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The pig. What to do?

A contagious disease.


• A high temperature.

• Swelling of the parotid glands.

• Lethargy, lack of appetite.


• isolate the patient for three weeks;

• if you really tormented by the pain, give pain;

• to feed the patient only liquid food, so it was easier to swallow.

After the disease creates a strong immunity: mumps twice don’t get sick.

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Rubella. What to do?

Contagious and airborne. The patient is contagious for 2 weeks after the disease. I had been ill with measles develops a strong immunity. This acute viral infectious disease dangerous because in case it is women in the 1 to 3 month of pregnancy, rubella can become infected and the embryo, which in this case either dies, or is formed with a serious heart defects (microcephaly, deafness, cataracts, heart defects and other). That's why you need to protect pregnant women, not ill earlier rubella, from communicating with patients for a period of not less than three weeks, and in case of illness Read more [...]
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Hypothermia. What to do?

A painful condition of the body, which dramatically lowers the body temperature. Hypothermia is more likely to occur in patients and premature babies. In the elderly — due to poor living conditions, as well as alcoholics and drug addicts. Signs: • Very cool forehead and body, face reddening. • Strong shaking. • Tense muscles. • Straining and incoherent speech. At the final stage: • unconsciousness, • brain damage and death. In young children hypothermia causes: • lethargy, • the refusal to eat, • Read more [...]
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The Story of a Branch

     Half a century ago in the main hospital campus on Tagilstroe opened unique for that time office ENT. What it was that great? First of all, a narrow focus of their activity that is significant in medicine: working in the same industry brings a wealth of clinical experience of physicians to diagnose and treat.     Sadly, today the otolaryngology at Tagilstroe to speak in the past tense and gather with great difficulty, literally bit by bit, the evidence of its once rich history. Even more difficult to talk with former employees. One does not want to reopen Read more [...]
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Paraproctitis — symptoms, treatment

Read more [...]
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Diet for cystitis

Read more [...]
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Myositis: Symptoms and Treatment

Read more [...]
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Medical notes 8. Pneumonia. Completed 11/02/14

Continues the theme of acute respiratory diseases.Suggest an article about pneumonia (inflammation of the lungs).Thus, pneumonia, or more complex formulation, - inflammation of the lower airways. Why two diagnoses? Because it is not always possible to determine the field - is a question of bacterial bronchitis or pneumonia. Easier to talk about "lower airway inflammation", then VNDP.What causes VNDP? In the case of bronchitis, we talked about viral agents usually do not require antibiotic therapy. When overhead or VNDP pathogen most often - a bacterium. But, we must pay tribute, except Read more [...]
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Scholarship Wild Beginning Aid

    Picture: Example by Dan WintersIce-climbing fortuityThe generator, veracious, abaft a falling-ice-block incidental in Rough Deal Interior Ballpark, Colorado Woofer studentsWoofer students valuate injuries in bemock scenarios Eggbeater voidingSometimes the sole alternative: a whirlybird voiding at height Scoop Medication Cinque surprising tips that can keep your liveliness.ACCIDENTS Hap. It’s the nature of nature, since pandemonium is reinforced into the arrangement. The magic is wise the rectify affair to do when the damage matter occurs. Which, for too many eld, I didn’t. More Read more [...]
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In China, the man took the tumor during pregnancy

My stomach has grown male giant 20-pound tumor, which he took quite seriously during pregnancy.On dnyah48 years Kidzhon Wang contacted the clinic Urban District Changsha, Hunan Province.The patient told the doctors that the last year of his stomach dramatically increased in size and looked like a pregnant woman's belly. Man seriously afraid that he somehow managed to conceive.However Kidzhon pleased to learn that the child he took kidney tumor weighing about 20 kg, his belly swollen to enormous size.The tumor weighed about 20 kg (photo patient immediately agreed Read more [...]
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Life in the city increases the risk of schizophrenia

12/15/2012 Scientists believe that high levels of schizophrenia in urban areas due to the fact that people are more likely to suffer from unequal living conditions. The study was conducted at Cambridge University with the participation of 427 people diagnosed with schizophrenia at the age of 18-64 years old from East London.The researchers assessed the social environment of each patient. They identified three factors that determine the risk of developing schizophrenia: poverty (unemployment, low income, poor education, and criminal history), the high density of population in the community Read more [...]
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Control the robotic prosthesis with a thought: take a new height

The woman, in which the brain electrodes implanted twice, than participants in previous experiments, was able to move the artificial arm with unparalleled skill.Completely paralyzed from the neck down she regained the ability to interact with the world thanks to the most advanced interface "brain - the computer."In February, the patient's motor cortex were implanted two chips dimensions of 4 × 4 mm to 96 electrodes each. They are going through the skull leads to a computer that translates thoughts into signals for the robotic arm.Participant in the previous experiment Katie Read more [...]
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Where does the power of the human mind?

Indeed some aspects of the human mind are of interest in science, and sometimes surprising. Unexplained cases of disturbing scientific consciousness everywhere, beating out the usual logic of the study. But, of course, the science gets to his feet and tries to explain every possible scientific and practical ways various miracles, and again tying the inexhaustible truth to the realm of reason, logic and criticism. All transcendental, ie beyond, seen everywhere in the world. One of the obvious and typical, in my opinion, the examples of the other world is the uncontrolled irrational mind. American Read more [...]
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Turkey has caught the vampire assailant at passers

In Turkey, this caught the vampire who attacked passersby, biting and scratching them. Doctors said 23-year-old man committed these acts to quench his thirst.The 23-year-old married a Turk who lived through tragic events in a short period of time, they developed mental disorders: a man began to suffer from bipolar disorder and has an affinity for human blood. At first, the Turks tried to quench their thirst, without violence - cut chest, arms and belly blade, deriving biological fluid collected in a cup and drink. But over time, exhausted "donor" began to look for other ways of making.Assistant Read more [...]
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Coma change a person?

For a long time, doctors were confident that in the phase of brain comatose patient is asleep, and he was not able to understand what's going on. Remember, there's a story by Ray Bradbury, "Dolly", the hero of which, after the coma gains the ability to fly? Of course, this fantasy fiction, but the idea is not too far from the truth. After coma - one of the most mysterious human conditions.The inner life Coma has traditionally been something intermediate between life and death: the patient's brain does not respond to external stimuli, the mind dies, leaving only a simple Read more [...]
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Alien intervention — Implants

Of alien implants talked a long time. It is believed that this is a tiny, apparently, control devices, which are introduced into the body, most commonly through the nasal cavity or through other inconspicuous holes on the body of the victim. It happens that suddenly X-ray reveals a man, he said, who visited in the hands of aliens, foreign body - implant. Sometimes doctors and managed to remove the implants.One such story began in 1995, when hypnologist Darrel Sims surgeons showed an X-ray of human legs, once taken aboard a UFO. At first glance, it seemed that the leg was a surgical operation, Read more [...]
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Transport in the valley

The patient, who was taken to the valley, can be attached to the same litter between two horses. Horses put a train at a distance greater than the length of the stretcher or six at 50-80 cm on each side. Stretcher tied rope running from each side of the seat or stretcher chrezsedelniku. Level tethers should be consistent. Walking side by comrades hold the stretcher lateral rolling. When transporting a patient by a car severely damaged skull or spine, a car loaded with sand to half its lifting capabilities. Load increases slightly above the rear wheels. The patient is placed across the Read more [...]
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A concussion can occur as a result of head injury from impact with a heavy object. In this case, there are dizziness, headache, nausea or vomiting, tinnitus, a person loses consciousness. Sometimes such events do not occur immediately after the injury, and after a while. Therefore, even in minor head injury should be taken very seriously. In all cases of head injury victim needs rest. The patient's head must be lifted, apply a cold compress. If a head injury was not accompanied by loss of consciousness, pain, and other phenomena are not amplified, bed rest lasts 4-6 days. You can Read more [...]
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Enemy number four: drug-poisons, tobacco and alcohol

"Yes, our enemy number four - this is the usual" harmless "drug, to which we are accustomed, and so widespread excesses as tobacco and alcohol, and for so many people - dining table salt. As for alcohol, the harm it causes, so much has been written that there is no need to supplement. With respect to tobacco, then tell me about it enough, and I want to add just one common experience: no patient can not hope for a significant improvement in their health as a result of the natural methods of treatment therapy, until he decided once and for all, without any compromises , quit smoke. Read more [...]
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The family doctor

Well, or family doctor. Or medical consultant. The name does not matter. In general, well-versed in matters of medicine man who agrees to defend your interests before you turned away from the face of the national health care. Well, something like a lawyer, but from medicine. Existed in Russia before the family institution was doktorstva exterminate the seventeenth year with the privileged classes it serves. Doctors, I went into the house, replaced the state-owned district physician. Patients who were not treated, and the "service sector". The new system of health care was settled Read more [...]
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