Human physiology at high altitudes,

Human PhysiologyOr that you need to know the man in the mountains)))Biology Department, it is not a curse, as it may think youth is short for Biological Faculty, in Kazakhstan in our students in the Biology course famous Kaz Gu (now National University). Taught us the conscience, and teachers, lecturers and professors were all entirely disciples great!Some of their energy and enthusiasm and we got))) pulls in science))). In the offseason, the charge on something that would prepare the material on the topic - "Physiology of the mountain hunter"))), it is no secret that in the general Read more [...]
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Survival in the mountains. What to do?

Useful tips: • Seek shelter in holes in the rocks and caves: it is possible not only to hide from the weather, but also to find drinking water. • Avoid locations where possible landslide or avalanche. • Remember that in the narrow valley between the mountains to stay on the hill less dangerous than in the lowlands. • If you have a bright clothing, which you can donate without risk to health, use it to mark your location. • Try to attract attention by shouting: sounds good spread in the mountains. • When Hiking in the mountains can develop Read more [...]
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The oxygen content in the air is reduced

Period of hot and dry weather, set in the Moscow region in late June, has its drawbacks. One of them is the reduction of oxygen in the air. This negative fact in the coming days will be observed not only in the central regions of Russia, but also in most other areas. Thus, in Moscow, the normal amount of oxygen contained in the air is 280-290 grams per cubic meter. In the next few nights is the number to more normal levels and reach 272-275 units, and the day will decrease by 10-15 units and will be about 259 grams per cubic meter. In the abundance of oxygen is in the Magadan and Kamchatka Krai, Read more [...]
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Mass death of fish in the Volga

The abnormally hot summer impact on local water resources. In particular, there is a massive loss of ruffs. For this cold-water fish in the Volga river and the reservoir has become too warm. The hot sun burns the Yaroslavl region is already the fourth week. The temperature exceeding all standards, to take their positions until going - either on land or on the water. Now the water temperature in the Rybinsk reservoir at a depth of 10 meters up to 24 degrees, and at a depth of 6 meters it is heated to 30. For local sea this abnormal performance, because its summer rate of no more than 21...23 Read more [...]
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Because of the heat in the Rhine dying fish

Because of the lack of oxygen in the Rhine dying fish In the upper Rhine was a mass death of fish. According to Swiss biologists, the reason was the drop of the oxygen content in the river water. This is due to the high temperature of the water that has been heated almost to 24 degrees. In 2003, the water temperature in the upper Rhine reached 26 degrees, but abnormal heat, steady in Europe this summer, can't beat this record. Due to the lack of oxygen in the upper Rhine massively dying fish. These data were provided by the Department of environmental protection the Swiss city of Basel. Biologists Read more [...]
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Fish in the lake street albishoara died from lack of oxygen. Video

Moldovabusiness oxygen caused by high levels of ammonia and chlorine in water, resulted in the death of fish in the lake street albishoara. Talking about this laboratory research Center for preventive medicine and Water. According to experts, the harmful substances are trapped in the water due to leakage of chemicals. However, they exclude the possibility of penetration of chemicals into the lake from the sewer system. «The chlorine level in 20 times the acceptable level. The ammonia level is much lower than in sewer systems. We checked all the sewers in the area and found no problems. Read more [...]
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How to survive in space?

How to survive in space?Astronauts establishing system degassing liquids for biological experiments in microgravity laboratory "Destiny" to the ISS. Photo: SPL / EAST NEWSFor human space - extremely hostile environment. By a combination of adverse factors in the space of emptiness no terrestrial competitors, except that an open flame. The flight is almost complete vacuum, weightlessness, at very high temperature gradients and under the influence of ionizing radiation. But even in such circumstances, people learned to not just survive, but to work productively - using special equipment. Even Read more [...]
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Taman forest Stavropol decreased the population of moths

Environmentalists Stavropol are concerned with the reduction of insect pollinators in Taman forest, where, in particular, the population of moths in the last ten years has decreased to 3% of the original number. This can lead to their extinction in the territory of the forest, said in an interview with RIA Novosti Director of the regional environmental Fund «Green World» Grigoriy Pinchuk. «The method by which we believe moths showed that at the same place at the same time ten years ago, flew 10 moths, now one — two, there are such areas, where they stopped to fly. Read more [...]
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In the Gusev district on the waters of mass fish kills (video)

In the Gusev region have already begun to take emergency measures — from among local residents \"knocked\" voluntary teams that try to prevent further loss of fish. In the village of Mihaylova shovels and chainsaws now, the main instrument of labor. The entire male population mobilized to rescue the inhabitants of the largest lake in the Gusev region. HOPE PODOBED, HEAD OF THE ADMINISTRATION OF ST. MICHAEL RURAL SETTLEMENT: \"Of course, by law, the lake does not belong to us, but it is located on the territory of the municipality, and therefore we, as any citizen should care about Read more [...]
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South Ural scientists say that the Ilmensky mountains move

December 3, 2010. Researchers from the city of Miass found deep tectonic cracks on the bottom of the lake a Large massova. And made sure that the Ilmensky mountains move. As reported in the press service of the Ilmensky state reserve, the staff of the laboratory of aquatic ecology has identified the causes of unusual phenomena occurring on the lake Big massova. A few years ago, scientists noticed a strange reducing the oxygen content in the water of the lake. The lack of oxygen in the water column below the boundary temperature jump is the thermocline is common in many South Ural lakes. The Read more [...]
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In St. Petersburg ponds dying fish

In St. Petersburg ponds dying fish. The reason is lack of oxygen. Under a thick layer of ice just to breathe, fish floats to the surface and swallows air through the mouth. But the last Islands of oxygen, the hole, tighten crust of ice. Earlier in ice specially cut holes to underwater inhabitants lakes could breathe, but in recent years this tradition has disappeared. Specialists recognize that this year the number of dead from hypoxia fish considerably exceeds the norm. Source: 100TV Read more [...]
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SODIS or again about water

Properly original foreign.And my free translation from tiddly comments.Solar water disinfection (Solar water disinfection) is also known as SODIS is a method of disinfecting water using only sunlight and plastic (PET) - a bottle. SODIS is a free and open source technology, and, thus, not surprising as a rather effective method for decentralized water treatment. It can be applied at the household level in poor countries. And he is recommended by the World Health Organization as a viable method domestic wastewater treatment and safe storage. Principle of operationThe destruction of pathogens Read more [...]
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Solar water disinfection (Solar water disinfection) is also known as SODIS is a method of disinfecting water using only sunlight and plastic (PET) - a bottle. SODIS is a free and open source technology, and, thus, not surprising as a rather effective method for decentralized water treatment. It can be applied at the household level in poor countries. And he is recommended by the World Health Organization as a viable method domestic wastewater treatment and safe storage. Principle of operation: The destruction of pathogens in drinking water contaminated with sunlight. Three mechanisms of solar Read more [...]
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In Ufa lake cascade dying fish

April 1. However, the Park management says that this time it's not the lack of oxygen. Last spring there was a similar situation, and to prevent the recurrence of this winter, we have undertaken all the necessary measures. Once a fish place now looks like a cemetery. Hundreds of fry Surat and perch were killed within a few days. Some people associate fish kills from improper maintenance, others with unknown natural factors. Sergey Mikhailov - fisherman with years of experience. Having worked in the hunting economy for decades, he is seriously concerned about the spring pestilence fish. An experienced Read more [...]
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Hundreds of fish went belly-up in urbanowska pond

April 20,,Hundreds of perch, carp and Rotanov that lived in the pond near the sixth city hospital floated belly-up. Typically, such a picture can be observed after the excesses of the poachers, who with the help of dynamite stun the fish, thus facilitating their craft. However, in this case, the reason is different. \"Our representatives traveled with hydrochemical laboratory — selected water samples. The results showed that the excess of some ingredients suggests that they are typical for domestic wastewater treatment\", — said the head of the Department of state control, Read more [...]
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Secrets of a successful fishing: Malinka (Chironomus plumosus)

Bloodworm (Chironomus plumosus) - raspberry lives in the mud of many waters, including low oxygen in the water and even very dirty. Washing sieve portion of silt from the bottom of the pond is almost always possible to find chironomid larvae - bloodworms.The larvae of bloodworms is no need for the air: Uptake of oxygen dissolved in water, and carbon dioxide emission occurs in them through tracheal gills and partly through the integument. These larvae feed on bloodworms microbes populating yl.Motyl very eagerly eaten by fish, which are one of the main dietary sources. In their hemolymph Read more [...]
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In lake Taal again dying fish

20 yunyao just a few days after authorities lifted the ban on the danger of eating fish from lake Taal in which there was massive fish kills that gave rise to the collapse of fish production, as in Monday, June 20, again there were reports of dead fish near three fishing farms, according to police Larry AAL, head of the Philippine national water Inspectorate says that members of his Department conducted an assessment of the amount of dead fish according to the latest data, about 2 tons collected near the village of Sampaloc and almost as many in the villages Balakilong and Birinayan «We Read more [...]
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USA. Fish affected because of the long and snowy winter

5 April. Plymouth, Minnesota. Like many other residents of Minnesota, Bruce Wahlstrom was glad to see that the ice finally disappears at the lake, near which he lives. And then he saw what was under it. \"I saw the ice only last night when it started to melt, and this morning I saw that there's just a ton of dead fish,\" said Walstrom.Hundreds of dead fish \"hang out\" at the surface or in shallow water in the private lake Wahlstrom. He knows what killed the fish: an early, heavy snowfall caused the formation of a thick layer of ice, which the sunlight could not reach the bottom of the lake. Read more [...]
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In the Los Angeles surfaced millions of dead fish

The mysterious case of mass fish kills occurred on Tuesday off the coast of southern California. The waters of the small Harbor Redondo beach on southwest from the city of Los Angeles was filled with the carcasses of dead sardines, the number of which is estimated at 1 million. «Everything indicates that they died from natural causes», — said Andrew Huan from the Department of state concerning fish resources and recreation. He believes that the incident is certainly rare, but to an unprecedented it can not be classified. Huan colleagues conducted the examination of Read more [...]
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Denver, USA: Dead fish in the lake Berkley

August 25,. Hundreds of dead fish were found on the lake Berkeley after the visitors felt the smell of rotting fish. Within a few days most of it, mainly carp, ran aground. The rest of the fish floated on the surface of the water, according to Not so long ago in the city of partially spent draining the lake to improve communications, construction of retaining walls along highway 70 and create a buffer from the noise. Originally it was planned to move the fish to another location. Employees of the Park is constantly monitored oxygen levels. But, for some reason hundreds of Read more [...]
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