Church of the Ascension. In Castle

Metal commemorative plaque, planted in honor of the start of construction reports we follow, "This stone trёhprestolny Orthodox church in the name of the Assumption and Saint Prophet Elijah and Svyaschennomuchennika Harlampy founded in the year of Christ 1848 June 22, a day safely reign of Emperor Nicholas Pavlovich All RF 18 Archbishop year Arkady Perm and Verkhotursk "The temple was designed as a three-altar. The first was built Il'inskii limit. Next - Ascension and Harlampios limits.July 1, 1855 the church was consecrated Archbishop of Perm and Verkhotursk Neophyte. On the long years the Read more [...]
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Church architecture

Church architecture originated at Christianization W. Upper Kama region in the XV century. A long time were constructed almost exclusively wooden temples, the predominant type of k-ryh was Kletskii (church with. Yanidor Cherdynskii District, 1707). Unique wooden church with. Pyanteg the same district (XVII century.) Chopped by six and similar in appearance to the towers. The first stone temples uniquely combine composite drawing of moscow. and Yaroslavl architecture Ser. XVII. with details inspired by local wooden houses (Trinity Cathedral in Solikamsk, 1684-1697); characterized by the rich decoration Read more [...]
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Hohlovka Architectural and Ethnographic Museum, founded. in 1971 in the village. Hohlovka Perm. region. In 1980 received the status of a branch of State. region. Local History. muses. On ter. muses. pl. 42 hectares are 13 memory. Wooden Architecture end of the XVII beg. XX century, incl. memory. Rep. values. Among them watchtower (early. Twentieth century., P. Targovishte), 200-year-old belfry (with. Cheese) Bogoroditskaya Church (1694, p. Tohtarevo), Church of the Transfiguration (the beginning. XVIII century., P. Yanidor Cherdynskii district), and sat down. fire station (beginning. XX century. Read more [...]
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Folkloristics URAL

Folkloristics URAL the science of folklore, covers the range of problems of identifying, collecting and systematizing the repertoire to Inst. groups, genres and Dep. Manuf. oral cum. creativity. First Sb. ur. folklore collection of proverbs, compiled in the 1720s VNTatishchev. Outstanding memory. nat. cum. poetry became Ancient Russian poem Kirsa Danilova. Initiators, and sometimes artists conceived Inst. at this stage were the capital of science and culture, to-rye awakened interest in folk.-collecting activities of the Urals. Since 1860 activated folk. ethnographic activities lips. gas. and Read more [...]
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PHYSICAL EDUCATION h. culture of the islands, the set of results in the improvement of the physical person. achieved through the strategic use of special tools, methods and conditions. Types FK .: base (physical education), sports, prof.-applied, recreational and rehabilitation, sanitary, recreational and recreational. It has long been elements of FK were an integral h. cum. fun and games. In the second floor. XIX century. W. early. formation of structures FK in Europe. sample. There were the first amateur sport on the islands of horse racing and cycling (1866, ECAT.). In 1896 the latter was awarded Read more [...]
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Porcelain and earthenware in the Urals

Porcelain and earthenware in the Urals First U. Mfr. faience was organized in Nizhny Tagil in 1810 on the orders of N.Demidova. The rapid development of porcelain and faience industry in Russia dates back to the second quart. XIX century. At this time, W. beg. private act f-ing F.Fetisova (1821) Shadrinsk, S.Afonina subsequently Shurova (1839), brothers Chekanova (1846) in ECAT., G.Ushkova (1848) in Kamensky s de, Kolpakov in Perm, T .Nechaeva (later E.Tupitsyna and S.Grigoreva) in s.Sretenskom (1850). Porcelain Manuf. W. was discontinued in the second half. XIX century. Because not compete with Read more [...]
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Factory Industry

Factory Industry in Dosov. time incl. negornozavodskie (processing) industry prom., is run by factory-s-dskoy inspection. The emergence and development of AF-ZP W. was prepared width. the proliferation of small-scale fisheries and crafts. Settlement and development of the edge in the second half. XVI-XVII century. accompanied by the influx of craft us., to-Roe brought with them from u. districts of the country's traditional crafts, tools and techniques of craft work skills. Already in the XVII century. in ur. , there were more than 70, and in the villages. areas up to 40 craft specialties; was Read more [...]
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Ural-LVIV Volunteer Tank Corps

Ural-LVIV Volunteer Tank Corps formed in February. April. 1943 as the 30th Level. Volunteer Tank Corps and is included in the 4th (from March 1945 4th Guards) Tank arm. Housing was created on the initiative of the workers Sverdl., Chelyaba. and Molotov (now Perm.) region., was staffed by volunteers and is equipped with military equipment made by voluntary contributions. Initially, the body was selected 9 th. Pers. of 115 thousand. applicants. In the short term have been collected and the necessary means for arming the body. So, just South Urals made 56.4 million rubles. Baptism of fire Corps took Read more [...]
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URAL Stonecutter

URAL Stonecutter comb t arising in 30th in Orda district of Ur. region. on the basis of the Gorno-Irenskogo lapidary t Islands, created in 1928 in 1936 in Kungur was open stone-cutting school (now thin. uch-School) in training lapidary fishing. MY company. vases, lamps, buckets, ashtrays and others. products of selenite, soapstone, serpentine. In the postwar period, is being developed under the guidance of animal genre. leading master lapidary Art Society A.M.Ovchinnikova. Much attention is paid to the nature of the images D and its folklore. Combe-t produces products such as Fox, Cuckoo, Trot, Read more [...]
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Ural region

Ural region formed Nov 3. 1923 It is composed of ECAT., Perm., Tyumen and Chelyaba. lips. On ter. region. was established on 15 env. and 205 districts. In 1925 from the region. highlighted the Komi-Perm. nat. env. UO conditionally divided into four zones: the Urals (the Komi-Perm., Kungurskiy, Perm., Sarapulsky env.) Gornozavodsk W. (Upper Kama, Zlatoust, Sverdlov. Taghilsky env.) Zauralie (Irbitsky, Ishim, Kurgan, Trinity Tyumen, Chelyaba. Lufia and env.) and S. Tobolsk (Tobolsk env.). Pl. UO amounted to 1,757.3 thousand. sq. km. Ts ECAT. After civil. War economy W. was in a state of crisis. In Read more [...]
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URALALMAZ diamond mining company in Krasnovishersky district of Perm. region. Created in 1946 in the village. Kusye Chusovskoy-Alexander (now Gornozavodsky) district Perm.obl. based on DOS. in the late 1930s Teplogorsk diamond mine Uralzoloto trust. Moved by Visscher in 1962. The first diamond was found in the extraction of gold prospectors mine Holy Cross (now the village.) Fishing on the river. Koivu, a tributary Chusovoi in Perm. lips. Subsequently, the diamonds were found repeatedly in this district not passing with gold mining. In the late 30's formed Teplogorsk diamond expedition, which Read more [...]
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Uinskoe with., p-tion n. in Perm. region. Located at the confluence of r.Bolshoy Uy in r.Aspu 185 km from Perm. In 1749 Kungurian merchant Timothy Shavkunova on land leased from the Tartars, was DOS. Uinskoe Copper zd around-cerned originated us. point. In 1862, with the development of copper sandstones zd was stopped, and the people with. became engaged in DOS. c / x Mfr. W. u. collective farm named after Lenin. S. has the local history of the Muses., Song and Dance Ensemble. W. homeland math, Acad. Belarusian Acad. E.A.Barbashina Sciences (1918-1969). 4 km from the W., on the avenue. Shore Read more [...]
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TURCHEVICH Alexander Bonaventurovich

TURCHEVICH Alexander Bonaventurovich (1855, Kiev 1909, Perm), architect. He studied at the Mosk. Stroganov uch-School of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture, but the course is not completed. In 1885 he passed the exam for the right Mfr. pg. works. In 1886, the first opened in Perm W. private project estimate bureau. On draft T. W. built St. 150 buildings. Max. Math. of which: residential buildings N.V.Meshkova, S.M.Gribushina, E.I.Lyubimovoy, O.P.Turchevich buildings Exchequer and diocesan uch-conductive, the Church of St.. Magdalene, an apartment house on the Siberian street. Perm, a church Read more [...]
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Turkina Mikhail Pavlovich

Turkina Mikhail Pavlovich (06 (18) .11. 1887 Motovilikhinsky zd Perm. Lip. 10.11.1947, Perm), part. Owls. activist and journalist. Of the slave. He graduated from the s-uch-School dskoy. Pers. (1903). Since 1902 participated in the roar. work on the D & in Petrograd. Repeatedly arrested, exiled in Siberia. Since 1910 was in exile. After the February. roar. arrived in Petrograd. The delegate of the 2nd All-Russia. Congress of Soviets, a participant in October. roar. After October. armament. recovery. back to Perm. One of his hands. Motovilikhinsky Council secretary. its executive committee, and Read more [...]
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Turan Ivan

Turan Ivan (01 (13) .01.1891, Perm 1981, ibid), teacher and painter. Graduated from Penza thin. School (1918 kl. I.S.Goryushkina-Sorokopudova). Since 1918 he worked as a teacher in schools in Perm, engaged in painting. In 1921 he opened a private studio izoisk Island one of the first on the W., lasted until 1932, he taught at pedtehnikume 1931-41, 1942-58 pedagogical in-ones. Author of more than 100 Mfr. painting and drawing. Outcast. exhibitions Polar Bear (Penza, 1916), the Society of Lovers of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture (Perm, 1918). Works are in PGHG. Lit .: Kazarinova NV Artists Read more [...]
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Trapeznikov Vladimir

Trapeznikov Vladimir (10 (22) .07.1874, Perm -26.12.1937), lawyer, local historian, societies. figure. He graduated in 1897 Law Faculty of Kazan University and was appointed assistant. barrister in Perm. One of the org-tori Social-Democrats. group freed slave. Cl. (Perm). Collaborated in the gas. Perm. edge. In 1902 he was arrested and exiled to Arkhangelsk Province. In 1905 participated in the armed recovery. in Motovilikha. Since 1906 he worked as a lawyer in Vologda was a member of. Vologda about North Island study. edge. Advances in pers. Constituent coll. Unity of Marxist group. From 1918 Read more [...]
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Tolmachev, Nikolai Gurevich

Tolmachev, Nikolai Gurevich (31.10 (12.11) .1895, ECAT. 26.05. 1919 der. Red Mountain near the station. Transfiguration Petrograd Province.), Sov. desks. and state. figure. Of family official. Graduated from Rostov-na-Donu real School (1914), studied in the Petrograd Polytechnic. in-ones. Pers. RSDLP (1913). Since 1916, pers. Petrograd desks. com-ta. Summer of 1916 led to illegal work Avg. William participated in the February. roar., in the 7 th (April). Vseros. Confer. RSDLP (b). Since the summer of 1917 he worked in the city of Perm. Participated in the Democratic Conference in Petrograd. Returned Read more [...]
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Tiuna Vasily Filipovic

Tiuna Vasily Filipovic (20.12.1900 (02.01.1901) der. Saltykovo, Okhansky y. Perm. Lip. 04.01.1998, Perm), economist, desks and owls. figure, prof. (1959). Rod. family cross. Graduated Sivinsky school teacher. 1916-18 teacher; 1918-19 pers. and the deputy. prev. Ust-Bubinskogo volrevkoma; 1919-23 political commissar Cr. Ap. He graduated from the Perm. University (1927). 1927-51 on the owls. and desks. work. 1951-61 Rector of Perm. Univ. 1958-62 Dep. Armed Forces of the USSR. Hon. Scientist of the RSFSR (1971). Author 147 scientific. works, including 19 monographs. Load. hordes. Tr. Cr. Sign. (1944, Read more [...]
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Teploukhov Fyodor

Teploukhov Fyodor (2/8/1845, of St. Petersburg. 12 04.1905, p. Ilinskoe Solikamsky y. Perm. Lip.), In Russian. arborist, botanist, archaeologist and ethnographer William Rhode. the son of a St. Petersburg Forestry. school / s and Mining Sciences A.E.Teplouhova. He graduated from the Perm. Gymnasium (1863), Tarandskuyu forest Acad. in Germany (1868), Peter the agricultural and forestry Acad. (1872) with a degree candidate. Forestry. Since 1872 ind. Chap. forester, in 1875-1905, Ch. forester Perm. undivided estate Stroganoff DOS. school of forestry in the estate. One of the first org-tori Perm. Read more [...]
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Teploukhov Alexander E.

Teploukhov Alexander E. (12.8.1811, p. Karagaj Solikamsky y. Perm. Lip. 18.04. 1885 s.Ilinskoe Solikamsky y. Perm. Lip.), In Russian. forester, an archaeologist. Rod. family serf paramedic Countess S.V.Stroganovoy. Graduated from two-year Ilinskoe School (1824), St. Petersburg. Stroganov school with / x and Mining Sciences (1830); served in St. Petersburg. office Stroganoff; trained in Tarandskoy Forest Acad. in Germany (1833-1838). Received his freedom (1839) and taught at the St. Petersburg Forestry. school with / x and Mining Sciences (1839-1847). Since 1847, Ch. forester, from 1864 to 1875 Read more [...]
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Site "Survival in the wild nature", glad to see you. If you come to us, it means you want to get complete information about survival in a variety of extreme conditions, in emergency situations. Man, throughout the development, sought to preserve and protect themselves from the various negative factors surrounding it - cold, heat, hunger, dangerous animals and insects.

Site structure "Survival in the wild nature" is simple and logical, selecting a specific section, you will find information. You will find on our website recommendations and practical advice on survival, unique descriptions and pictures of animals and plants, turn-based scheme to trap wild animals, tests and reviews of travel gear, rare books on survival and wildlife. The site also has a large section devoted to video on survival survivalist-known professionals around the world.

The main theme of the site, "Survival in the wild nature" - is to be ready to be in the wild, and the ability to survive in extreme conditions.

The Survival in the wild nature - how correctly to behave, it having appeared in an emergency situation. Ability to find a way out from any situation: to kindle a fire, to put traps, to prepare food, to arrange dwelling and a lodging for the night; to learn to knit knots, to clear water, to be guided by districts, correctly to choose equipment, a knife. Also you can download directories to tourists, encyclopedias survivals, video Bear Grills to Survive at any cost (Man vs. Wild).