Hudayberdin Shagit Akhmetovich

Hudayberdin Shagit Akhmetovich (08 (20) .10.1896, d. Psyachino now Hudayberdin Ufim. Lip. 21.12. 1924, Moscow), participation. roar. movement in the head. owls. desks. and state. figure. Rod. family cross. He studied at the Madrasa Hussaini in Orenbah. (1909 14). Outcast. in the first world. war. Pers. Socialist-Revolutionary Party. (May 1917 March 1918), the RCP (B) with a 1918 On Feb. 1917 pers. Ufim. Muslim Brothers. Military Shuro (Council) region. someone that the party lion. SRs and pers. Socialist-Revolutionaries. Muslim Commissariat, Ufa Province. Commissioner on the head. cases Ufim. Read more [...]
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UCHALY of p-tion n. in Resp. Bash. Located 450 km to the south-east from Ufa, surrounded by the lake. Uchalu, Yushaly, Urgun, Kalkan et al. W. DOS. Feb 1. 1963 on the basis of the settlement. Concentrating comb that Uchalu Small, p. trust New Uchalu and Mining Department Mindyak. In 1934, on the shores of the lake. Yushaly were discovered deposits of copper-pyrite ores. Integrated development Uchalinsky field early. after the formation of 28 July 1954 Uchalinsky Concentrating comb that. In 1958, were put into operation and career Uchalinsky Mezhozernogo mines (mining ores mined in an open and Read more [...]
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TURIN Sloboda

TURIN Sloboda with., p-tion n. Slobodo-Turin district Sverdl. region. Located on the river. Tour, 335 km from the ECAT. Regular. in 1646 Slobodchikov Davyd Andreev, so originally called Davydovskaya settlement. SA was created to strengthen the eastern. boundaries of state-va and development of husbandry in Siberia. In 1782, p. was c. Slobodo Turin-par. Turin at. Tobolsk Province., 1923 was c. Slobodo-Turin district. In p. located several. processing enterprises, local prom. and p. available p-nye u. Bible., ist.-Local History Muses. Us. 3.6 thousand. Pers. (1950), 5.5 thousand. Pers. (1980), 6.1 Read more [...]
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TROITSK of p-tion n. in Chelyaba. region. Located in the steppe zone, at the confluence. Uvelka at p. Ui (tributary. Tobol) 121 km to the south of Chelyaba. Regular. June 6, 1743 as Ch. fortress on the border line Uyskoy (Orenbah. boundary line) to-heaven, being on the old caravan route to Siberia, has become a major bargaining. the point where the exchange yard were built, the border customs, open yoke. At the heart of trade with Kazakhstan and Compare. Asia lay exchange dec. rus. products in horses, cattle and small cattle, carpets, karakul pelts, pottery, dried fruit, tea, cotton, yarn, cloth, Read more [...]
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Tarabukin (Taryn) Stepan Kuzmich

Tarabukin (Taryn) Stepan Kuzmich (1878, Zhidilovskaya par. Kozlowski at. Tambov. Lip.?) Participation. roar. movement, pers. Socialist-Revolutionary Party from 1903 Conducted roar. work in the Tambov Province., Smolensk and Voronezh years. roar. 1905-07, and in 1909 to W., in ECAT. 1912 arrest and deportation to Orenbah. Province. again in 1913-15 led roar. work in ECAT. In 1915 he was exiled to Tobolsk Province., Where conscripted. Feb. roar. met in Tyumen, where he worked in consumer's on-ve bee (pers., and secretary. reign). He took an active part in org-tion of the Executive Committee and Read more [...]
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SULIMOV Daniel Ye (12.22.1880 (01.03.1881) Minyar zd Ufa Province. 27.11.1937) participation. roar. movement of owls. desks. and state. figure. Of the slave. Received early. education. Pers. RSDLP (1905). Participated in a roar. movement in Minyar pers. env. com-ta RSDLP (1909-14); Siberia propagandist-agitator and the Party-torus (1914-15). In 1915-17 in the arm. After Feb. 1917 pers. Pres. Glazov Garrison Soldiers. com-one before. Glazovskaya org-tion of the RSDLP (B), org-torus and participation. nationalization of enterprises, then -politkom management Simsk mountain env. Ufa Province. (Until Read more [...]
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Stroganov ur. mine owners. Natives of Pomeranian cross., Became merchants, then large manufacturers. Regular. kind -polulegendarny Spyridon, grandson-cerned Fedor Lukic in the second half. XV century. settled at Salt Vychegodskaya where S. deployed width. solepromyslovuyu activities. Especially when she became active Anike Fedorovich (1497-1570), to-ing considered DOS. G Vychegodskii-perm. The first branch of the C. S. received letters patent in 1558. U. S. first appeared in the middle. XVI century., When Gregory Anikievich received from Ivan IV granted charter to the Kama Land. By awards, purchases Read more [...]
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Stalin (Dzhugashvili) Josef

Stalin (Dzhugashvili) Josef (06 (18) .12.1878, Gori, Tiflis province. 05.03.1953, Moscow), Sov. desks. and state. figure. From a family of artisan. He graduated from the spiritual uch-School in Gori (1894), studied in the Tiflis Theological Seminary (1894 1899), ruled for a roar. activity. Pers. RSDLP in 1898, prof. revolutionary. I delegate Vseros. Confer. RSDLP in Tammerfors (Finland),? IV and all subsequent party congresses. Repeatedly arrested, escaped. In 1912, in absentia (in exile) was co-opted to the Central Committee and Eng. Bureau of the Central Committee of the RSDLP. In December. Read more [...]
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SPUNDE Alexander P.

SPUNDE Alexander P. (7 (19) .05.1892, g.Tsesis, Latvia -19.09.1962, Moscow), Sov., Desks. and households. figure, pers. RSDLP since 1909 Rod. family servant. He graduated from the auction. school in Riga (1907). Worked as a clerk at the railway. d., office. optical z-yes. For participation in the roar. Traffic was repeatedly arrested. In 1913, exiled to the Yenisei province. After the February. roar. prev. Perm. Municipal Committee, pers. Perm. Provincial Committee and Ur. Regional Committee of the RSDLP (B). Delegate and member of. Bureau of the Bolshevik faction of the 2nd All-Russia. Congress Read more [...]
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Sorochinsko of p-tion n. Orenbah. region. Located on the eastern. spurs Common Syrt 170 km northwest from Orenbah. Regular. in 1736 as a fortress. In the years. Cross. 1773-75 war, she was burned Pugachev. Since 1876, S. is w / d art. line Orenb.- Samara. In the years. CET. War there were fights between supporters of the white and red movements. In the 30th C. in developed prom. processing with / x products. Myasokomb built-t. In 1945 received the status of S. In the 70s in the district early. active development of oil fields, oil production was established management Sorochinskneft. Us. 17.9 Read more [...]
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Smilg Ivar Tenisovich

Smilg Ivar Tenisovich (20.11 (03.12) .1892, Alai, Latvia -12. 03.1938, Moscow), statesman. and desks. figure, pers. RSDLP since 1907 Rod. in the family of a revolutionary who was executed in 1906 involved. events of 1917 and civil. War. In the summer of 1918, Eastern. fr., from 07/17/1918 pers. PBC and watered. Commissioner third arm. Participated in the development of military operations (ECAT. Offensive, Nizhny Tagil, Kushvinskogo defensive) to ter. Perm. lips., with 28.10. 1918 pers. FAR Eastern. fr. Izhevsk-Votkinskaya, Perm., Ufa operations. On 03/04/1919 pers. RVSR, Head of the Political Read more [...]
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Sklyarevich Vladimir Ivanovich

Sklyarevich Vladimir Ivanovich (14 (26) .07.1862, Starobilsk, Kharkov Province. 1935), People's Will, a revolutionary, active participation. One Russia. roar. in Orenburg, before. C. Office VZHDS. Of the Ukrainian nobles. Upon completion of 10 years. high school he entered the Kharkov? Univ of Physics and Mathematics Faculty. After studying, leaving it once again entered the Kiev University, in the Law Faculty. Since 1878 participation. gymnasium populist mug. In 1881, promoter student circle Narodnaya Volya in Kharkov. In 1882-1885 propagandist in Odessa, Belopole. In 1885-1889 in Sumy, Kiev. Read more [...]
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Swiderski Alexey

Swiderski Alexey (07. (19) .03.1878, Novgorod-Seversky, Chernigov Province. 10.05. 1933, Moscow), participation. roar. movement in the head. owls. desks. and state. figure. From the family of a nobleman Zemsky official. He studied at the St. Petersburg. University (expelled in 1899). Pers. RSDLP (1899). Participated in a roar. activities in the St. Petersburg., Ufa and lips., Samara, Tula, Riga, Kiev, pers. Ufa stronghold Sparks (1901-02), the party organizer-tor Eastern. Bureau of the Central Committee of the RSDLP, pers. a number of parties. to-ing employee Bolshevik publications Wave, Next, Read more [...]
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SATKA of p-tion n. Chelyaba. region. Located on the western. slope of Eq. mountains, at the confluence of rivers. B. and M. Satka (bass. Belaya) 236 km to the west of Chelyaba. Regular. in 1758 with the mine owners Stroganov page. meth. h-huh. Fate of S. closely connected with many others. facts of the history of the Fatherland. In the years. Cross. War 1773-75 she was a support base of the rebels, in the period of social services. shocks early. XX century. here there was a fierce struggle supporters of white and red movements. After 1917 the village. beg. develop rapidly. In 1922 the village. Read more [...]
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SAID-Galiev Sahib Garey

SAID-Galiev Sahib Garey (1894-1938), Sov. desks., statesman. figure, pers. RSDLP (b) since March 1917, from 1915 in the arm. After the February. roar. pers. Regiment. -ta and ECAT. Council office. and Soldiers. dep. Since Apr. stood before. Garrison Muslim-ta, pers. -cerned in their native lang. carried on propaganda among sold. Muslims. In August. 1917 SS-G Level headed. region. Muslim Military Council, created in region 1. Muslim military convention. Under the arms. SS-G The Council has become a watered. c., hands. roar. ur movement. Tatar-head. Soldiers., office. and the cross. SS-G played Read more [...]
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Podvoisky Nikolai Ilyich

Podvoisky Nikolai Ilyich 16 (28) .1880, p. Kynashevka Nezhins-who have. Chernigov Province. 28.07.1948, Moscow), the military and state. leader, led the military operation on the South. W. in the early days of the Czechoslovak recovery. From the family of the teacher. He graduated from the Theological Seminary (1901), Demidov Juridical Lyceum in Yaroslavl (1905). Since 1905, in exile (Germany, Switzerland). In 1917, pers. Petrograd Military Revolutionary Committee, its Bureau and triples by hand. October. recovery. On Nov. 1917 to March 1918 the People's Commissar for Military Affairs. Since January. Read more [...]
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LAYER city ​​region. subordination Chelyaba. region. Located in the forest-steppe zone on the eastern. slope of Eq. Mountains 122 km to the south-west from Chelyaba. The first settlement. arose in 1844 when the development of gold deposits Kochkarskoye. By the end of the XIX century. actively exploited several. angry. mines: Assumption, Resurrection, Averyanovsky, Novotroitsky etc.. Gradually the village. merged into a single us. point P. titles. so in the open here tabular deposits zolotosnyh sands. In 1894, the owners of the mines have become French. By the beginning. XX century. developed Read more [...]
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ORENBURG region. c. Orenbah. region. From 1938 to 1957, was named after Chkalov pilot. Located 1478 km to the south-east from Moscow. In 1735 was founded at the confluence of r.Or in r.Yaik (Urals), the chief secretary. Senate I.K.Kirilovym. Place to p. Was badly chosen, since during the flood period it is completely filled with water. In 1739 VNTatishchev, headed Orenbah. Commission, carried it to the tract Red Mountain. However, in 1743 Orenbah. Governor I.I.Neplyuev decided to build a city in Naib. convergence of the rivers and Yaik Sakmara. OA was founded as a fortress, Ch. reference point Read more [...]
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Nurimanov Bagautdin (Balazhetdin) Yalaletdinovich

Nurimanov Bagautdin (Balazhetdin) Yalaletdinovich (02 (14). 05.1893, der. Novokulevo. Birsk y. Ufa Province. 10.1918 (by others. Data 08.1918), Orsk, Orenbah. Lip.), One of the hands. communist movement among the Bashkirs and Tatars, and active participation. establishment of owls. government and civil. War in the head. From a poor family krest.. He studied at the villages. madrassas in the beginning. (Russkoyaz.) Chelyaba school. Pers. RSDLP (b) (Spring 1917). Since 1917, pers. Ufa-ta RSDLP, advocate-org-tor of Tatars and Bashkirs, pers. Ufa Council office. and Soldiers. dep., before. tat.-head. Read more [...]
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NIMVITSKY Boris (1885, city Vyazemberg, Estonian lips. 1969, Moscow), participation. roar. movement in the head. owls. desks. and state. figure. Of the nobility. He studied at the gymnasium of Ufa, electrotechnical Brussels. school. Pers. (1903). Prior to 1917, participated in the roar. activities in Ufa promoter-org-tor of the Ufa-ta RSDLP (1905); Party organizer in Kazan Kazan-tor-ta RSDLP (1906-07); in Petrograd pers. and before. -ta RSDLP Izhorskogo s da (1914-17). In 1907-14 was in exile. After Feb. 1917 pers. Kolpinskogo and Petrograd Soviets of Workers. and Soldiers. dep., Petrograd. -ta Read more [...]
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Site "Survival in the wild nature", glad to see you. If you come to us, it means you want to get complete information about survival in a variety of extreme conditions, in emergency situations. Man, throughout the development, sought to preserve and protect themselves from the various negative factors surrounding it - cold, heat, hunger, dangerous animals and insects.

Site structure "Survival in the wild nature" is simple and logical, selecting a specific section, you will find information. You will find on our website recommendations and practical advice on survival, unique descriptions and pictures of animals and plants, turn-based scheme to trap wild animals, tests and reviews of travel gear, rare books on survival and wildlife. The site also has a large section devoted to video on survival survivalist-known professionals around the world.

The main theme of the site, "Survival in the wild nature" - is to be ready to be in the wild, and the ability to survive in extreme conditions.

The Survival in the wild nature - how correctly to behave, it having appeared in an emergency situation. Ability to find a way out from any situation: to kindle a fire, to put traps, to prepare food, to arrange dwelling and a lodging for the night; to learn to knit knots, to clear water, to be guided by districts, correctly to choose equipment, a knife. Also you can download directories to tourists, encyclopedias survivals, video Bear Grills to Survive at any cost (Man vs. Wild).