The indicator of presence on the site

Dear registered users of the site. We started work in another module, aimed at a comfortable use of the site.The algorithm of the block of the following: for any entry to the site, the user becomes online, it is on the website.If the user did not show network activity for five minutes on the site (for example, moved to another tab and exploring another site), it becomes Offline.The indicator is updated without reloading the page, ie, indicator "obsolete". Suppose you have opened a website, add a comment, and then on another tab to learn another site. On "Hunters" Indicator 5 Read more [...]
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Fishing for catfish

Photo by Vladimir Suprunenko Charges short-lived, go to the gate, I heard the noise: suitable vehicle «lorry», at jokingly called «tin», Clattering all its parts, like any One of these parts is not firmly connected with another one. AT Three cockpit: a young lad and a driver two older men recognized us, the youth, both large hunting authorities, and fishermen too.Posted over the side of his hunting gear, climb into body and convenient to arrange on pretty decent layer of straw hunters already sitting Read more [...]
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The first field tests of Aytos

Aytos, black and piebald Russian Spaniel, has grown over the winter, stronger, although still remained a puppy. Spaniels - Dog maturing, many are beginning to work in an adult as early as 6 months. Sergei Dushina, owner ROS Greta – mother Aytos – a friend, a doctor, a chess player, an avid hunter, and just a wonderful person devoted.Spring came of 1997. Together with the melt water floods otshumel April. The long-awaited May painted shades of emerald countryside. Bird cherry, white as fresh newly-fallen snow, the whole week to lure even cool, but the real cold and frost on the ground, Read more [...]
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Hunting cormorants: pest control or production trophy?

In some regions of Russia in 2009-2010. cormorant attributed to huntingPhoto: Anton Zhuravkov Announced the hunt for the cormorant in the Saratov, Volgograd, Astrakhan and some other areas. On the necessity of the destruction of cormorant hunt through a lot of talk in the Ukraine, Poland and Estonia.So what is this evil is – cormorant? And whether or not it is necessary to destroy all available methods: the destruction of nests and nesting, moulting birds fishing nets, the annual hunting?Great Cormorant size of a goose. It reaches a weight of three kilograms. Vote – Read more [...]
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At the root, or DuckTales

To come back from the hunt is always a little sadPhoto: SHUTTERSTOCK What begins Motherland? I've been born in Moscow, but his childhood and youth were held in the Baltic lands, where up to 80% of the people living there were Russian, and the others were not perceived by us as «other».(From the diary of memories)Now Riga and Polygon «military City» when it is used by NATO soldiers. My parents moved to Ancient Capital and on boundary father, a retired colonel, and subsequently deputy. director of the Riga wagon plant, tears, turning Read more [...]
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Garlic bait

Photo Anatoly Mailkova Around the small pond settled fishermen — no less than two dozen. Peck mainly small carp. And lazy.Unlike other ryboudov, Dzyadok from neighboring villages in a shabby jacket and rumpled cap relentlessly compete fairly respectable carp. When he left to take on a heavy tank, fishermen occupied it «a cool» place. Alas, no one did not manage to catch carp over her hands. Soon all stopped biting. The next day I ran Dedkov near the village shop with my friend the farmer, too, by the way, an avid karasyatnikom. It was he who gave me the secret Read more [...]
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Goose swamp in summer

May drove past the geese north to breeding grounds. People are now too seldom look to the marshes. Until the autumn hunting season, and cranberry except in July, wander on the border with the forest collector cloudberry, if not frightened legions of flies, gnats and other dipterous bloodsuckers.In some places, recalling the unsuccessful shot, lying on the moss remains goose wounded game, which did not manage to pull apart the tribe fox. Everything in this case were the losers ... In two or three months will begin again the struggle for survival, the rumble of shots lost trophies and wounded animal.Lapwings Read more [...]
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Slightly bitter rowan …

The scientific name of the genus Sorbus mountain ash comes from the Celtic sor - «tart", to taste the fruit. The specific name aucuparia - from the Latin word aucupari - «catch birds." Rowan grows throughout Europe, the Caucasus and Asia Minor.Photo Sveinn JONSSON It is very taxing on the external conditions and not capable only to grow, but and successfully bear fruit even in northern taiga, where winter temperatures drop to -50 °C.At a young age Rowan grows relatively quickly. So 10 years of age it is often up to 5 m height. Read more [...]
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I come to the feeder on the river bank. The plan is simple: to collect gear, put on waders and go into the water to catch bream. On the shore of the cape, which always sit 2-3 lucky angler. Lucky in the sense of space.There are a lot of fish, but there is also dominated by bream. Silver bream reminds me of a flock of piranhas. She will not rest until Bait fishermen will not end. Well, as a signal to our piranha it is a lure, which is fashionable to use.Two fisherman sitting on a promontory. I'm going to shake, and it turns out that this is good friends with whom not once fished Read more [...]
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Do not be mistaken!

This invention is, in my opinion, should be in the Guinness Book of Records, and its inventor — become a Nobel Prize winner. This miracle bait appeared in the Urals, and then «migrated» in many countries of the world. The reason for this movement is due to its miraculous properties. She fell in love with the millions of anglers relative simplicity, and most importantly — for catchability.For example, to explore the Russian jig Finnish amateur fishermen (in their statistics) caught fish on their best bait is almost twice less than in the jig (Simo Algren Read more [...]
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Hunter, who are you?

Photo by Vitaly Koshkin When there was a hunting channel in Russia «Hunting and fishing», My first thought was to organize all hunters (at least in Moscow) that they helped their philanthropic investments Leonid Kostyukova convert channel in the All-Russia, at the level of Central Television. For many years we have been waiting for, deprived of the attention of the "blue screen"! Any news, movies for all tastes insanely creepy cartoons that show the frightening children with their unformed psyche; there trite humor transmission with flat-liners and a few sports channels.But Read more [...]
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Kuban pheasant

Two and a slight thousands of kilometers from the Klyazma on Kovrova to Krasnodar Kuban for half of the day - not great record for this motorist charged. Early October. On Kubanschine is bird flight. Rich vysypki woodcock, quail and other migrating from northern regions. There are local «zest» — handsome pheasant… This year, the northern cyclones cheated us golden Indian summer. And so it has turned out, a trip to the Kuban became at the same time and the pursuit of bygone kovrovchan golden autumn for the splendor and richness inherent only to her views. Read more [...]
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Another Russian forest

From redaktsii.2 March was 40 days, as there is no contact Modest V. Kalinin, our regular contributor, honored worker of Russian Hunting, hunting writer and wonderful person. Family Modest Vladimirovich gave us the last, still unpublished essay, he had prepared especially for "horn".Photo Anatoly Azarov April 19th, 1904. Radiant morning presaged a good day. As always, just in 9 am at the EL grave Wolf, creator and LTA chief gardener of the park, met two slender gray-haired elderly man. It was the Forestry Institute Professor Dmitry Nikiforovitch Kaygorodov (hereinafter — Read more [...]
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To be or not to be?

The recent wild boar hunting from a tower remember me positive emotions. Snowmobile wound uniformly worked idling, urging us to hurry to the evening ambush. Night was falling. Before fertilizing site had to go more than thirty kilometers. Weather still pleased with the morning sun and winter windless. Warm suit, shoes and carabiner with night sight — that's all I needed to that time. Sitting back and Encased transferring arms behind his back, we Vladimir Alexandrovich, my friend rushed to the target site. No, not rushed the Read more [...]
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For whom the Bell Tolls?

In June 2008, “Russian Hunting Newspaper” It was published my article «Whose are you, grouse?»Which was published under the title «Hunting – only for the rich?». Then, in continuation of the theme in May 2009, published an article «Among Strangers». In these articles, I raised many thorny questions that have arisen in our hunt for the last decade. This relationship problems hunters and hunting users, and the crazy prices for the hunt, and    often meaningless membership, and the craze for merchants from hunting pig-fazanovodstvom Read more [...]
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Tench Fishing in spring

Photo by the author Lin is different from other carp fish fat, clumsy body covered with small scales and relatively abundant layer of mucus. It reaches a length of 70 cm and a weight of 7 kg. In suburban reservoirs in catches tend to be shedding up to 500 grams. Mouth at the end of line, a small, fleshy, it is located at the corners of one short antennae. The eyes are small, with a red iris. All fins rounded. Typically, the back dark green, sides are olive green with a golden sheen, the belly grayish. In heavily overgrown ponds are found almost black lines. And in some Astrakhan Read more [...]
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Memorial Dawn

What is the charm of this hunt? So the question is probably asked everyPhoto: Sergey Gulyaev We woke up late in the afternoon. It was a warm sunny day. The body ached pleasantly from physical overload. Things backpacks piled in a heap, geese hanging bundles in the dressing room, dirty-gray monster standing in a clearing in which the product is difficult to discern the domestic auto industry, – all this should be put in order.My partner urgently for a couple of days had to go home. He will join me later. Despite the fatigue, the soul happy and a little sad feeling because Read more [...]
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Come with a partner to the place of hunting and spending the night – half-rotten old cabins torfodobychikov. But it's the little things, the main thing – have a roof over your head. The path is not close – seven kilometers. The benefit is already half-way on the edges begin reed ditches, which can sit duck. I fell behind. Suddenly out of the ditch break mallard. Teammate beats drake, and the stone falls into the water. Clean shot! We throw off the backpacks. I – to rest and mate – to get to the other side of the birch tree felled: the bird was closer to shore. Suddenly Read more [...]
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Spinning for spring pike

Part 1 toothy after spawning.Photo Anatoly Mailkova When spring is friendly to the beginning of May, the pike spawn shows enviable activity, giving no quarter to fish stuff. At this time, all of the gear, in my opinion, should be preferred spinning. Do not forget only that in some regions of the country annually set spring bans on fishing predatory fish, including pike.We wanted the best, but it turned out as always. This aphorism, can be very useful, it concerns the ban on fishing for pike before 10 June (in the waters of the Moscow region), while it is before the other non-predatory Read more [...]
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When the water is cloudy …

During and after the flood, when the water in the rivers and reservoirs is still cloudy, it is a very successful fishing on the bay, which flow SPRING even small streams. They are rapidly cleared from the water turbidity. Here comes the most different fish gills clean break from the current.Every year the open water season I start to catch roach. In reservoirs middle band in late April-early May, flocks of roach prespawning concentrate mainly on shallow areas where the water warms more quickly, and among last year's vegetation has food. Very promising may be shallow coastal edge Read more [...]
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