In Udmurtia mass mortality of pigs

on January 7 of this year in one of the buildings of the pig farm LLC Pichaske pig\" p. Picas. Mozhginskoye district of the Udmurt Republic, there was a mass mortality of pigs. As the press service of Rosselkhoznadzor for UR strongest 136 pigs. on January 8 at the scene left the Commission, consisting of specialists of the Rosselkhoznadzor Administration for UR, UR BS and the Ministry of agriculture of UR. It is established that the most likely cause of death is poisoning chemical substance. To accurately determine the cause of the mass death of pigs experts were selected specimens, blood, etc. Read more [...]
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Quarantine on African swine fever

Nizhny Novgorod vets struggling with an outbreak of African swine feveron April 20. Quarantine on African swine fever declared in the village Moulineaux Volodarsky district, Nizhny Novgorod region. The virus outbreak was registered on April 18. Veterinarians have cordoned off the area of the hearth ASF and destroyed all the population of these animals. The journalists said the Chairman of the State Committee of Nizhny Novgorod region Yevgeny Kolobov. «All pigs in the quarantine zone subjected bloodless slaughter and subsequent cremation. Ash buried in the trench depth of three meters», — Read more [...]
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The outbreak of swine fever was recorded in the Krasnodar region

October 10. KRASNODAR, RIA Novosti, Tatiana Kuznetsova. Veterinarians discovered the outbreak of African swine fever in his household in the village Starocherkasskaya Pavlovsky district, Krasnodar territory, said on Monday, the press service of the regional office of Rosselkhoznadzor. According to the Agency, in LPH contains 56 pigs. Kropotkin regional veterinary laboratory revealed the genetic material of the virus of African swine fever forcedly killed the animal and the blood from live pigs, the report says. The vets decided to destroy the population in the so-called first threatened area, Read more [...]
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Islam: God forbid, the Ministry of Health warns …

Many people know that eating pork is strictly forbidden in Islam. However, even among the Muslims are those who are blind to the ban, and sometimes can not resist the temptation to try the delicious-smelling herbs or bacon skewers of pork cooked on a picnic. Based on the scriptures and some hadiths, the author discusses the various aspects of this problem. Let's think: what's the real harm to the pig meat? Are there any information about the pig and pork in other scriptures? In the third book of Moses, "Leviticus" (Ch. 11, Art. 7 and 8) says: "And the swine, because Read more [...]
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The European Union requires that the pigs were toys

Pigs should be toys - such requirement is contained in the EU directive, which came into force at the beginning of this year. Pigs must have permanent access to materials that should be of interest to them, says the directive. The main purpose of the new Directive - to ensure animal welfare.The Directive does not regulate what kind toys should be in pigs. But the experience of the German breeders who tried to "entertain" his team showed that in the top of a hryushek - colorful balls. However, observing the behavior of pigs in the eco-farms in Germany have shown that pigs clever games Read more [...]
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On the British secret base in the brutal experiments blew pigs found animal protectors

British animal rights activists have found in open sources of dirt on scientists conducting experiments with animals on a top-secret base in Wiltshire. Over the past two years, researchers had severe blow, poison toxic gases and infect thousands of deadly diseases monkeys, pigs, mice, and guinea pigs. Exposed the secret military research activists of the British Union for the Abolition of Vivisection (BUAV). Animal rights activists found in scientific papers of 2010-2012 mention of six brutal experiments based in Wiltshire, some of which were held in conjunction with the U.S. military, according Read more [...]
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Darwin, Darwin, He’s our Man!

Extraneous cartridge, Border 1998Darwin, Darwin, He's our Man!Like old account: New guy moves into your ecosystem, invites a few buddies concluded, and the future affair you acknowledge they've course selected you out of theater and habitation. Introducing your Incursive Species All-Stars.By Wade Graham Imagine if dead at every company thither was a oafish gatecrasher, billboard the hors d'oeuvres, exhausting the biff arena, snarling at the guests. Pic Read more [...]
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Dr. Pavlov, I Assume?

Exterior mag, Border 1995Dr. Pavlov, I Assume?In a humans that's passing to the hogs, this piddling Shoat leave let none of it.By Steamy Wayne WhitenessThither was practically to urge the rainforest glide of northeasterly Australia, many curios and recreations -- colossus crocs, coral reefs, and tree-climbing kangaroos among them -- but for the bit my care was devoted to the issue impending, videlicet, the conditioning of Dr. Pavlov's dogs."Fit petty Read more [...]
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People do not differ from pigs

Experts came to this conclusion based on the largest study in history of the genome of pigs. Scientists were able to decode the complete genome of a pig, and it turned out that these animals suffer from the same disorders and dysfunction of the proteins that trigger diseases such as obesity, Parkinson's disease and Alzheimer's disease. Experts believe - is the key to creating new methods of treatment of human diseases.The length of the domestic pig genome is about 2.6 billion base pairs. He is 40% composed of repetitive DNA segments and contains nearly 22,000 genes. Pig has 39 types Read more [...]
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Scientists have recognized: Between a man and a pig there is almost no difference

George Orwell's phrase, that between a man and a pig there is almost no difference, much closer to the scientific truth than he could guess the author. This conclusion is journalist Mark Prigg of the largest-ever study of the genome of pigs, which is published in Nature, writes Daily Mail. "Scientists have discovered that pigs are adaptable and amenable to domestication, and that they are easy to seduce a meal. All these features are very similar to a human, "- says the article. Furthermore, pigs suffer from the same genetic disorders and dysfunctions of the proteins that cause Read more [...]
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The domestication of cattle tied to its depletion in nature

Israeli archaeologists have discovered that the domestication of cattle and pigs was preceded by depletion of their populations in the wild. The paper was published in the journal PLoS ONE, and its contents can be read on the website Past Horizons.Scientists conducted a study of the dynamics of populations of wild pigs and cows living near Shaar Golan Yarmouk monument of culture. This is a Neolithic settlement of several houses arose about 8-9 thousand years ago in the north of the Jordan Valley. It is best known among archaeologists for its ceramics and characteristic figures of baked clay. Read more [...]
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Another ASF found in the Rostov region

On farm Alexandrov Morozov district of Rostov region posln identify another outbreak of African swine fever started the destruction of all pigs. A regime of emergency. "The farm Alexandrov case occurred 55 pigs - reported in EMERCOM in the Rostov region. - The analysis revealed they patmaterialov African swine fever virus. "On the pig farm owned by a large" Yug Rusi ", containing 230 pigs, has now been destroyed for 80 pigs, measures for their disposal prodolzhayutsya.Rayonnaya Commission emergency declared in area of the state of emergency, "Interfax-South".  Read more [...]
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In Udmurtia, mass death of pigs

January 7 this year in one of the buildings of pig LLC "Pychassky pig 'n Pychas. Mozhginsky Udmurtia region occurred mass case of pigs. As the press-service of Rosselkhoznadzor for SD only fell 136 pigs. January 8 at the scene left a commission of experts Rosselkhoznadzor for SD, SD and BS Department of Agriculture SD. Found that the most likely cause of death of animals is chemical poisoning. To accurately determine the cause of mass death of pigs specialists samples were pathological material, blood, etc., aimed at Udmurt veterinary diagnostic center. The laboratory will be Read more [...]
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In one district of the Stavropol African swine fever

12:32:35 In the Stavropol region of Stavropol Krasnogvardejskiy detected virus African swine fever (ASF). It clarifies the press service of the Southern regional center of MS in Russia, in the administrative and industrial area of LLC "Hope" case occurred 40 pigs. According to a study in the zonal veterinary laboratory in 5 samples revealed ASF virus. As said the agency, currently patmaterialy dead animals aimed at analysis g.Pokrov in veterinary laboratory. The analysis results will be available approximately the end of January 2011. "Right now, at the entrance to the LCD Read more [...]
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Determination of sex and age in the wild boar

In appearance can distinguish three age groups: piglets (yearlings), pigs (two-year) and adults. Particularly easy to distinguish pigs and adults, it is harder to distinguish pigs as large gilt can be confused with a pig. The pigs are smaller, lighter colored adults (light color remains until the year) and a long-legged. In pigs (in the 2nd year of life) developed withers, grows hair along the back. Adult animals heavier pigs, stubble on his back grows stronger. This is particularly manifested in contrast bulls. In the field, distinguished from adult male pigs is possible, and not only Read more [...]
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Method solves the two-

If a guinea pig to enter under the skin or into a vein in chicken or other protein, mumps will take this introduction without any harm, and no response to this introduction will not be noticeable. But try in 2-3 weeks enter Pig in the same vein of the same protein. You'll witness a tragic picture. 2-3 minutes after the introduction of mumps begins to sneeze, claws scratching your nose, eyes, then convulsions and another 2-3 minutes pig is already dead. This phenomenon of increased sensitivity caused by prior administration squirrel, is called anaphylaxis. Why pig dies from second injection Read more [...]
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The use of antibiotics in the economy-2

In veterinary medicine, as well as in medical practice, antibiotics opened a new era in the fight against infectious diseases. Antibiotics are successfully used for the treatment of gastrointestinal diseases of newborn calves, gastrointestinal disease of pigs, swine erysipelas, myte horses, calves lung disease, endometritis in cows, sheep foot rot, nekrobatsilleznyh affected limb farm animals, mastitis cows. Penicillin is used in erysipelas of pigs, horses myte, pulmonary diseases and necrobacillosis farm animals, sheep foot rot, septicemia, anthrax, malignant edema, plague dogs, mastitis in cows, Read more [...]
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Is Hardly Care Amerika!

International         THE MEN I'M Travelling with vociferation themselves the Red Scamp Crowd. They're a lofty portion of a nationally campaign called tramping, or vandr in Czech. As the gens suggests, tramping is a burlesque on hoboing—the act of vagabond from spot to billet by string or on understructure. Material hoboing had its peak during the Enceinte Imprint in Read more [...]
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The sex ratio and age boar

The sex ratio in the population - an important factor in determining the size and growth rates of use. Sex composition of the herd boar undergoing geographic and age variability. At the stage of the embryos in Central Asia, Volga Delta and the Caucasus dominate females - 60 - 66% (Sludsky, 1956, Lavrovsky, 1962). In the Far East, the sex ratio of embryos 1: 1. In the west of the range in the Bialowieza Forest of female fetuses are 45% (Kozlov, 1969). Among the adult sex ratio is approaching 1:1 with some predominance (50.9%) females for populations of Central Asia (Sludsky, 1956) and Caucasian Read more [...]
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