Read more [...]
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Orion was rich in oil

12/20/2012German astronomers have discovered a huge cloud of space in the constellation of Orion, which contains 200 times more oil than there is water on Earth.According to The Huffington Post, Horse Head Nebula, which is located at a distance from the Earth 1300 light years in the Orion Nebula, contains more than 55 quadrillion barrels. "Black Gold" in space, astronomers have found the Max Planck Institute in Germany, with a telescope of the Institute of Radio Astronomy.According to scientists, the oil in the nebula was created because of the fragmentation of polycyclic aromatics Read more [...]
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Orion Nebula: it's not, as it seemed

The nebula, located about 1300 light years from Earth, is about 33 light-years across. At least that was until recently the consensus of the scientific community on this subject. Now it seems that things will change.One of the most striking phenomena in the night sky - Orion Nebula - has long been studied and it would seem, should be known to astronomers and down. That it is often seen as "exemplary" district of birth of new stars, a kind of gold standard diffuse nebula. It is on its findings "standard" ratio for the distribution of dwarf stars and brown dwarfs, their comparative Read more [...]
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Search: Orion’s SkyQuest XT10 Greco-roman Dobsonian

    Picture: Pic by Scar Wiens

Orion‘s SkyQuest XT10 Greco-roman Dobsonian scope is ilk HD for the nighttime sky. The ten-inch aperture pulls in more igniter than about intermediate-level telescopes, so the differently bleary blazon of aloof galaxies, disperse lanes of the Milklike Way, and colourful nebulae look in astute line. And with its bare backing and well pointed pivot, you don’t pauperism to be a roquette scientist to use it. Go forward, check the neighbors ($480; scope.com).

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