Old-hat Dogs Below the Northerly Lights

The halfway of the nighttime in Galena, Alaska, was icy crystallise, 30 infra, and breezy. Acquiring out of the encamp was virtually unendurable. We'd tending the dogs a monumental run before in the day in hopes that they would lay distillery done a foresighted pic to beguile the dark sky. Fortuitously, they were commonplace and rested below a outstanding exhibit of gloss pulse crossways the skyline. The Daybreak Borealis are the resolution of supercharged particles released from the sun’s air. When these aerated particles insert ground’s amphetamine ambiance—called Read more [...]
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Liquefaction of soil in Chiba, Japan

see also: Water emerges from the ground in Chiba, Japan Help: and - loose water-saturated sand with large pores before the earthquake; b - seismic tremor is characterized by recording changes in the acceleration of the oscillations in time; the time of liquefaction - relationships between soil particles is broken, and they are suspended in water; g - compacted sand after squeezing the water and particles. Liquefaction of soils during earthquakes The essence of this effect is the following. Soils (sand, clay, loam) consist of fine and ultra-fine (up to hundredths and thousandths of a Read more [...]
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A powerful solar flare threatens electronics satellites — scientists

on January 28. Powerful x-ray flares that occurred on Saturday night, led to a sharp increase in the flow of charged particles in near-earth space that could endanger the spacecraft, told RIA Novosti head of the center for forecasting space weather Institute of terrestrial magnetism, ionosphere and radiowave propagation (IZMIRAN) Sergey Gaydash. According to the Center for space weather National oceanic control for atmospheric research, USA (NOAA), on Friday at 18:37 GMT (22:37 GMT) occurred on the Sun x-ray class x2. Its source was active region 1402, which had previously been the source of Read more [...]
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Away On-line Archives

Away mag, November 1998By Hampton SidesWhat's the oldest-living being on land?— Anna Lane, Edinburgh, ScotlandThe panel's hush out on this one, as go teams of gerontologists disentangle the satellite in lookup of superlatives, but thither are a few starring candidates. The Galßpagos capsize, a repeated darling, logs an estimated modal animation straddle of 90 eld — telling, but calm a runner-up south Peaceable's magnificently Read more [...]
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Earth’s magnetosphere is bent under the blow of the Sun!

Epic ejection of plasma from the Sun, which occurred January 15, 2013, has reached the Earth. And now we see a rare phenomenon in which the magnetic protection of the planet is so deep prodavlena that the flow of high-energy particles reach the satellites hanging in geostationary orbit (dashed white thin line) at a distance of 36000km from the Earth This can cause problems with reception of satellite TV channels.For the record: our planet has designed three levels of protection from the sun's emission of plasma and high-energy particles.First - the magnetic field of the Earth, which has intensely Read more [...]
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Scientists have made more energy efficient teleportation

An international team of researchers received an important theoretical result in instant transfer of technology studies. Scientists have found that quantum teleportation - the process of moving quantum information at light speed, which in theory can be used to teleport macroscopic objects and even people - can be much more energy efficient than previously thought. How does teleportation?Throughout most of the twentieth century, scientists have denied the possibility of teleportation, seeing it only as a pipe dream of science fiction. The problem was in the way. Scientists believed that the only Read more [...]
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Scientists have developed a prototype of the Tractor Beam

A group of Czech and British physicists developed a prototype Tractor Beam, which can serve as a prototype for a similar system from the TV series "Star Trek." To pull objects used "twisted" in a certain way a laser beam. Scientists say they have managed to capture the relatively large particle size of 300-400 nm.Physics, according to them, set a record move, pulling the ball at 25-30 microns from its original position. Distance can be increased, it is necessary to increase the power of the laser beam, according to "RIA Novosti". Lead researcher Paul Zemanek and Read more [...]
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British scientists have created a quantum dot using earthworms

Scientists from the UK managed to produce cadmium telluride quantum dots using earthworm Lumbricus rubellus. Quantum dots are semiconductor particles, in which the electrons, due to the microscopic size of the body, have unusual properties.Quantum dots can fluoresce, and the wavelength of the emitted light depends on the particle size. The use of quantum dots in biological experiments are often limited by the fact that the resulting particles are insoluble in water.The researchers set out to create a water-soluble quantum dots, using one of earthworms. Attracted the attention of scientists Read more [...]
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Particles created from two-faced self-organizing and dynamic system

Earlier particles such as colloids, has been used for self-assembly of structures such as nanotubes, but in dynamic or non-equilibrium systems, such processes have not yet been able to organize. The term "synchronization" to date was a simple mathematical abstraction. Structure similar to microtubules in living organisms, scientists have created the first American Northwest and University of Illinois. To do this, researchers have been involved oscillations supendirovannyh silica gel particles in the liquid, covered on top of nickel (only on one side). Scientists have come to the dynamic Read more [...]
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Poynting-Robertson effect: Earth slowly falls in the Sun

Do you enjoy basking in the warm sunshine? In this case, would be nice to know such nuance radiated sunshine, as they say foreign media, it is also a clever way of the sun to destroy us. With the light of the stars makes us and our planet is slowly falling over in order to eventually absorb. This hook is called the Poynting-Robertson effect and applies to all objects in the solar system, especially small - all of them smoothly and slowly rotate in a spiral, with each turn of the sun becoming closer and closer.Poynting-Robertson effect follows the same principle, which is used in laboratories Read more [...]
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God has given us two of their particles?

Showed data that indicate: The experiment at the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) physics "kicked" just two of the Higgs boson ... Found I do not know whatThe Large Hadron Collider (LHC) stopped, but continues to "shake" the basis of the universe. Already, however, not in the literal sense, simulating the Big Bang, and the figurative. Scientists understand the results of the experiments and come to put it mildly puzzled.From the analysis of historical data should be: the Higgs boson is not alone. At least two of them.Let me remind you, the Higgs boson, or simply Higgs - is an Read more [...]
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At the Large Hadron Collider has obtained a new form of matter

Experiments with collisions of particles carried by the most powerful particle accelerator today, the Large Hadron Collider (LHC), have allowed scientists to discover something that is very similar to a new, previously unknown form of matter. This new form of matter that has received a very strange name color glass condensate (color-glass condensate), is similar to the liquid wave, consisting of gluons, the elementary particles associated with strong interactions that hold the quarks together the protons and neutrons.Scientists working at the collider, it is not expected that the type of collision, Read more [...]
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Collision in the Large Hadron Collider suddenly produced a new type of matter

Collisions of protons with lead ions in the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) have led to an unexpected result in the form of new particles created in the collisions. The new observations show that the impact could produce a new type of matter called color glass condensate (through the eyes). During the high-speed collision of particles formed hundreds noyvh particles, most of which departs from the place of collision at near light speed. But the team Compact Muon Solenoid (CMS) at the LHC found that out of a sample of 2 million ion-proton collisions, some pairs of particles in the departure maintained Read more [...]
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The new quantum experiment confirmed the asymmetry of time

Time moves inexorably forward. It should scroll film's back - and you immediately suspected something was wrong. But from the point of view of a single, isolated particle over time looks the same in any direction. That, at least, it seems at first glance. For example, a film of the scattering of two particles will look reasonable, even if the scroll backwards - a concept known as the symmetry of time reversal. Now the experiment authoritative scientific collaboration (it full-time or part-time participation in the simultaneous) BaBar, working with the accelerator SLAC, found new, though Read more [...]
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The huge dome of cold plasma surrounding Earth

And this veil affects space weather. Clouds of "cold plasma" are found in the upper atmosphere of the Earth, and they are distributed by a quarter the distance to the moon, according to data the data received from European satellites. Earth generates cold plasma, weakly charged particles at the edge of space, where sunlight separates electrons from the gas atoms, leaving only their positively charged nucleus or nucleons. Researchers believe that these difficult to detect particles influence on space weather, or rather the effects of solar flares on Earth, causing geomagnetic storms. Read more [...]
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What harm does astronauts to space radiation

In space, full of radiation. Escape from it is impossible. Imagine that you are standing in the middle of a sand storm, and all around you constantly circling vortex of pebbles that hurt your skin. Would look like the cosmic radiation. But the problem is that, in contrast to the pebbles and pieces of land ionizing radiation does not bounce off human flesh. It passes through it, like a cannon ball penetrate the building. And this radiation causes considerable damage.Last week, researchers from the Medical Center at the University of Rochester, published research showing that long-term effects Read more [...]
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Customs solar system

10/12/2012 So, December 3, working with the Voyager 1 scientists presented the results of the current of the device, which allows us for the first time - albeit virtually - to cross the boundary of the solar system and consider everything that is happening in these areas. The probe revealed much new about them, and among the latest findings - the whole area of space, the existence of which still did not suspect. Voyager 1 has long crossed the shock, after which the particles of the solar wind slows down to below the speed of sound, and begin to move chaotically. In June 2010, the probe is 17 Read more [...]
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Mystery of dark matter

The number of places where they can hide from the glance of the elusive dark matter particles, is rapidly decreasing, and the answer to a long-standing mystery of the space can be given within the next few years, researchers say.Dark matter is an elusive substance, the existence of which scientists have not yet managed to record directly. It is almost completely invisible and does not interact with normal matter, except for the weak mass interactions. However, astronomers believe that it is about a quarter of our universe, and that it exceeds the amount of normal matter (galaxies, stars and planets).Last Read more [...]
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Scientists proposed solution to the mystery belt Solar System

U.S. astronomers have developed a model of the solar system boundary, which explains the existence of her mysterious "zone", found one of the probes NASA scientists published an article in the Astrophysical Journal. Probe IBEX (Interstellar Boundary Explorer) in 2009, found on the outer edge of the solar system, the heliosphere, the unusual "belt" - a long, narrow strip on the map, which is formed by the flow of particles with abnormally high energy. For three years, astronomers have proposed a number of hypotheses to explain its origin, however, as the authors of the new study, Read more [...]
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Bacteria modify weather

In the upper troposphere (6 to 10 miles) is home to many microorganisms. Their composition varies especially in tropical storms, soobshayut NASA specialists and Georgia Institute of Technology in an article published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.Microorganisms play an important role in the life of the atmosphere - they, in particular, influence the formation of clouds and precipitation. At altitudes lower than 5 kilometers of microbial cells up to 3 microns comparable to the number of ice particles of the same size. Living cells can "work" condensation nuclei Read more [...]
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