In the sky over Shanghai have a giant glowing ball

Unidentified flying object in the form of a giant glowing Orb was spotted in the sky over Shanghai, Chinese press reports today. Ball seen over the suburbs crews more than 10 passenger planes, and this was reported to the air traffic controllers East China metropolis. The first phenomenon was observed by the pilot of the airline «China southern»: at the height of 10.7 kilometers he saw a small glowing sphere, which began to increase rapidly in size and reached a diameter of more than 90 kilometers. Within about 20 minutes she was glowing a pale blue light, then disappeared.Pictures Read more [...]
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Large tide on the coast of Yucatan

on June 16. On the coast of Yucatan, bordered by the state of Campeche, a strange phenomenon caused by sea tide, which lasted several hours. Some see it as a \"tsunami\", others argue that the phenomenon is one of the consequences of global warming. Some remembered that five years ago there was something like that, but this time the phenomenon was shorter.The sea began to retreat on Tuesday afternoon, after the rain, which left a beautiful rainbow in the sky. Many took the opportunity to walk along the beach and observe this phenomenon, someone just collecting shells and snails. see also: Read more [...]
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Mass Mor marine life occurred in the South China sea

In the marine zone Instant near the southern city of Zhuhai in Guangdong province on August 26 was an unusual phenomenon on the shore lay tens of thousands of dead marine life, including deep-sea fish, shrimps and crabs. According to the Chinese edition of \"southern city\", in the early morning fishermen discovered that the entire coastal area is literally covered with dead fish. However, they were not confused and began dip nets to collect the dead sea creatures in their cages.A fisherman by the name of the man said that two hours have collected about 300 kg of fish. He boasted that he Read more [...]
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In Troitsk looked spring

on September 13. In September in Troitsk bloomed lilacs. Trochantin Vladimir Karamyshev not believe my eyes. In the sanatorium \"sun\", where the pensioner had a rest on the days with your family, on the hillside by the river bloomed lilacs.— The miracle. In the court of autumn, and the lilacs are in full bloom. Bunches of course small, may not compare, but the flavor enchanting this spring. And the smell is much stronger than that may lilac, says an observant man. — His wife too was surprised to see an unexpected phenomenon. We unanimously decided that this is some kind Read more [...]
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Anomalous autumn flowering trees and shrubs in many regions of Russia

on 1 October. In many regions of Russia this autumn unusual phenomenon — the flowering of individual shrubs, branches and whole trees. From Central Russia, the Urals and Siberia come reports of flowering Apple trees, cherry trees, various shrubs. In Moscow in some places blossomed chestnuts, cherry. MSU scientists say that the autumn bloom — the phenomenon of anomalous, but that's okay, just buds «deceived» temperature failure due to prolonged warm weather, and they do so winter has revealed. Biologists are encouraged to enjoy the beautiful phenomenon and not Read more [...]
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Colombia/Venezuela: Landslides and ground faults

on 12 October. Natural phenomenon affecting more than 20 farms and houses in the area of Las Tres Marias, jurisdiction Turbaco, Colombia. According to geologists, who arrived in the disaster zone, a phenomenon apparently occurred because of micro-earthquakes, which led to an intensification of geological faults, crossing the sector.In some places the ground went to a depth of 10 meters. For several days people feel small tremors, and therefore began to worry and to take measures to evacuate. According to the report of the mayor, 15 homes damaged, destroyed eight more. Broken infrastructure, Read more [...]
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Ice needles fall from the sky, the inhabitants of Vladivostok

Ice needles fall from the sky to the residents of Vladivostok. Author photo: on October 24. The temperature in Vladivostok is approaching zero. The city has pierced the icy needles: unusual atmospheric phenomenon is very surprised and even frightened townspeople. The rain freezes in the air, but the castle is not like: the crystals are not heavy and rounded, and light and sharp — even hurt the skin, said Corr. RIA PrimaMedia specialists Pamidronate. Not the castle, but real ice needles (which they call forecasters) are falling from the sky Read more [...]
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Underwater \»Icicle of Death\» kills all living things on the way

on November 23. Off the coast of British Antarctic research expedition BBC stumbled upon an unusual natural phenomenon. The researchers dubbed him underwater «icicle of death». «Icicle» formed in salt water and kills all the inhabitants of the seabed on its way. This is a strange formation of British scientists is also called brinicle, reports TSN.Terrible video education underwater icicle resembles a horror movie using computer graphics. This phenomenon occurs when the protrusion on the bottom surface of the ice down rushing over salted and the supercooled liquid Read more [...]
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The light pole in the Urals

Writes Sergey Kovalev: Today witnessed unusual phenomena, the photos which you send. Place: Ural, Chelyabinsk region, getregkey Date: 17.12.2011 Time: at approximately 17:40 local time Apparently the unusual state of the atmosphere caused by the sun the appearance of a rather bright light post. It is a pity that the photos do not convey all the colors and grandeur of the phenomenon. From the moment when he noticed the phenomenon, until the disappearance of the light pole was about 10 minutes. Then the sky in the South-East has got a few minutes of bright scarlet hue, after that it was Read more [...]
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Rain during snowfall: Muscovites saw a rare natural phenomenon

Very rare natural phenomenon could be observed today from Moscow. Lightning strikes during a snowfall. This does not happen every winter. According to the Center for PHOBOS, in the afternoon, Moscow was in the zone of active atmospheric front. And he brought with him a wide range of weather phenomena. Source: Lead Read more [...]
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Bolivia: the burning earth in Cochabamba

on 15 June. An unusual phenomenon occurred in the area of Nueva Felicidad municipality Villa Rivero (Villa Rivero). Fire burst out of the ground covering an area of ~50 square meters, which resembles the fear of local residents, as this event is accompanied by other strange phenomena. The fire was observed within three weeks, according to the Bolivian press. On Saturday (June 11) showed the motion of the earth, causing alarm among the people who fled in terror, thinking that everything will collapse.In the field within five years had dried up the flow of water, and now this place cracks Read more [...]
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India: the Eruption of the black substance from the earth created panic in Karulu

February 8, 2011. Karnow Strange phenomenon, black chemical substance gushed out of the ground, causing a panic in the village Madikeri (Maddikera), district Karnow, Monday (February 7). Also, a huge cavity was formed on 1 hectare of land owned by the farmer Nohyaku of Medicare, 100 km from Karnow, shortly after the black substance were erupted from the ground. Nogah said that the damage to the soil. When the black substance was spread like lava from a volcano, the surrounding grass caught fire. And concrete electric pole fell down. Niyah stated that he first saw this phenomenon two days ago. Read more [...]
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The Northern lights lit up the sky over the UK

on January 25. UK residents witnessed a unique beauty and rare for these latitudes sight of the Northern lights. This natural phenomenon was called the strongest in the last six years of the solar storm. Bright flashes for a week lit up the sky over the Norwegian city of Trondheim. Since the evening of the 24th of January to see the unique phenomenon can far South — for several hundred kilometers. According to scientists, astronomers observe the glow can be in a few days. Source: RIA Novosti Read more [...]
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An unusual phenomenon over Mexico

in January 2012. This spectacular phenomenon was observed soon after sunset over the mountains of the Sierra Madre in Durango, Mexico.

Source: Day X

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USA: Unusual cloud Florida

6 February. The influence of the tides? Some air flow-ghosts? Photo of the mysterious cloud formations in Panama city beach, Florida has caused heated debate in calopogonium circles.The pilot company Panhandle Helicopters, Hott younger, made a striking picture of the low clouds ominously rolling through a high-rise building on the Gulf coast. Retired military diver, owning company three and a half years, admits that he did not expect such a world attention when we did the photo. «I just took a picture and thought it looks cool and posted on Facebook»- says Hott, attributing Read more [...]
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In the Philippines, three year old girl remotely retardant clothing, mattresses, and even cookies.

In March 2011, the news of the three year old child with unusual mental abilities attracted the interest of hundreds of curious people and the media.To her home in the province of Antique in central Philippines frequent visitors to learn that it can predict and magically cause a fire. Those who have seen her abilities, swear that they saw as a light clothing, mattresses, pillows. Paper ignites as soon as it will predict that this should happen.The mayor of San Jose, Molina was one of hundreds who witnessed this phenomenon. He says he saw a pillow on fire, immediately after the child said that Read more [...]
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Xenoglossy. Life after life?

In order that man might learn a foreign language, you need at least a few months of training. However, the science described unexplained cases of people spontaneously acquire the ability to communicate in a foreign language they. And sometimes some of them have long since been forgotten, and spoke in these languages have disappeared from the face of the Earth nations and civilizations. Such a phenomenon is called xenoglossy. One of the first sources mention this gift is the Bible. This describes an event when the 12 Apostles found the ability to preach Christ to the previously unknown to foreign Read more [...]
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Light pillars in Krasnoyarsk

Light poles (Light pillar) in Krasnoyarsk. on November 29. The team reported that they had seen last night \"Northern lights\". Yesterday at one of the city's forum posted a photo taken in the city, which significantly multicolor lights in the sky. Residents immediately began to discuss the strange phenomenon that many took for the Northern lights. However, scientists doubt that this phenomenon was only natural.As explained Eeyore KNews candidate of physico-mathematical Sciences, SFU Professor Nikolai Palin, in the Krasnoyarsk territory, the Northern lights can be seen, for example, on the Read more [...]
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Light pillars in Lipetsk

For our office Roman Chernikov sent pictures atmospheric phenomena captured in Lipetsk. Here is what he writes: \"26.01.11 evening about 21 hours in Lipetsk again observed an unusual phenomenon. Strange rays aimed at the Zenith, reddish as if of fire. What is it? The area where the sucked air? Plasma formation? Testing secret weapons or tricks American HAARP? While questions without answers...\"Comment: In this case, we observe an interesting atmospheric phenomenon called light/solar led post Light pillar). But as the camera lens was pointed vertically, you get the effect of flying through Read more [...]
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In the sky over St. Petersburg — strange lights

on January 16. Readers of \"Fontanka\" were eyewitnesses of atmospheric phenomena, which are defined as a kind of \"glow\". So, reader Jan reported that today from 9 a.m. to Pulkovskoe shosse visible color vertical column, similar to a rainbow. And it is not the sun - it was left from the strange glow. And the reader Dmitry witnessed the \"lights\" last night at the Baltic station. He was unable to determine the source of this phenomenon.After the publication of the photos reader Roman explained that on Pulkovskoe highway, most likely, was observed phenomenon of light (or sun) post - this Read more [...]
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