Author: Alex Anushkin aka Relic (Narva, Estonia)Published with permission of the author.   SOG PENTAGON appeared in my one and a half months ago. Honestly, he was the subject of my longtime dream, which I have long been salivating blew. But our "advanced" Estonian legislation that permitted to import for sale, such as the Household Economy, "crowbar", as SOG TIGERSHARK, suddenly decided that all knives longer than 8.5 cm, are knives. Law-abiding shop owners preferred not to stand on the slippery path, refusing to bring me SOG PENTAGON to order. Honestly, I have lowered Read more [...]
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Craziest projects Pentagon

The Ministry of Defense in the late 1950s in response to the creation of the Soviet Union first space satellite appeared DARPA projects (DARPA). Over the years, the agency entrusted to design for the needs of the Pentagon's most risky, unconventional, and at times fantastic projects - from flying saucers, "robot-eating" and "zombie soldiers" to insect cyborgs and even immortal organisms. In January, DARPA announced a program to develop autonomous deep storage to replenish Navy ships with the necessary resources and spare parts. Deep-water storage So far, the program UFP Read more [...]
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Pentagon: robots will be able to kill people

The U.S. Army, which is armed with the most advanced fast military robots, said that every time the robot will kill people, the decision to open fire will be taken by another person.According to the Pentagon's plan to send Americans into battle fully automatic military machine, which would independently decide: whether to live or die, or a particular person. Numerous organizations for the protection of human rights and citizens fear that advances in robotics will lead to the fact that instead of a machine will be the main instrument of war. This will facilitate easy initiating the conflict Read more [...]
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U.S. Department of Defense report: Without the help of the NATO Afghan army will not be able to resist the Taliban

The Pentagon was disappointed in the Afghan army, without the United States, it will not be able to resist the Taliban. U.S. Department of Defense has submitted a report in which the state of the Afghan army is estimated extremely pessimistic. So, Pentagon experts concluded that of the 23 teams that are available today in the armed forces of Afghanistan, only one is able to conduct operations independently - without air, rear, intelligence and other support from the NATO forces. These conclusions confirm the fears that after the withdrawal of U.S. troops in 2014, the Afghan army will be hard Read more [...]
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Kiberprogrammy Pentagon will cost U.S. $ 120 billion

According to experts, despite the increase in the budget deficit, spending USA on kiberprogrammy Pentagon will increase. In particular, it is predicted that in the near future funding developments in the field of cyber security and kibervooruzheniya be allocated tens of millions of dollars in additional funds.The experts argue that the increase in funding will be made either through downsizing departments and spending for social security of employees, or by cutting funding for other programs. In particular, the modernization programs and disposal of obsolete aircraft. In the first case, according Read more [...]
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The Pentagon presented a plan for the use of chemical weapons in Syria

10/12/2012 The Pentagon has already placed near the Syrian coast naval grouping of two dozen warships and ready to act. "The Pentagon is developing plans for a possible intervention in Syria, focusing on prevention of the use of chemical weapons, and getting it into the wrong hands. U.S. military for months working on a plan of action in emergencies, as they have to be prepared for any eventuality," - Paolo writes Mastrolilli newspaper La Stampa. "According to the Pentagon, in the area and were previously required resources for a possible attack, including the NATO base in Turkey Read more [...]
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Net calls

But before we get used to the term geopolitics, as in the community of experts rushed a new concept - network war. The first thing that draws the imagination - has already become a caricature of leaning over a computer hacker to "break" the bank account or send viruses. In fact, everything seems much more serious after he learned that the network war - a new kind of warfare, adopting the Pentagon. And the Pentagon, as is known from the recent history of Afghanistan and Iraq - was not joking. Already since 2001 theme of "network war" in one form or another began to be discussed Read more [...]
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The second oldest profession

In his book The Socialist States of America, I quoted a former editor of the New York Times, John Swinton (John Swinton). The reader forgive me for repeating, but they deserve to play them here again. In 1953, Swinton at the prestigious New York Press Club was asked to give a toast for the independent press. Know present the content of his "toast" in advance, would be unlikely to insist on their request. And Swinton said the following: To date, the history of the world is no such thing as a "free press" in America does not exist. You know it and I know it. Among us Read more [...]
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Black Boxes

On board every passenger aircraft is equipped with two "black box" or flight recorders. First - this is the registrar or recorder, flight data. He constantly writes dozens of flight parameters, such as time, altitude, heading, speed, roll, autopilot status, remaining fuel, position control liner reading various sensors on board and other useful information. Primary raw data from DVR is a digital stream of ones and zeros, that is, the values in the binary code, which makes decoding table in hundreds of thousands of cells with values flight characteristics for each time period - usually Read more [...]
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After that … disappeared …

In magic, I do not believe. There are physical laws, among them - the law of conservation of matter. Stotonny airliner, according to this same law, does not turn into nothing and disappear into nowhere. Unless, of course, Osama cunning in their caves have invented ways to teleport objects into another dimension. But in this hard to believe even less than in the molten glass, and therefore have to look for something a little more plausible. Fig. 45. Sandia laboratory experiment In 1988, Sandia National Laboratory conducted an experiment on frontal impact military plane F-4D Phantom Read more [...]
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Do not believe your eyes

Often in a coherent theory is something, it saps. In this case the evidence of witnesses, most of whom claim to have seen was a passenger liner. And more specifically, what the Pentagon was approaching a large aircraft, like the Boeing 757, with identification marks American Airlines, which was followed by an explosion and a fire, and the ship almost completely disappeared. Because I really do not want to be like the compilers of the official records, which simply ignore and discredit any non-relevant facts to their theories, I have to take into consideration evidence. Even despite the fact Read more [...]
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Evaporated Boeing

For greater clarity, the Washington scene performance, I allow myself a little out of chronological order of events and start from the end - with the destruction of the Pentagon, and then we will look at curiosities flight AA77. For this, I beg your pardon, but I assure you that this is a good thing. The official report of the commission on terrorist attacks Keane us broadcast the following: At 9:37:46 Flight 77 American Airlines Flight crashed into the Pentagon at a speed of about 850 kilometers per hour. Read more [...]
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Mast in Phuket

The idea struck me the most is so crazy, that I myself would prefer to give it up quickly. However, I still told her colleagues on the agency "soffit". The total verdict was of Sophie I probably overtired and alarmed at this story with the police, so I start to rave reality. Several distressed so unflattering assessment of my intellectual work, I sat down to disassemble email. Of junk and spam, and got a good thing: a letter from a friend of a meteorologist with whom I consulted yesterday. To pass the time, I began to look at pictures, not bad, by the way, shot. They depicted the Read more [...]
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Vaporized liner

For a start let us return to the official version. In accordance with it in 9 hours 38 minutes hijacked by terrorists "Boeing" crashed into the Pentagon. It is not only the "heart" of the U.S. armed forces, but also the world's largest administrative building, which employs neither more nor less than twenty-five thousand people. The name was given to him because of its unique design, five placed inside each other concentric rings, each of the five faces. The Pentagon is a huge area, but quite low: only twenty-four meters. But the plane, hijacked by terrorists, strikes Read more [...]
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Network war the Pentagon, Russia and the rest of the world

U.S. Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld announced that for America, there are two important tasks. We must win the war on terror by eliminating terrorist networks and start preparing for a very different war, strikingly different not only from the wars of the XX century, but also from the new war on terrorism, which the U.S. is now. The strategy presented at the same time the U.S. Congress Rumsfeld, contained four key points. In his opinion, it is necessary: - To reassure allies in the inviolability of its goals, the ability to fulfill the obligations in the field of security; - To dissuade Read more [...]
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