Old Wall

Deconstructing mail this column - and it every month brings more and more readers' letters - you feel among friends, united by a common interest in the native city, its past and present. Nice to meet old friends here - such as K. Denisova or AA Fischeva they went in the footsteps of our photojournalist in the last year, have remained faithful to these campaigns and local history now. But no less joy and deliver answers beginners an introduction to this kind of traveling recently. And what's interesting: our photozagadki captivated not only adults but also children. With an introduction to one Read more [...]
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Reflections on the golden beasts

Few years, these animals do not give me rest. Like put forth a riddle, which I tried, but could not solve. What the ancients knew the Master who created the golden beasts? What is his special knowledge, his special understanding of the world they put in their products? What were you thinking about what they care? The story of us for a long time served so that it seemed that the people who gave thousands of occupied purely worldly interests of housing, food, and so on. P. I remember the words of Academician Okladnikov, who studied the art of the Paleolithic, including rock art: «Just think, Read more [...]
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Spicy flavor of the past

Than the first attention is drawn to the newcomer encyclopedia made efforts Sergei Borisov? Their own, without any drama, giant size. The volume of material collected by the author-compiler, is striking. This powerful two volumes - a monument to Russian provincial cultural thought era abroad 1000 ades. Abundant, without any savings citation. The attention to detail of daily life. Emphatic rejection of red tape and officialdom. Copyright identity, right up to the personal preferences. Two of these volumes as if the reader say: "Take us as we are, and do not like - write better." Better to write, Read more [...]
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Novokreschennykh Nikolai

Novokreschennykh Nikolai (24/11/1842, Yugovskoy zd Perm. Y. Perm. Lip. 03.17.1902, Perm) mining engineer, archaeologist, ethnographer, societies. figure. Rod. family non-shihtmeystera. He graduated from the St. Petersburg. Technological Institute (1863), 1864-1870 worked on ur. z-dah., 1874-1889 ran the s in rows and salt pans book. Abamelek-Lazarus, 1890-1898 headed Perm. Wole Commission, initiated the opening of scientific-industrial. muses., founder and past. Perm. lips. Scientific Archive Commission (1893-1898). 1896-1897 participation. excavations Glyadenovskogo kostischa. The author of Read more [...]
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Instead of an epilogue

The past does not disappear completely, it grows in the present, though not always in itself. Past affects us today, and also through us because of our anti-Devouring time. We create not only factories and buildings, machinery and things we constantly create and ourselves, we continue to improve a person. Getting to know the past, we have somehow come to know ourselves, deepens and aggravates a sense of homeland, we learn more and more to appreciate the creations of the mind and hands of our ancestors, thus fostering respect and to their own acts, to contemporary work. In the past you should be Read more [...]
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In the Voronezh region until floodwaters recede

In the area of ​​the region between Rossoshansky populated villages and ancient Kalitva newcomer Kalitva flooded low water bridge over the river Dark Kalitva created for movement of agricultural machinery. The water level of the bridge is 2.6 meters, over the past day, the water level is not changed. In Sts area flooded low water bridge over the river Hopper between villages and Gubar Makashevka. The water level of the bridge is more than 70 cm, for the past day, the water level is not changed. In Ramon urban area in the village of Stupino flooded low water bridge over the river Voronezh. Read more [...]
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\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\»Sacred\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\» book Mamin-Sibiryak

The idea of the book "From the distant past: memories " came from Dmitry Narkisovich Mamin-Sibiryak in 1891. First he tells his mother Anna Semyonovna: "we will Have to write just in case memories of all simple and good people, among whom my childhood ". In the future, in the past ten years, the stories and essays that have made the book were published in different journals. A separate book they appeared in 1902 in the journal "Children's reading " and "Pedagogical leaf ". If the writer's life "From the distant past " appeared twice, in 1908 and 1911 in the series "Library for families and Read more [...]
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Rescuers were eliminated in the far East 10 wildfires

© Photo: Alexander Rodin Rescuers for the past day eliminated in the far East ten wildfires and continue to struggle even with three pockets, told RIA Novosti on Thursday, the press service of the regional center of EMERCOM of Russia. «For the past day on the territory of the far Eastern Federal district was registered 13 natural fires, ten of them extinguished. On Thursday ongoing liquidation of three fires in the forests of the Jewish Autonomous region», — said the Agency interlocutor. According to him, all the fires are blazing away from populated areas and pose no Read more [...]
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Videos about fishing: Trout and pike in the winter. Part 2

We were back on the ice pond wonderfully club "Golden Carp". In the last transmission we tried to find trout and pike was caught a good trophy. How to pass the current trip notification on video.At this time during the same fishing trout we exchanged protagonist transmission. Now we will look Dimitri Malyshevsky. Well, we bait completely changed. If the last time and were leading zherlitsy balancers, now we are going to experience the Canadian trolling, which proved to be excellent in winter predator fishing. Dmitry knows local relief reservoir, so that the choice of fishing did Read more [...]
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Videos about fishing: Volochok Vishny (Okun)

As in the previous transmission, we again go fishing on the land in the Tver region Vyshnego Volochka. True pond at this time, choose another. We caught a very fine forest lake, which surprisingly did not map marked.To our hero from the last transmission Vadim Avkhimovich joined by his friend, the master of spinning things - Andrew Queens. Find in this time and will hitretskogo egozlivogo perch. It should be remembered that in this particular pond, during a search of perch with spinning, Andrew caught on the spinning lure good carp, 5 pounds.  Read more [...]
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Reincarnation. Flight of the soul in time

< ![endif]-->Is there life after death, and what is it? This question interests of people for generations. At different times and in different ethnic groups were made up of their own religious beliefs about what happens to a person after his soul leaves the corporeal shell. One such belief was reincarnation of a deceased person in a new body. Ancient religions that were founded upon the situation, and now confess to many people, and they are based on reincarnation. Reincarnation - a Latin term that means "re-entry into the flesh and blood." The most common beliefs about the transmigration Read more [...]
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Reincarnation — Reality

Many people often experience feelings of deja vu, recognition of any events or things. Modern medical science treats such conditions as mental disorders. However, by this interpretation, even the very educated people, scholars, human psyche, there are many questions, the answers to which the concept is not. These people share a different perspective. They refer to the wealth of evidence, which states that any deja vu or spontaneous recognition of the events are based on the experience that person has received in past lives. And although this interpretation is not acceptable in the modern scientific Read more [...]
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Moles — Coming from a past life

Each person on the body have specific areas of skin, containing a large amount of pigment. Usually they have a person from birth, so they called them accordingly - moles. People have long begun to pay attention to the location and shape of these structures, a result there was a science that studies the relationship of the nature and destiny of man to the location and form of birthmarks. This science is called moleosofiya.The origin of nevi at different times to different interpretations. For example, in the Middle Ages they were considered "the devil's marks", and therefore accused Read more [...]
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Forget the past

In everyone's life there are moments which he gladly would like to forget: the death of loved ones, separation from loved ones, dismissal from work, humiliation. After all, bad memories keep us moving forward. Naturally, the past can not be forgotten, but you can differently to treat him, and then it will not be so much to pull us back. First let's define exactly what moments and memories prevent you live? If this is an insult, then answer to your question: "What am I offended?". If you are offended by a certain person, what does this hurt you? Perhaps it is time to let Read more [...]
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Family tree

Photographer from the USA Bobby Adams enjoys unusual combination portraits that show the past and future of a single family. As they say — like father like son is very close to falling. Looking at the combined portraits of family members, we can trace the past and future of each of them — as it did in his youth, he expects in his old age …

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Artifacts of the past. Mysteries of History

In Bashkortostan, was found the so-called "Card Creator", in Bulgaria — an alien skull, in the Tula region — stone with strange creatures. That hide the mysterious artifacts from the past?
Category: Mystery stories
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Mars, what it might look like from space in the past

American engineer and programmer Kevin Gill (Kevin Gill) showed images of Mars as it might have looked like from space in the past, if it was life. The results of the simulation are shown in a blog engineer, summarized their comments on Universe Today. In the three-dimensional model Jill Mars topography data obtained probe «Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter» (MRO). The spacecraft, which was released into orbit the red planet in 2006, drew a map of the surface elevation with a resolution of 128 pixels per degree. Jill for making his model of Mars using objective data MRO, with the majority of the Read more [...]
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An image of asteroid flew past Earth

12/12/2012 Thanks to Goldstone Observatory astronomers image of a large asteroid Toutatis (Tautatis) flew past Earth. December 12 asteroid was at the closest distance from Earth. From Earth object separated 7 million km. "Danger to Earth asteroid had no idea, but it was close enough that we can use radar to study it," - says a NASA Lance Benner.Goldstone radar will monitor asteroid to 22 December.Toutatis is well known to astronomers. It flies past Earth once every four years. Length of the object is 4.5 km. This is one of the largest potentially hazardous asteroids (potentially Read more [...]
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The past year was among the ten warmest in history of meteorological observations

The past year was among the ten warmest calendar years in the history of weather observations, ongoing since 1880. This was said in a Tuesday report from the Institute for Space Studies Goddard at the United States National Aeronautics and Space Administration / NASA /. According to experts, the average global temperature last year was 14.6 degrees Celsius, 0.6 degrees above the indicator in the middle of the last century, taken by NASA as the basic starting point. Thus, in 2012 took the ninth place in the ranking of the warmest years on record. First place still holds in 2010, the average temperature Read more [...]
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Ufa flew over meteorite

Meteor flying in the sky over the highway Ufa and Orenburg, the video shot last night near the village Bulgakovo Ufa area. According to the workers of the planetarium was a bright luminous body-car, which entered the atmosphere. By the force of light, he even brighter satellite - the Moon. Witnesses lucky astronomers say, to see such a phenomenon can be quite rare. And if the street was the night, lit a car all around. Meanwhile, the Earth is rushing a second "Tunguska event." In the night from 15 to 16 February, will fly past our planet asteroid the size of half a football Read more [...]
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Site "Survival in the wild nature", glad to see you. If you come to us, it means you want to get complete information about survival in a variety of extreme conditions, in emergency situations. Man, throughout the development, sought to preserve and protect themselves from the various negative factors surrounding it - cold, heat, hunger, dangerous animals and insects.

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