Competitions decoy

Photo Peter Zverev February 19 at the Exhibition Centre during the exhibition «Hunting and fishing in Russia» The first competition was held to simulate the voices decoy decoy decoy with wind.In the first round projections 6 participants, and immediately distinguish two clear leaders with a difference of only 1 point. In the second round of the competition was also extremely high: one party was ahead another 1 point, the next two have the same number of points.After the meeting, the final judging panel included three people who received the highest number of points. Read more [...]
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EKATERINBURG STATE ACADEMIC OPERA AND BALLET created in 1912 as a new mountain. theater, from 1919 ECAT. (Sverdl.) State. Theater op. and Ballet im.AVLunacharskogo. Theatre opened op. Glinka's A Life for the Tsar (02.09 (12.10) .1912). First Chapter. conductor S.Barbini. Staging Magic Flute R.Drigo (1914) early. chronicle of ballet. The repertoire of different years masterpieces of the world. Op. and classical ballet and Manuf. sov.kompozitorov (156 op. Ballet and 74): Tchaikovsky, Mussorgsky, Wagner, Verdi, Puccini, Sergei Prokofiev, Shostakovich, I.Dzerzhinskogo, T. Khrennikov, R. Gliere, B. Read more [...]
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selection snyaryazheniya

To accomplish this, the group needed material hardware. All MTS can be divided into two types of equipment:Individual equipment - set of objects provide application portability and weapons and equipment necessary to the soldier to perform its tasks and protection from adverse environmental factorsCollective equipment - set of objects needed group (squad) for the tasksIndividual equipment is divided into military vehicles (BS) andlivelihoods (LSS)Coolant - it's life support (choice of coolant based on natural features and klimmaticheskih special conditions in the area of ​​the task)LIST Read more [...]
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Summer Holidays

TCU finished the regular pupils Podolsky Center patriotic education. This year they were held in the north of Karelia, on the Arctic Circle. Unlike camping, TAS mean not only leisure and admiration of nature, but also a number of tasks within the overall design of the exercise.A group of 12 people (4 "troika") to perform the task of exploration areas and training focal points for small units. Had to act under rugged woodland, rich natural obstacles.Settlements in the area do not, ie, group functioned autonomously. During the exploration of the sea coast practiced tasks selection of convenient Read more [...]
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Performance Timber Storm

International mag, December 1995Performance Woods RampBy Todd Balf and Paul KvintaWith bar-code scanners blatant, biologist Dan Janzen and a banding of roughly 200 taxonomists volition spread crosswise Rib Rica's 463-square-mile Guanacaste Preservation Expanse adjacent month to behaviour what may be the almost challenging wildlife sketch always conceived: They trust to obtain, reckon, and separate every species of implant, carnal, virus, and any over-the-counter Read more [...]
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Medical control

the health and fitness of tourists, carried out in the period predpohodny (doctor) and in the field (one of the participants of the tour).                   Mk. in a campaign can reveal early signs of fatigue, thus preventing the associated nezhelat. consequences (missteps, injuries, accidents, etc.). 8 march max. burden falls on the cardiovascular and muscular systems of the cardio-vascular system is determined by the heart rate, and muscle - in power brush, measured dynamometer. Measurements are carried out in the morning and evening, observing the same conditions, because Read more [...]
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Physiology of labor

Physiology of labor - the physiology, studying the processes occurring in the human body at work and during leisure. Physiology of labor aims to find ways to improve performance for a long time and prevent fatigue (see). Under operability refers to the number and quality of the work performed by that person. There are the following stage performance. Predrabochee condition occurs before the labor process under the influence of conditioned stimuli that accompany the job. Vrabatyvaniya. During this period the increase in performance until a certain stable level at which it is stored in the following Read more [...]
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Chronic infections in athletes-2

NV Elshteyn based on the data of the Estonian National medical and sports clinic, said that of 815 cases of appeal to the therapist in 32.4% of cases the cause of the pathological changes of internal organs were foci of chronic infection, and in 16.2% of them were located in the upper respiratory tract, and 8% in the region of the gallbladder, an 8% - in the upper respiratory tract. Add to this the foci of chronic infection in other organs, the figure will rise to 38.5%. According to our records, athletes with chronic tonsillitis, is 17.1%. Interestingly, in sports this is significantly more Read more [...]
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The socio-economic basis-2

The natural tendency of economists to improve the regulation of labor, accelerate the adoption of technically sound output norms and regulations is regarded as gerogigienoy and the need to develop scientific bases of the physiological basis for rates. The fact that the technical labor standards must meet not only the technology and economics, but also the physiology of labor. Without psychophysiological study of labor standards can not provide one of the main principles of valuation under socialism - the optimal quantitative relationships between different types of labor and physiologically reasonable Read more [...]
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The socio-economic basis

The technological revolution under socialism promotes all-round ensure consistency between the advanced economies and human needs at work, comprehensive and continuous development of his abilities, to create the conditions under which health is saved, it becomes easier and interesting work. Socio-demographic and physiological-hygienic analysis of the age boundaries of professional performance has shown that at the present time, these requirements are not fully implemented. Without touching all causes of socio-economic and technical nature, which at this stage of socialist construction, do not Read more [...]
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Social and hygienic parameters age health

Social and labor hygiene issues and relationships of persons in the process of increasingly studied to characterize performance for different types of work. However, when describing the health and industrial significance of individuals do not pay attention to the age and individual, and it is not taken into account in the organization of production teams. As stated previously, in parallel with age reduce individual psychophysiological characteristics due to the accumulation of life and professional experience developing and improving other factors caused a permanent training and related to a Read more [...]
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The role of physical activity in maintaining health of older working-age

The development of science and technology every year and often reduces the physical human locomotor activity at work and at home. As a result, the total human muscle activity is reduced. Meanwhile, the musculoskeletal system, internal organs and the nervous control of physical and mental activity can fully develop only if sufficient muscle activity. Muscle activity also increases the body's resistance to adverse factors. This increases the immunobiological properties, resistance to infection, resulting in reduced morbidity. Constant activity Skeletal muscle is a stimulus for job opportunities. The Read more [...]
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Psychophysiological aspects of health-9

It is believed that if a person is able to concentrate, attention at one site and not be distracted, then productivity will be higher. Thus, a sufficient degree of stability of attention is a good thing for the human performance. However, in certain types of work fast switchable attention is a necessary quality, and high performance (in particular, in the management of labor, in the various control panels). Attention is human variations, depending both on the physiological characteristics of the organism and the nature of the incoming stimuli. As a criterion, reflecting the different characteristics Read more [...]
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Psychophysiological aspects of health-3

In healthy individuals engaged primarily in mental labor, age-related changes occur imbalance and mobility of the basic nervous processes deteriorating motor skills, visual-motor slowing reaction decreases the ability of the concentration and mobility of attention, there are memory impairment, decreased speed of information processing in the visual channel, reducing electroexitability and lability of the visual analyzer. Individuals perform physical labor workload provided mainly stress the cardiovascular system. The workers with many years of acute sensitivity to extraneous stimuli interferes Read more [...]
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Psychophysiological aspects of performance-13

In the older age group to change the blood supply and innervation of the muscular system, electrically excitable muscle decreases, the nature of their bioelectrical activity. According Muravova IV (1969), when comparing the mean values of total bioelectrical activity with the amount of work done at the dosage studied muscular load, reveals a pronounced reduction of this magnitude in the unit does work. Therefore, improves with age "use" muscles nervous tension. Between the growth of the work performed and the amount of spending the bioelectric activity there is an inverse correlation Read more [...]
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Psychophysiological aspects of health

The need to develop the physiological bases of health is obvious. As early as 1922, Lenin, critically examining the positive and negative aspects of the theory of Taylor, wrote about the need to disclose "... basic scientific data on the physiological income and expenditure in the human machine" 1. This research was the basis of objective research of many generations of Soviet and foreign scientists. For the physiological characteristics of professional performance for functional activity of various organs and systems. Usually studies are the most characteristic features, with which Read more [...]
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Indicators of professional age groups-4

Pages: 1 2 3 4 5 To a great extent affect the requirements of the profession aged statisticians, accountant, and especially those providing mechanized accounting (for women Mx = 26.8 years, x2 = 45.8 years), that is employed in a given work rate and volume with a predominance of the mechanical components and monotonous action. Obviously, due to the systematic and uniform preparation of statistics for machine strong enough factors working age restrictions. Of particular interest is the fact that despite the significant aging of the other professional planning and consideration of the age structure Read more [...]
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Indicators of age-2 professional groups

Pages: 1 2 3 4 5 Group III to the composition of occupations in the male population is more than 60, and in the women - more than 40 types of training in planning, control, accounting, certain groups of managers and professionals, and the sphere of physical labor - mostly municipal economic activities, agriculture and some occupations non-mechanized individual labor. Thus, the types of mental work, by citizens of older workers and retirement ages, includes the activities of the leaders of the All-Union, republican, territorial, regional, county government, head of the planning, financial reporting Read more [...]
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Features work and complex characteristics of persons of pre-retirement health and penny-5

Improvement, mechanization and automation of production processes may reduce the physical costs, increase productivity, and its intensity. However, over the age of 40 years of hard work performance difficult. Thus, with age comes a mismatch between the effort of hard work and reduces the functional capacity of the body. In this case, work performed at gradually increase fatigue. Unconditional decrease with age functionality of an organism is not synonymous with the loss of professional performance, as required volume and quality of work can be done while ensuring the older person to certain Read more [...]
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Features work and complex characteristics of persons of pre-retirement health and penny-4

Professional efficiency by its very nature is a multidimensional object, and any of its generalization evaluation is obviously distorted and incomplete, because it uses only a small portion of the information, which is reflected in a comprehensive description of the object. Integral evaluation is a numerical measure on the multidimensional space of attributes that characterize the studied object or phenomenon. Approach to measuring health professional can use the basic principles of information theory, which allows us to study not specific, and only the information content of a message that Read more [...]
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Site "Survival in the wild nature", glad to see you. If you come to us, it means you want to get complete information about survival in a variety of extreme conditions, in emergency situations. Man, throughout the development, sought to preserve and protect themselves from the various negative factors surrounding it - cold, heat, hunger, dangerous animals and insects.

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