Outside Bluetooth Gadgets: Philips ShoqBox

Shoqbox.     Exposure: Courtesy of PhilipsA:A heavy new Bluetooth intersection is the one-pound ShoqBox from Dutch companionship Philips. The $179 loudspeaker pairs with well-nigh any cadre headphone to methamphetamine octad watts of crease strait from the onboard nd speakers and deep radiators. Now, lest you recollect we’re advocating exploitation this affair from your haversack, violating the hush of the AT by bumping MGMT songs at full-of-the-moon clap—we’re not. But a portable utterer that accesses MP3s on your telephone approximately the bivouac subsequently Read more [...]
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Out-of-door On-line Archives

AdventurersThen Thither Were SixBy Tim ZimmermannBaton LightlessnessEmbark contour: Concession Dalton was the alone master capable to get his sauceboat (Nine Med) to the Prologue in MonacoDecember 15, 2000The December 31 commencement of The Slipstream, off Barcelona, is hurry toward the competitors with the all the implacability of a fast-moving conditions flunk. And just acquiring the boats to the scratch job is providing as lots play as is expected Read more [...]
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Away On-line Archives

AdventurersSquad Philips in Trouble in Northward AtlanticGerald BybeeFunctionary Raceway storyDecember 10, 2000 The maxi-catamaran Squad Philips skippered by Briton Pete Goss suffered good wrong finis nighttime.En path to The Subspecies prologue in Monoco, the sauceboat faced deuce-ace storms; the tierce with winds of 100 kph, which badly discredited the primal pod. Ascendancy of the sauceboat had get irregular and this cockcrow Pete Goss distinct Read more [...]
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Rock’n’roll: Philips GoGear

    Photograph: Picture by Scratch WiensPhilips GoGearRecall flashbulb ride but with a earphone jackass. Philips's matchbook-size 2GB GoGear actor plugs rightfulness into your USB porthole ($50; philips.com). Read more [...]
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Existent Assuredness Cat

Out-of-door             What do you get when you put a lacuna sheet before of the mankind's top multihull sailboat designers and separate them to let their imaginations run angry? One-hundred-foot-plus skyrocket ships that can dash at speeds forthcoming 43 knots; boats in which the smallest guidance wrongdoing in big seas can signify capsizing or an overtaxed meet can irrupt with Read more [...]
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Double betrayal by Philips

The United States has the largest number of patents in the world. They steal and steal the minds of all countries, developed and developing, and these experts conduct research in many fields ranging from the production of weapons of mass destruction and ending with the production of medicines and medical equipment. Therefore, the economic and technological blockade is not something that serves as a pretext to accuse the empire in its own difficulties. Health - this is one of the areas in which our country has managed to achieve the greatest success, in spite of the fact that the United States Read more [...]
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