During Soviet times, the field geological expedition party and supplied with food through ORS (Department of working supply). Engaged in this are usually chauffeur-forwarder, and the car came with food 1-2 times a week.Photo Peter Zverev The cost of food is deducted from the salary. FROM nearest State Farm site work contract a myasopostavkah and meat taken from They live on the sheep as needed During the season works.In that season with our new chief director of the farm on this agreement does not smog. What They happened, I I Read more [...]
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Catch the last bus

Photo by Sergei Kudinov All day long we tried to cut and catch the cunning, tireless hare raised even early in the morning. But good luck this time, it seems, was not on our side.The short December day on the wane, and we completely stray from power, decided to throw this «professor»So as not to miss the last bus.Hard moving tired feet a day, we walked slowly toward the bus stop, like beaten dogs. They walked in silence, each thinking about her.– And yet it is great to have with you in the valley chopped! – the first could not stand my father.– Yes, Read more [...]
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I usually hunt with his best mate, who once revealed to me the beauty of hunting. Photo by Ilya Lipin Take your time and walk around the surrounding fields, looking bunny Maliki. It's been quite a few, and fresh tracks is not. But, having lost all hope, come across the pond to the latest utility bills. He began to disassemble. Oh! What it was zhirovki! It is wound around the field, avoiding the pond from one side to another. And it was almost impossible to identify where the input and output. Hare fatten, left, dodged, geminate, confused, returning to a hundred meters again and Read more [...]
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Cunning fox

If you are going to get a red cheat, we Genka prepared very carefully. The first thing we have distributed, to whom and what sew future trophies. Genkina wife had to show off in a fox fur coat, her daughter - in fox hat, my mom just had to have, to my mind, the collar on the winter coat.PHOTO SHUTTERSTOCK.COM After that, we got a short wide hunting skis. On They were easier to cross the plantations and ravines. Picked up the heat­luyu clothes that do not rustles. Winged camouflage suits, prepared army binoculars. AND three days before the hunt is not shaved Read more [...]
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1st Open Championship of Russia on the game on wind Manco

Date: 06/22/13 year, beginning at 10.00 Moscow FGBU 'VNIIPrirody'. The event is free.Wind decoys are actively used by hunters for luring waterfowl. But to help the decoy hunting, you must be able to use it. Spring of 2013. Photo: Mikhail Semin Provisions on the conduct of the Open Russian Championship 2013 to play the wind hunting Manco.I. General Provisions.Russian Open Championship 2013 to play the wind hunting Manco held to promote the culture of hunting waterfowl and non-destructive methods of hunting. Prior to the competition is open to all who have an identity card with the Read more [...]
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African podranok

Drebezhaschy knock on the glass scared, swept past early morning dreams. «Good morning, wake up," -razdalos somewhere on the border of waking and sleeping. I reluctantly opened my eyes. The darkness, pitch-dark around. I still dreaming? The knock was repeated again, louder and more insistent. No, it's not a dream. It Imani. Shaking off the remnants of slumber, I loudly thanked for reveille darky maid shuffled getting around in the morning hunting lodges. Feeling on the bedside phone, I looked at the clock – 5 am . It's time to wake up.Reaching groping in the dark to the door, I parted Read more [...]
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FOR grouse Pereslavl

The purpose of our spring outing in the first place, the black grouse. Two and a half hunter - this is my husband, his friend Anatoly Nikolaev, at the time of the Council of the SBI game manager and, later better known as a member of the national team in shooting, and the author of these lines - is modest only "half of hunting." Complements our "excellent" four Lyudmila, a lover of quiet hunting - gathering morels.Then, not yet widely Yaroslavl highway, after Zagorska quite narrow strip of the flying up the hill, then falling into the low, after a couple of hours of our company resulted in Pereslavl. Read more [...]
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A late holiday

Abnormal dawned summer of 2010, which brought record heat and, as a consequence, severe drought and forest fires, which covered the central regions of the European part of Russia. Photo: Victor Lukashou In this regard, the long-awaited opening of the hunting season for game birds in the Moscow region came very late. Although, in my opinion, the hunt would be open and the first Saturday of September. Not afraid to do the same in Vladimir, Tver, Kaluga regions bordering the Moscow region.But officials suburbs existed a special look at this issue. Scalded milk, they began to blow Read more [...]
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Hit or miss

I remember last season. Snowy forest still asleep, bent under the weight of the branches Kuchta. Barely audible rustling, skiing is easily ripped white veil powdered with buranitsy. Enjoying the easy way, I freely slide forward, filling the ski runs reaching me comrades. We are a party of four. Andrew for many years holds Russian hounds. This hunt, he fell ill in those days, rich in game, when to stand on legs and a local farm hares raised on the outskirts. Years passed, and the country has changed way of life, but dogs remained. Vaughn and Now osenistaya Read more [...]
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With billed nose!

Spring stood out early. The snow has melted, but only in nadvoryah in the forest in the lowlands and ravines somewhere else whiten loose, spongy lumps.The sun works wonders, and the arrival of summer is getting closer.The cozy, summery heat in the Tikhon carpenter's shop. Near the bench stands a mountain of sawdust shavings, sweet-sour smell of gently tickles the nose. We talk to Tikhon about the upcoming thrust, the owner says more, I looked catch his every word.— When the pull, you can not guess — every day have to go into the forest. This is not an express train on a schedule to Read more [...]
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Wonder boar

It was an unusually large fresh boar trail. The heart beat faster, kindled a sense of excitement of hunting, and hunting arms spontaneously felt armor. I went after him, and he went forward, leaving the bush clay smears from their sides. Flakes of foam on the branches reach up to the level of my shoulder (during rutting bulls have generously allocated foamy saliva). The boar was a moderate pace that allowed me to walk freely in his tracks without making the most of the characteristic rustling in the snow. His path crosses several large boar tracks. On the track it was clear that my boar worried: Read more [...]
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On thin ice

Every year hundreds of people interested in hunting and fishing, come in a very unpleasant situation, when the ice on a frozen or thawed enough pond suddenly Gives Way underfoot and the person is in the water. Someone is not quite finished with slight shock, someone gets pneumonia later. Some pay according to the highest rate when the price of oversight life itself.Early winter. The day was perfect weather for of tracking hare. Shallow fresh snow kept distinct traces of forest, field and meadow dwellers is seen when each claw. Of course, we are not left Alexander Petrovich home. Read more [...]
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Grouse — Bird strong

I read in different hunting manuals that grouse - a bird on a strong shot. But what does this mean in reality, imagined bad.Photo by Sergey Fokin This reckless hunter understands what a magnet — Good traction on hunting. AT this time when hunting is permitted on everything that is not licensed, and in the court of dry, warm weather, no home would not sit.Barely waiting for the weekend, I morning rolled on «Cornfield» at dense forests of Suhanihoy. I went on deserted forest road to lock up the Read more [...]
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Lure cheat

Today, lucky with the weather. Which stifled the evening frost at the end of the night dropped to -14 ° C. Starry sky overcast clouds blew strong south wind. That would be more snow in the morning slipped to the short lines of newly-fallen snow quickly read naryska fox! But I dreaming: the snow in our area, we have not seen for two weeks. I just wanted everything at once ...Just another day declared itself crimson fringe on the horizon, as I have in the fields. I walk carefully planned route, I glance through binoculars and enjoy. I rejoice in the snowy expanses, a chain of fresh Read more [...]
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Swan, the crayfish and pike

21 and 22 July in Moscow passed second All-Russia competition podmanivaniyu ducks and geese with wind decoy. They were held in two different places and under the General sponsorship of different organizations. The competition, organized by the National Foundation of St. Tryphon, the Club of amateurs of hunting with decoy ducks, and an online store, held on Saturday July 21 in the Park of Culture and Rest «Northern Tushino». But on the main stage of the park «Kuzminki» the same competition held by the Club hunters with wind Manco has 22 numbers Read more [...]
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Failed record

One of the few remaining at the end of the winter hunting - a hunting fox. But not easy to take a sensitive and cautious animal, especially the surge. But this extremely fascinating hunting and sporting and under siludaleko not all. The end of January. Came the Epiphany frosts. On hare hunting has already been closed, but foxes on where you can hunt up the end of February, prosperity.In the evening, Friday called Michael.— Well, tomorrow we go?— A Of course! Only chilly.— Never mind! I the day before yesterday with in-law Read more [...]
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Compete rangers and hunters

The last day of February of the year turned out to be a bit rainy, with small patches of large wet flakes of snow, rolling in "rump".In the photo: right, chairman of MG Mozhaiskogo MOOiR Bubbles and game manager Yu Kuznetsov during the judging of the second stage of the competition — skeet. It was the third week of February thaw. Course, which is held annually on hunting biathlon competitions among the primary groups and rangers Mozhaiskogo MOOiR, near the village of Red Mill, which is northeast of Mozhaisk, all covered with large thawed. Therefore, a three-kilometer race Read more [...]
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On the ground, Kaluga

Unnoticed morning comes, but the ducks, we have not seen. Obviously, dnevki as a shelter, they have chosen a more attractive ponds. From under the opposite bank with squeaking breaks oystercatcher Chernyshev pulls across the pond in the direction of Basil. Hoots echoing his shot, and wings folded, snipe disappears in coastal thickets of cattails.Photo by the author Everything was optimistic and rosy, and, at first glance, nothing no signs of trouble.And where it was taken? The summer was normal: the rains periodically moistened the ground, there was no heat wave, so strange it Read more [...]
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Black Woodcock

Most likely, Woodcock started his spring mating flight in good clear weatherPhoto: Alexey Nikiforov Spring hunting valdshnepinoy thrust is the most poetic and romantic. For me it is charging for the whole season.Carefully charged cartridges “Seven” and “eight”. A reliable friend and assistant machine MC 21–12 is always ready to work. The day was good in spring: the bright sun, the heat, the slightest breeze. I sit in the train in camouflage uniforms in wading boots, close the gun and backpack. I catch the curious glances of passengers: “Where Read more [...]
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Happiness legashatnika (part 2)

In the evening we went for the grouse in the far field. It is sad to watch how the land was once beaten off the works of the great people of the forest, has now become useless. The former collective farm field quickly overgrown with weeds, dragged along the edges of the green shoots birch and fir trees rare. It will take a few years, and the forest will regain his own. In these thickets is not surprising it was to lose sight of the dog, which soon happened. I look around, whistling, beckoning setter, but she vanished. Oh, what a pity that I was not accustomed to her beeper! I guess Read more [...]
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