Cleve will!

«Working» depths — piled here range 45–120 m. Small depth to avoid — where light penetrates, and where the bottom is covered with algae, so It happens hooks. The main initiator of the trip in Norway has been, no matter how Strangely enough, my wife. The thing is that a few years ago, we visited the travel Scandinavian countries, impressed by the beauty of nature and the harsh northern We would come back here again. I — at especially as I was warming dream about Norwegian famous trophy Read more [...]
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Size matters

Selecting an inflatable boat and fishing gear, of course, is an individual matter, and, of course, my conclusions and advice are somewhat subjective, but I hope, for the part of the audience, they will be useful.About me and my comrades in the passion — hunters and fishermen (spinning). Favorite places — north of the Rybinsk Reservoir. Grounds — shallow bays, flooded rivers and lakes, where decent depth. Can not we be ranked in the category of trophy fishing enthusiasts: the number of bites is much more interesting than the weight of the fish caught, but a decent Read more [...]
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Videos about fishing: Coordinates Wonderland

Now we're going on a fishing trip in the Vologda region. We do not close the path, about 700 miles one way. It so happened that the northern direction in our life has become a major fishing. For anybody Lower Volga native home, and for us has become a second home with his dazzling north salmon fishing. And naturally occur in our practice pike and walleye, but the percentage of their production in relation to the trout, grayling and salmon His Majesty purely symbolic ...Read more [...]
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Videos about fishing: Ice fishing

Aqua strand line on the Volga River in January looks as if plowed field. Here, due to strong currents constantly deformed ice and builds pieces of frozen water ranges true mini-mountains. Vladimir Palau advise our current ice fishing. It was often a guest of the local reservoirs. So our hero has a lot to tell young seekers fishing adventures. Most amazing of his memoirs about how not so long ago men winter catfish case zabagrili 24 kilograms! So a little bit of luck, patience, and even in winter you can find your trophy specimens.  Read more [...]
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Videos about fishing: Volochok Vishny (Karas)

Now we look at Vadim Avkhimovich, angler of the Most High Volochka. To visit him in one of the ancient Russian cities in the area of Tver region, we arrived early in the morning and look forward to fishing with carp.If you think about it, our fishing in a certain way is very unique, because the waters in which fish we did not have any markings and even on maps represent not everywhere. Such reservoirs after peat development left a heap, that people have started here and carp. And nowadays many divorced him, and there are large instances. Oh, so their time we will try to catch.  Read more [...]
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Videos about fishing: Astrakhan — jerk

Now our heroes had to leave for another fishing accompanied by rain. Nothing can be done - the weather in the Lower Volga fickle. Another evening sun was shining and the sky was levied sutra bunch of clouds. But the particular angler no rain interference, because modern warm waterproof odezhka make fishing in the downpour completely comfortable.Came to experience our newest bait for pike. This simulator greenish frog silicone to introduce our French guest.  Read more [...]
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