The hunt for UFOs

I am in essence a typical Soviet engineer, Ph.D., and I do not believe in any miracles, magic, UFO, "energy" feeding, and the like devilry.In those now distant days I hunted one, finding it great fun. However, I had to watch the two phenomena are not nor fit understandable in the formula or in the hypothesis. Both of these phenomena are, anyhow, have been associated with hunting.So, April 29, 1991. Stormy Vetluga spring floods, flooded meadows and a significant portion of the forest in the the left bank of the canopy. AT those now distant days Read more [...]
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USA: Ominous clouds covered Michigan

July 25, 2013. Yesterday at about 20:30 local time over the state of Michigan there were ominous clouds of yellow-orange color. According to one of the local newspapers, the witnesses of this strange phenomenon immediately began to shoot video and take pictures, then post them on the network. One of the locals in the comments wrote that what he saw is the craziest thing he'd ever met. In fact, many residents of Michigan expected after such a horrific sight to see some kind of a hurricane or tornado.But meteorologists have denied such claims, noting that it is a rare phenomenon is called Mammatus. Read more [...]
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Rainfall in Brazil deprived housing more than 1,300 people

Heavy rain fell on the state of Santa Catarina, in southern Brazil. As a result, elements revelry left without a roof over his head more than 1.3 thousand people, one person was killed. On it informs RIA Novosti reported with reference to the local civil defense service. Due to the flooding of residential neighborhoods mode emergency declared in two cities in the east of the state. Material damage caused by 13 settlements. Recall from the beginning of December 2009 to the south and southeast of Brazil struck several of the strongest cyclones. In Sao Paulo, the rain came down 43 days in a row. Read more [...]
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Pervouralsk tornado swept over

Pervouralsk, Sverdlovsk Region, June 29 - witnessed the unusual natural phenomenon began on the eve of the day the villagers Magnitogorsk Pervouralskiy urban district. Following the frequent hurricanes in the area of ​​the village collapsed real tornado, - the local "channel PTV." According to eyewitnesses, a whirlwind of a few tens of meters in diameter and a few hundred meters high, went through the outskirts of the village, raising clouds of dust skyward. Within a few minutes a whirlwind gaining strength, walking about on the ground. At the base of the tornado funnel clearly Read more [...]
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In the Zaporozhye region crop hail smote

On Wednesday, June 30, in Melitopol was a heavy downpour and thunderstorm (particularly dangerous phenomenon). This was reported by the head of the meteorological station «Melitopol» Tamara Merhaleva. Its epicenter hit just the city, where nearly one hour dropped 68 millimeters of rain, that over the past 60 years in June was the first time. Places in town hail, and visibility due to rain does not exceed 800 meters. Flooded many yards, and some high-rise apartments have suffered because of a leaking roof. Due to severe thunderstorms without electricity and telephone was Read more [...]
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Spiral anomaly in the sky over Australia

An unusual phenomenon was recorded in the sky over Australia 5th June, at approximately 5:50 a.m. Witnesses described the object as white, misty sphere with a spiral tail. The object still hung in the air for about a minute, and then slowly flew to the East. The object was removed towards the sea, while not disappeared over the horizon. The dimensions of the object can be compared with a small, twin plane, but witnesses claim that it was not a plane. A similar case happened in Norway last year, then a similar phenomenon was destroyed at the test of Bulava. Australian anomaly trying to explain Read more [...]
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Parade of the planets can be seen tonight

Tonight Russians may witness the rare phenomenon - parade of planets. Stumbling blocks can be managed from burning peatlands. Parade of the planets - is a phenomenon in which a small area of the sky going three planets: Venus, Mars and Saturn, the \"guests\" which will also visit mercury. Here's how to explain this unique phenomenon, a senior researcher at the State Institute named Sternberg, Moscow state University Vladimir Surdin: \"Parade of planets is when several planets are close enough to each other from the point of view of the observer. They say that they \"line up\", but it's too Read more [...]
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The apartment is a resident of Kaliningrad visited fireball

Strong charge of electricity was almost burned the whole house. Three days, Raisa Mikhailovna, she poured tears. For the first time in her life she was faced with inexplicable phenomenon. That night, in a dream, says the woman, she felt like someone hit in the back. And Raisa Mikhailovna woke up. A glowing ball of light flew into the window through the tiny loop. RAISA KOSHLYAK, A RESIDENT OF KALININGRAD: \"The ball flew and as you get! If a brick! And flies in the ventilation. Then it exploded, the details spill out! The apartment is hardly recognized. And in the mobile - flash, and it Read more [...]
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Near the Rome airport was formed geyser

August 30, 2013. On Saturday morning near Rome Fiumicino airport detected a slight fumarola - hole through which the surface of the earth come the hot steam and gas. The depth of crater is about 1.2 meters, a diameter of 1.8 meters. The staff immediately put the fence and called seismologists, however, witnesses managed to capture the unusual phenomenon on video. According to witnesses, right in the middle of the roundabout was formed generatedby source, who began to throw mud and steam to a height of one meter. Now Italian geologists study the nature of this phenomenon, it is necessary to Read more [...]
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Strange phenomenon in Santiago. Video

Strange phenomenon in Santiago, Chile as a red circle in the sky, on the eve of the earthquake...Shooting dated February 26, 2010. Source: Read more [...]
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The spiral over Norway is not the only anomaly. Video

Twisting spiral over Norway Following the overwhelming phenomenon over Norway supported a large number of photos and the video was interesting, but was there anything like that yet, because explanations from the category that is the result of an unsuccessful launch of the \"Bulava\" I was not satisfied.ChinaMore than a hundred thousand people watched something extraordinary, flying in the sky over Central China. A huge plate was slowly moving across the evening sky, and its flickering light acted depressing influence on people. The questioning of the witnesses showed that it revolved Read more [...]
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Moscow was chosen noctilucent clouds

The current weather conditions allowed many citizens to consider the finest noctilucent clouds. They are visible in the Northern part of the sky on summer nights, when the Sun only for 5...13 C - sets. The best conditions for their observations are noted from 15 may to 20 August. It is noteworthy that the optical density of these clouds are so low, that through silvery cobweb can see the stars, told Вестям.Ru leading expert of the Center PHOBOS Marina Makarova. They seem to glow in the sky. Form noctilucent clouds, usually at a height of 80 km. However, as formed and why - question, a Read more [...]
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Mutations of climate confusing scientists

Climate change not only contribute to the increase of solar activity, which can lead to skin cancer in humans. The sun's rays dry up the river, burn pastures and lead to the growth of deserts on the planet. These changes are often very unpredictable and dramatic population as the cause disasters like tsunamis, hurricanes, or earthquakes, Last week there unexplained increases in water temperature in the Pacific ocean, what worries scientists of the United States and Australia. According to research scientists, published in the journal information published by the Ministry of foreign Read more [...]
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In Krasnoyarsk blossomed plum

— Summer and even autumn flowering happens very rarely, but nothing unusual in that. Most often this phenomenon is observed in non-varieties of cherries and plums, which were imported from another region (mostly the South). Sometimes even formed ovaries that do not have time to ripen. Summer blooms can cause warm and Sunny weather, during this period, quickly are formed flower buds. Another possible reason may be that in some trees the process of forming kidney last year was delayed and ended only in this (belated development of the kidneys). In any case, this phenomenon is not widespread, Read more [...]
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Tibetan monk made a statement to NASA about the end of the world | paranormal phenomena

Link Tibetan monk made a statement to NASA about the end of the world | paranormal phenomena Lama of the monastery Ghandruk under Kailas, recognizable as the Oracle of Shambhala, made a statement for NASA. In his own address, he said that on December 21, 2012 the Earth together with the solar system..29 Oct 2012 at 9:44|I like54 commentsAlexander Mammon See now this news appeared 5 times already in the news saw.29 Oct 2012|Alex Yuriy I believe this opportunity as solar flare, but it's not bad condition for puzzles, how Read more [...]
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In Iran red tide resulted in the death of 32 tons of marine animals

On the Iranian coast of the Persian Gulf «red tide» caused the deaths of 32 tons of marine animals, according to the Mehr news Agency. Basically phenomenon «red tide» continuing for the second week, raised the Iranian ports Jack and Bandar-Abbas, as well as the coastal part of the UAE. According to the Agency, the main reason for this phenomenon was the hit of household and industrial waste into the Bay. To eliminate the effects of this environmental problem, the local authorities immediately set up a Committee. «Red tide» — dangerous phenomenon, Read more [...]
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An unusual phenomenon was observed in the sky of China

In Changchun 8 January, about 13 hours of the day appeared unusual phenomenon - a double halo around the sun. This phenomenon for the whole hour watched a lot of people, the day was cloudless. Seeing double ring light (halo around the sun), people were very surprised, as was previously observed only one light ring.Chinese Central Bureau of seismology reported that the January 8, 2011, 7 hours, 34 minutes 10 seconds (Beijing time) in the city of Hunchun Yanbian Korean Autonomous County, Jilin province, China (43 degrees North latitude, 131.10 degrees East longitude) occurred earthquake of Read more [...]
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Push and Tell friends

Syria: the beginning of the Third World? 12:55Sergey Vladimirovich20 Jun 2012 at 11:29|I like149 commentsAlex Yuriy peunova a continuous phenomenon. on the one hand we ataque gang galakticheskih of reptiles, on the other hand flash sound ideas. May she have a split personality?20 Jun 2012|Sergey Com No,it is a phenomenon common ideas only by mistake could sawdust her to get stuck.20 Jun 2012|Sergey replied Alexei Pravdoruby Alexei, and when it's about reptiles read? I even just common thoughts had heard from her.20 Jun 2012|Alex Read more [...]
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The emergence of the \»three suns\» has become a frequent phenomenon in China

Residents of the city of Changchun in Jilin province in the morning of 14 January, once again witnessed an unusual phenomenon in the sky suddenly lit \"three suns\". More precisely around the sun suddenly appeared halo, the edges of which sparkled with two small lights.Earlier, a similar phenomenon occurred in this city on the 8th of January and lasted about an hour.Source: Read more [...]
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Atmospheric phenomenon in Indonesia

Video made in Sunny weather conditions, it was even very hot. But the image looks dark because the camera is aimed at a bright light source (alignment white balance).Pictures are clickable and have the original size.Source: A similar phenomenon in 2008 Read more [...]
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