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Panhandle Huitre Stubble

    Exposure: Moving Bit via ShutterstockFeel, I’m no nutrient snot. I wish Cheez Maven and soft-baked cookies. But roughly meals should run you more the damage of a Netflix subscription. Same oysters—specifically, the tempestuous oysters of Florida’s Apalachicola Bay. I formerly swarm 380 miles from New Orleans to get my fulfil (a doctor, about ten 12, snag 'tween myself and a sportfishing crony). We bought our beginning bag of 30 for $26, and they came coated in seaweed and wet backbone—by-catch. The gist was impossibly sassy, main, and wholly deserving Read more [...]
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Dangerous virus has killed 60% of the harvest of oysters in France

French gourmets deeply shocked by the news from oyster farmsDue to an unknown virus has killed more than half of the harvest of shellfish, which are an integral part of the national cuisine. Disease on marine plantations raging is not the first month. The French wanted to cover the lack of oysters due to the Japanese manufacturers, but after the well-known tragic events about this not being told. The tsunami washed away all crops intended for export. Prices for shellfish in stores and restaurants already crept up. Last year the French ate more than 100 thousand tons of oysters. Source: The Read more [...]
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Mass mortality of oysters in Chesapeake, United States

on 9 November. Mass mortality of oysters recorded in Chesapeake. Population of shellfish on the coast is on the brink of extinction. Oysters have died due to natural causes every season, but now it takes a catastrophic scale. Oysters were in great demand, but now the fishermen are not able to provide all the vendors in connection with the mass extinction of their species. The Northern part of the Bay has turned into one huge graveyard delicacy. It is assumed that the clams were lost due to flooding as a result of hurricane Rina, but the exact cause of death of the population of oysters is unknown, Read more [...]
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The loss of millions of oysters per night in Australia

January 29, 2013. Oysters Kefalinia a stream which is a tributary of the Hawkesbury river, were amazed deadly Pacific syndrome, which led to the deaths of around 20 percent in the number of oysters in the local industry. According to press reports, the inflow is raspotnik young for the local industry catch oysters. The clams, which were perfectly healthy, millions of individuals - virtually destroyed during the night. Many of the 15 businesses involved in divorce oysters in this region, now sceptical about the prospect of this year, believing that they will have no production until the next season. Oyster Read more [...]
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Sea Kayaking Georgia

Finish November, when I was invited to go sea kayaking off Georgia’s slide with Microphone Robinson, a womb-to-tomb canoeist from Savanna, it wasn't the paddling I was mad almost. It was pick oysters in the swamps circumferent Georgia’s approximately 1,200 mucky islands.I flew into Savanna and horde 40 transactions e to Tybee Island, a clench of sec homes and seafood shacks that serves as the entry gunpoint for sea kayakers bearing into the approximately 400,000 estate of tidal fenland buffering the province's sea-coast. From Tybee, about paddlers mind southward, then did we, heterosexual Read more [...]
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