Fiefdoms Gornozavodsk

Fiefdoms Gornozavodsk Gornozavodskoye x of (env.), owned by breeder-nobleman in full landlord patrimonial law, not having unlike possessional possessions benefits from the treasury (in the lands, forests, people, etc.) and service work his serfs and artisans cross . Since this could be a Regular latifundia. only on privately owned land, and W. landlordism was developed relatively weak, the VG arose, Ch. arr., in the Kama area, on the basis of the Stroganov huge holdings in the initial ter. to-ryh to beg. XIX century. formed the largest in the province VG (Stroganoff, Golitsyn, Shakhovskys later Read more [...]
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Bergen ur. mine owners. The founder of the dynasty of hereditary nobleman Pavel B., to-ing in 1896 became the owner of possessional Shaitansky mountain env. Despite the modest size of the mountain environs. (3 h, yes, mine 4, 34 thousand. Dec. Zem. And forest land), he initially gave a steady income, allowing PV purchased the estate in Orel, Perm., Tambov and Kharkov Province. In Perm. lips. he owned an estate near s.Tyubuk ECAT. y., in a rum were flour mills and distillery Pavlovsky zd. PV was also the owner of a paper factory in Tver Province. In general, his estate was estimated at 9.2 million. Read more [...]
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Pavel Aksenov

Pavel Aksenov  merchant in the late XIX early. XX centuries. traded draper in Hizhny Tagil. (Address of the calendar and a book of remembrance of the Perm province in 1898 Perm. 1897 S. 145) Pavel Aksenov Tarasovich- merchant, Old Believer, at the end of the nineteenth century. had a shop at his home on Alexander Street N. Tagil traded manufactory, silk and woolen goods, sewing machines, tea and sugar (in 1885 the volume of annual trade store was 200 thousand. rub.). PT Aksenov belonged to a wine cellar, which was organized by the sale of alcohol and trading Shop Hizhnesaldinskom at the factory. Read more [...]
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Territorial disputes: Volcano Santorini Greece belongs

The Plenum of the Supreme Court Greece ruled that the caldera Volcano (Round or oval hole in the end of the vent Volcano) On the famous Santorini owned by the Greek state since its inception. Therefore, the claim of legal and private persons to the area have no reason to, because they've never owned these territories.Recall that a few years ago, one of the joint-stock company started construction of the caldera Volcano, and the government has submitted to the organization in court.Category: Volcanoes Read more [...]
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Cruise The Galápagos

The Galápagos Islands     Exposure: Photograph by Crossing PhotosConceive the plug. Six c miles off the seacoast of Ecuador, the Galapagos Islands are alike the Garden of Eden earlier the Capitulation. With its high-pitched assiduousness of autochthonal species and nearly nil predators, the wildlife on this archipelago is so at relaxation that a Nazca dope mightiness dodder capable flock your camera lense. Thither's plentitude of tilt ended the near PC way to see the islands. Secret Places, owned by author Mare Coffey and her hubby, Dag Goering, has crafted an 11-day path Read more [...]
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