Everything you need to know about snowmobiles

Registration of snowmobiles, right on snowmobile registration snowmobileREGISTRATION SELF-PROPELLED MACHINERY (CM)1. CM purchased after 1995.In accordance with clause 2.8. "rules" and p. 4 "Resolution" required:- passport (PSM);- reference account;- statement;- imported car customs Declaration;- a copy of the certificate of conformity.Lost documents recover routine.2. CM purchased after 1995 and was not registered, no papers.Documents recovered by the owner at the place of purchase. If the organization no longer exists or does not issue a duplicate in the court.3. CM acquired Read more [...]
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Licenses News

The long-awaited amendments to the law on the extension of the re-registration of weapons is unfortunately postponed. Therefore, all those who delayed trip to the OLLR, hoping to get permission from the new term, not worry and feel free to go, innovation will be introduced any time soon. There is also bad news.On July 24, 2015 entered into force new amendments to the law "On Weapons", h. 15, Art. 13 reads as follows:"To obtain a license for the purchase of weapons a citizen of the Russian Federation shall submit to the authority of internal affairs at the place of residence application Read more [...]
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Music rut Shakhovskaya forests

Forest bare, empty fields, and only grounds Shakhovsky ROOiR heard donoschivye musical voice hounds and hunting horns sounded. It held the Moscow regional contest of hounds hare and fox in the grounds Shakhovsky ROOiR. Events were held with 8 to October 13, 2015. They served two expert commissions, which experts worked: Gorski VR, VS Pechagin Hamit ER, MA Blinov, the host AP, Kapitonov MA intern Pyatkov GV Chairman of the organizing committee was appointed All-Russian expert category Gorsky VRComplaints to the commission of the participants reported. I Read more [...]
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Last doublet

At the sound of the front door of the castle dog looked up and wagged its tail weakly. In his fifteen years, Sarah saw nothing and heard little. Only instinct has not let her down. Here and now, sensing the smell of the host, she tried to get up on their feet. He planned to make it six months ago, so as not to More and torment dog and themselves. After the operation to dog attached a whole bunch of diseases. A pile of medicines lunch and Dinner, hateful injections with Sarah barely kept to yourself to approach trough or go for a walk.The Read more [...]
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The owner of a forest lake

EGR number 46Photo Anatoly MAILKOVA There just are not unusual situations happened to us on a fishing trip. There just amazing stories we heard campfire by the same experienced and sometimes very young anglers.Once again, having arrived on a visit to the village of Nikolskoye niece Kostroma region, I, as usual, the evening went to visit a neighbor Antonina. Word for word, and Tonya told me quite extraordinary, almost unbelievable story of her husband. This so excited me that, on returning home, recounted her household, and now I want to share with readers.Boris, being an avid fisherman, Read more [...]
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Thirteenth Samara

Indeed, among 13 have something mysticalauthor photo Initially 13th «winter» the show moved to the spring. Then, on March 26 did not take place because of the quarantine for rabies. On April 9, we had the opening of the annual spring hunt in the Samara region, and on the night before the show first spring rain poured down. In short, everything was not entirely successful, but those owners of hunting dogs that annually participate in this exhibition come.In total, the exhibition was attended by about 250 dogs of different breeds. In addition to participants from the Read more [...]
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Reflections amateur

Me as a hunter and gun owner recently worried unhealthy, in my view, the excitement that arose around the armory topics. According to official statistics hunters in Russia 3 million people, and gun owners and even more, and this will agree, is not enough. Photo by Anton Zhuravkova Let us at least a rough estimate of the amount that is obtained after payment of all that is required for possession of weapons. Two references from ND and IPA cost me 1350 rubles, another inquiry — 800 rubles, total 2150 rubles. On Against this background, 210 rubles, which asks Read more [...]
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Trees cannot withstand heat

Monday - heavy day not only for people, but - in practice - for trees. on July 26 at the intersection of Antonov-Ovseenko and XXII Congress of the Communist party was formed tube: huge branch fell right on the roadway. Fortunately, no injuries - no one was hurt. However, the owner of the car parked directly under the ill-fated tree, will soon have to part with a certain amount: broken windshield, hour - and it is only obvious damage. According to the owner of the car, no mechanical damage to the tree was not provided. The branch fell on the car directly in front of its owner. Apparently, the Read more [...]
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In Novosibirsk machine fell through the asphalt

The ground went from under the wheels! In Novosibirsk the machine fell to the asphalt. Julia Dronova, the owner of the car: «Food, not bothering anyone at a very low speed. And suddenly: BAM - and fail. As can be seen at the place where it happened, this is the place where recently conducted patching. Next we see the same patch. From a few days to a few weeks ago this place was carried out some repair work». The owner of the machine called the repairers and the traffic police. After 40 minutes it arrived on scene repair team. Repairers examined the place and went away, saying Read more [...]
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Manuals paranoid

She's memo ... GOiChS, crib cyanide, notebook and notepad survayvalista survivalist.This is information that is easy to forget (ie that are not "stitched" firmly into the subconscious) and which may be required urgently in an emergency.Straight link to download (314 Kb). Source.Welcome constructive criticism and sensible suggestionsContents: - Production of cotton-gauze dressing (scheme) - Equipment (blank pages to fill the owner) - Phones and coordinates close (blank pages to fill the owner) - Phones operational services (blank pages to fill the owner) - Hangout / etc. (Blank pages to Read more [...]
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There once was a knife

Author: Egor LosevCreated: February 2006"I was born not in pain, not in anger, nine months - not years"Vladimir Vysotsky What am I so ugly? Well, like that, just that day, a locksmith, Vaska, lanyard his ass, again came up with a hangover. Handles he went shaking, so he screwed up with the workpiece, the liner is too long left. And then, Picker Helena Petrovna, that from her cutting edge withered, with his, apparently, had a fight, the mother of his mother, and I dragged the screw. Oh dragged that the wooden plate hryast and cracked, though hardly noticeable. So, "Mom did Read more [...]
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Telepathy — a conversation without words

< ![endif]-->The ability to transmit mental images or messages to another person located at a considerable distance, long been of interest of humanity. In fairness it should be noted that, despite the combined efforts of the best experts - analysts study this phenomenon is still a unique phenomenon remains beyond reach. However, many scientists believe that the ability of telepathy inherent in every human being, but it is in "sleep" state.The scientific study of this phenomenon began not too long ago. The term "telepathy" used the Frederic WH Myers 1882godu, and he Read more [...]
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India: the workers ate a tea plantation owner and his wife

Workers of one of the tea plantations in the Indian state of Assam are accused of cannibalism. Police said that mutinous laborers killed and eaten employer. According to France-Presse, the rebels surrounded and set fire to the bungalow plantation owner. As a result, he and his wife were killed. After that they ate. The investigation revealed that in eating the employer attended at least five people. All involved in the murder of 15. Nine of them are in custody. Among the causes of revolt called the eviction of workers from the rooms and the detention of several activists by the police. In Read more [...]
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In the U.S., demand for firearms sales reached astronomical levels

The owners of gun shops in the U.S. claim that the demand for firearms is growing, explaining, including the recent mass shooting of elementary school students in Connecticut, wrote on Tuesday, the newspaper USA Today. Twenty Adam Lanza gave last Friday massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown in Connecticut, killing 27 people, 20 of them - children aged from five to ten years. The motives of the crime are still unclear. The country declared a four-day mourning. As Durkheymer Carl (Karl Durkheimer), store owner Northwest Armory in Portland (Oregon), arms sales reached "astronomical" Read more [...]
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Scientists have figured out how to cheat the dog owners

A new study has found a strange pattern: dogs tend to steal food when they are sure that the owners do not see it. This means that they are able to understand the workings of the human eye. For many years, dog lovers were assured that their pets are smart and understand them at a glance and poluvzglyada. However, this is not confirmed by science. Now, the experts found that when the owner says the dog does not take food, the dog will do it only in a dark room. This proves that dogs take into account the fact that people do not see in the dark, reports Raut. Scientists from the University of Read more [...]
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The dog led its owner to buy a lottery ticket for $ 1 million

In Idaho, a dog named Stella helped her master and his friends to win the $ 1 million in the lottery, news agencies reported. Miniature dog literally cornered the owner Steve Hughes purchased a lottery ticket Powerball, which proved advantageous.Told myself lucky host, he was going to buy a ticket, but was planning to do it at another store. But the dog locked the car, putting his paws on lock manual door locks, and its owner had to pass the time at a gas station. A little less than an hour Hughes command tells Stella again, press the button and let him into the car. Meanwhile, now that they Read more [...]
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Trees can not stand the heat

Monday - day heavy, not only for people, but also - as the practice - for the trees. July 26 at the intersection of Antonov-Ovseenko and XXII Partsezda a traffic jam: a huge branch fell directly on the roadway. Fortunately, there were no injuries - no one was hurt. However, the owner of a car parked right a hapless tree, soon will have to part with a certain amount: broken windshield, stand - and this is only apparent damage. According to the owner of the car, no mechanical damage to the tree was rendered. Branch fell car right in front of its owner. Apparently, the reason for what happened Read more [...]
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Who apartment, cottage, house? ..

Food for Thought. Back in the seventies of the last century, the famous Moscow Freemason sold the house to the governor-general of Moscow a visiting Englishman. For the occasion in the 2nd Yamskaya Street was even "discovered" one day a fake notary office. In this century also like fraudsters property. Of the many tricks you can name a few. To rent an apartment for a year, which he took off for a month. Sell one apartment to two people at the same time (according to the title deed and a duplicate). To rent an apartment to several persons. Sell vacation home on a false address: Read more [...]
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How to protect themselves from attack by dogs

Attack dogs on poor defending could cause serious injury or even death. To preserve their health and that of their loved ones need to know exactly what to do in such a situation. What you can not do:Tease dogs. Shout, threaten her, provoking aggression. Creep up suddenly and loudly speak to the owner, to make sharp in its direction of motion. This can cause a dog's aggressive actions to protect the owner. Touch the animal while sleeping or eating. Select it with the dog plays. Feed the other dogs. Look at the dog in the eye at close range (signal of aggression in all animals). Try Read more [...]
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The car fell through the ground in Barnaul. Video

A few unpleasant moments endured Barnaul motorist. In front of a host of his car fell through the ground. Burst pipe - and the water washed away the soil just below the parking lot. Before the arrival of rescuers foreign car owner could only watch. After a few minutes by cable car rescuers lifted to the surface. Foreign car owner said he would sue the community services. Source: NTV Read more [...]
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