Mallard abnormal coloration: Comment ornithologist

Should disappoint the reader "horn": the black ducks (Anas poecilorhyncha Forster), lives mainly in the south of the Far East, in Japan and Korea, seen their duck have no relationship. It is the most common mallard (Anas platyrhynchos L.), only dyed unusual. In Moscow, the ponds are also not uncommon: Every year I receive several letters from its correspondents with the question: What the duck? Who calls them «hybrids», Who «mutants». Why do they appear where the ducks are not hunted, and often, on the contrary, feed them?Among the unusually colored mallard Read more [...]
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Oil Painting

"Tatiana Aramileva that makes you, a woman, to express their aggression against the Russian hunters?"Photo: Andrew Fedichkin At the beginning of work I worked as a mechanic in the boiler room. The oversight as a mentor experienced master Dmitri Ivanovich handed me not only the wisdom of this popular profession, but also shared experiences.«Women, – He taught me a veteran, – it is so beautiful, fragile and delicate creatures that want to take them in his arms and carry through life… But as soon as you tear off a man from the earth, it gets into Read more [...]
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Master brush fire

With the original artist Alex Derevianko, I met in Kiev on one of the yearly exhibition "Hunting and Fishing". Almost ran acquainted with the exposition before the official opening of the exhibition, I could not stop at the stand with the works of masters of pyrography, depicting a tree with a conventional cautery game animals and hunting scenes. Unusual wooden picture struck reliability and image original creative solutions. It was felt that the master of the fiery graphics really loves wildlife and very good hunter.Expressing his admiration for Alex Derevianko original Read more [...]
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Yaroslavsky Chest

Famous throughout Russia podnosny fishing is a unique phenomenon. Miraculously survived and dispersed in numerous museums, household items, as a rule, are still poorly understood. For a long time, for example, in the collections of the Yaroslavl Historical and Architectural Museum Reserve kept a dozen painted things from metal does not attract the attention of researchers. Only recently it was found that among them, and that, basically, the trays outside Moscow Zhostovo end of XIX century there are two Nizhny Tagil. This is confirmed by their riveted octagonal shape, high slit bumpers with "beads" Read more [...]
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Flowers scarlet nevyanuschie

    Girl more than anything light liked to draw. Anything, but there is always one the same roses, cornflowers, daisies. Sit down to the table with pencil, and they thrive under her hands. Large, bright. Or, picking up a piece of coal, draws on the garden wall bath buds of some otherworldly, unprecedented, but beautiful colors, carved leaves.     In the six years already to paint as talked about Pear in relatives. And in thirteen, heard that on the other side of the river Tagil-lives mistress, which draws on the trays are bouquets that they seem to smell like a meadow, asked:     Read more [...]
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HUDOYAROVY Dynasty Nizhny Tagil serf masters, painters, artists. Perhaps relocated Nizhny Tagil of Mosk., Nizhny Novgorod and Vyatka Province. By faith H. bespopovtsy Pomeranian sense. Andrey Stepanovich (1722-1804), z-dskoy cross., Founder of the lacquer craft in the family. Fyodor (1740-1828) and Vavila F. (? 1794) leading masters of lacquer in the case Nizhny Tagil XVIII century .; perform custom work for the Demidov; owned a flower, landscape paintings; compilers Tagil, white, strong lacquer is durable and purity; varnish used on copper, iron, wood; of works preserved only red-copper table-box Read more [...]
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Keepers and discoverers

     Ural land rich in talent. Last week held celebrations devoted significant date 260 years Ural lacquer painting on metal.     In general, the starting point of the date of adoption is rather arbitrary. That's when Demidov serfs svezennye the Urals from all over Russia, began to paint local products on iron, copper, bark     Maksyashin Alexander, professor of Russian professional Normal University:     Much has been said about podnosnoy painting, that in the Urals ancestor of this painting is the Nizhny Tagil. As in any other city Read more [...]
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Turan Ivan

Turan Ivan (01 (13) .01.1891, Perm 1981, ibid), teacher and painter. Graduated from Penza thin. School (1918 kl. I.S.Goryushkina-Sorokopudova). Since 1918 he worked as a teacher in schools in Perm, engaged in painting. In 1921 he opened a private studio izoisk Island one of the first on the W., lasted until 1932, he taught at pedtehnikume 1931-41, 1942-58 pedagogical in-ones. Author of more than 100 Mfr. painting and drawing. Outcast. exhibitions Polar Bear (Penza, 1916), the Society of Lovers of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture (Perm, 1918). Works are in PGHG. Lit .: Kazarinova NV Artists Read more [...]
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Keeping a rose

The project "Taghilsky tray beginning of the XXI century" Meeting friends and like-minded people for a unique radeyuschie Tagil podnosny fishing, so it was possible to characterize the situation the grand opening of the exhibition "Keeping the rose" in Nizhny Tagil Museum of Fine Arts, devoted to the 265 anniversary of the Ural lacquer painting. This is the second exhibition of the "tray Taghilsky start XXI Century ". Recent years have shown that flower painting lost its leading position in podnosnom fishery, which it occupied in the last quarter of the twentieth century, replaced Read more [...]
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Wedding Chest

    This item is now uncommon. Perhaps the only in museums and see her. And once in Each house chest occupy no less than honorable place than the samovar. What only was not: simple, bronze studded "frozen" tin, They were painted a bit of storage heirlooms. Opened with the ringing of the locks remained in the memory of many of us as echoes the past.     Acquainted with the exhibition chests peoples of the Volga in Yaroslavl. Each the product was going to work with a taste fiction. But special interest was the chest clearly Ural Type the middle of last century. Read more [...]
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Forgive us, Baba Pear!

    In 2011, the year Tagil fishing lacquer painting would have turned 265 years old. Why "WOULD"? And because he as a fishery died. Back in December 2006, the new-born newspaper "Tagilka" ("T" Number 2 (2), Article "Jubilee or a wake?") Began to signal SOS: Brothers, fishing die! Help !!!     Then the newspaper were some of the last of the Mohicans podnosnogo fisheries director Art Fund Gennady Babin (once the main artist podnosnogo factory shop "Emalposuda") And director of the company crafts "Change" Read more [...]
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Continues the tradition

    Ural lacquer painting metal emerged in the eighteenth century when Nizhny Tagil factories. Demidov, being major and demanding customers painted products, support and encourage development of lacquer craft. In Nizhny Tagil with evolved over the years the whole art Dynasty, carefully passed down from generation to generation secrets picturesque and varnishing skill. The most famous of them Hudoyarovy, whose name is Museum podnosnogo fishing Dubasnikovy, a collection of stencil patterns which has become a school for contemporary artists. Tagil Tray in the end of XVIII century middle Read more [...]
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Accept only girls

Nizhny Tagil was the first and for a long time the only Russian center for the manufacture of iron painted lacquerware. Trays sold at many major fairs, they have purchased and exported in large quantities outside the Russian state of European and Asian merchants. Trays decorated with floral motifs, bouquets of flowers, strange birds and landscapes. At the same order Tagil masters made special, very expensive trays that are completely lost their utilitarian function - to be a kitchen, dining items - and became only an ornament. We are talking about the trays with painted scene, the surface of Read more [...]
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The Adventures of «Madonna»

In the summer of 1971 in the Sverdlovsk art gallery with great caution was delivered carefully packaged flat box. Meet him as an honored guest, and the long-awaited, came all the available mix of people. Still it has returned to the Urals, the place of his second birthday, the picture, the fate of which is truly amazing, largely mysterious, and certainly wonderful. It has long been the subject of heated debate, and have not resulted in a single decision, why it was kept for more than forty years in the vaults of one of Moscow's museums. And the history of the painting began, however, it must begin, Read more [...]
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Devotees Ural fishing

     In the history of the Ural lacquer painting was a period associated with copying the works of famous artists of the world. He came in the 30-40 years of XIX century, becoming the artistic credo of gifted and professionally trained artists. Processing of popular topics, images, motifs was one of the traditional forms of art in Russia regardless of the tray and developed in the second half of the XVIII century.     It is not surprising that such "infatuation" touched and Tagil lacquerware. On Demidovsky metal with canvases and prints lovingly transferred Read more [...]
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Gift Wizard

    "Unsightly scrap iron sheet was an oval shape of the ellipse. Here he deftly passed through Forging machine and its edges are evenly arched. Thing has become like a something. Item sent to dye shop. And oh, miracle! It has become much more beautiful. She is now recalls cover pocket watches blued steel. On it already a pleasure to watch. Its nice to hold. It is smooth and shiny. But it still not everything is done. Thing into the hands of the artist Iraida Ageevny Trёkinoy (Arefieva - RA). Dexterous hand, armed with a brush, making bold smears. It turns out that something Read more [...]
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According to the precepts of your favorite artists

     I love to walk through the ancient streets of the Tagil humpback bridge that leads to the museum of the history of the fishery podnosnogo – House Hudoyarovyh. This street is one of eight first designated on the plan for the village of Nizhny Tagil 1734 year.     Its origin dates back to the construction of the old Demidov plant. Street Tagilskaya preserve the appearance of the Ural antiquity. When I go on it, it seems that I live in the 18th century. For this green street when–then went Hudoyarovy – serf artists–painters, "who Read more [...]
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Plyusnina Nikolay

Plyusnina Nikolay (23.07 (04.08) .1848, Mr. Sloboda Vyatka Province. Sept. 1920 ECAT.), Painter and teacher. Graduated from the Imperial Acad. thin. (1873), received for the painting David playing the harp before King Saul (ECAT. Muses. Fig. Art Society) title of the class is thin. Article II. From 1875 to ECAT. In 1878-1907 -Teacher drawing and painting in a girls' school, and in 1898, concurrently. hands. drawing courses for the office. Top-Isetsky h-huh. Among private pupils P. L. Turzhansky (first floor. 1890). In 1907-11 he taught at colleges. institutions Chrysostom. In 1911-13, art teacher Read more [...]
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Obvinsk PAINTING Regular. form a cross. painting on wood in Russian. and K.-P. the right bank of the Kama River in Perm. region. Originated in the XVIII century. Style emerged in the XIX century. Floral pattern adorns the blade spinning wheels, the vessel walls and furniture. As the style OR changed her manner from the picturesque to the graphics and range from deep orange, blue, brown to light yellow, green, blue, complemented brilliantly sweat. In 1970-80-OR revived on Krasnokamsk f-ke toys in the pool Parma. Manuf. stored in the PIM IMIP and others. muses. Lit .: Folk painting on wood / author-composer Read more [...]
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Hire a painter

In 1806, at the behest of Nicholas Nikiticha Demidov was established in Nizhny Tagil art school, to train specialists in the painting of trays, boxes, tables. Information about it is sketchy and scarce. Even more mysterious fate of its creator, the first artistic director Vasily Albycheva. Work in the State Archives of the Sverdlovsk region (JI-AP) at the end of last year can be considered successful. Revealed new documents, allowing you to restore some parts of the life path B. Albycheva. In particular, it was possible to establish the circumstances in which he found himself in Tagil.In Read more [...]
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