Pink rocks (Suratal, Kiziltas)

Pink mountains. Kiziltas, Suratal. Between the villages assy and Bestamak Inzer lays the semicircle and all over him, on the right Bank rises superior rock wall pink, covered in pine and fir. Pink mountains assigns one the salts of the 1-St of metals, presumably manganese. Although the rocks that compose the Pink mountains stromatolite limestone. These ancient rocks were folded stromatolite aquatic plants that lived here 2 billion years ago, in the Riphean sea that lapped at the place of the Ural mountains. I must say that all the rocks in this place have color from pale pink to purple. That Read more [...]
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Musical pause: Pink Floyd

Musical pause: Pink Floyd — Cluster One / Marooned
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Sometimes the snow is pink

Winter brings many interesting optical phenomena. This is the professional language called purple glow. It has been well studied and fairly widespread, although rarely intense.Once saturated pink sunset alarmed Moscow in January 2010. Then meteorologists calmed to the capital's residents, explaining that this is certainly not due to toxic industrial emissions, but is only a game of sunlight scattered by the atmosphere and the multiple reflections in the snow crystals. Purple sunrise - it's more rare. It occurs when the sun is still below the horizon below 4 degrees, the air at the frosty, Read more [...]
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In Arkhangelsk pink snow fell

In the Arkhangelsk region found pink snow. The unusual phenomenon was seriously frightened residents of northern villages. Alexander lives in the village Pillars Korban Shenkursky district. It was at his house last week suddenly snow was colored pink. Man frightened in earnest. He immediately brought the unusual precipitation and went to Archangel in his own car. And this is the way, 350 kilometers. Coat color in the fall? - Last week, the thaw began, - says Alexander. - From the roofs of houses began to melt water, began to appear icicles. This is normal, we are confronted with it regularly. Read more [...]
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Warty euonymus

Grows in the forests of the European part of Russia, in the Crimea and the Caucasus in the north comes to Pskov, Kostroma and Izhevsk. Also grows in southern Scandinavia, Central Europe, the Balkans and in the Small Azii.Kustarnik to 2-3 m tall, sometimes forming stem and grows as a tree. Branches crowded with black-brown warts. The leaves are light green, sometimes hairy on veins below, opposite, thin, prodolgovatoellipticheskie, short (1-3 cm) petioles. Unsightly, foul-smelling, brownish-red or greenish flowers clustered in the leaf axils in semiumbels. Fruits - 4-lobed capsule, from which Read more [...]
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Rosa genus includes about 400 species. This deciduous, erect or sometimes prostrate shrubs with thorns on new growth (and therefore often called rose) growing in the bushes along forest edges, in clearings and meadows, along rivers and lakes, on the slopes of the mountains, at least in the undergrowth. The leaves are alternate, compound, pinnate, of 5, 7, 9-toothed leaves. Flowers bisexual, 5-blade, single or collected several in corymbose or racemes, petals painted in pink, red, yellow, or white. Fruit - small nuts enclosed in a fleshy orange, red or black shell, which is often used as a vitamin Read more [...]
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Cats paw nettle

Herbaceous perennial plant belovoylochnoe 8-25 cm tall, with a woody rootstock and usually numerous creeping sterile shoots. Flowering stems are erect, with 5-10 leaves, pressed to the stem. Leaves lanceolate or spatulate, most of them collected in the rosette, glabrous or both sides belovoylochnye. Baskets are dioecious (plants are dioecious, which is reflected in the species name), with a diameter of 5-6 mm, are collected in common apical corymbose-capitate inflorescences. Bracts at the top of white or pink. Male flowers are tubular, frequently with a pestle, but sterile, white, female - Read more [...]
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Tripolium ordinary, or salt-marsh aster

Annual, sometimes perennial herbaceous plant bare 20-100 cm Stems erect, grooved, hollow, usually branched at the top. The leaves are alternate, oblong-ovate or lanceolate, thickish. Numerous baskets, form a common corymbose-paniculate inflorescence. Bracts multilayered, dumb, green with reddish tips. Lozhnoyazychkovye outer flowers, blue, light blue or pink, female, median - tubular, yellow, bisexual. Fruits - ovoid achene with pappus 4-6 mm long with white or pink bristles. Flowers in July-September, achenes ripen in July and October. Plant with a wide area, are located in Europe and North Read more [...]
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Meadow salsify

Biennial naked plant height 30-90 cm, containing a milky juice, with taproot. Stem usually solitary, erect, usually pink. Leaves linear, entire, sessile. Baskets are quite large, arranged singly on the tops of the stems. Wrap single row of 8-10 leaves, bracts are as long as flowers, leaves membranous outer edge of pink. All flowers ligulate, bisexual, and light yellow. Fruit - achene length of 3-4 cm, limb achenes abruptly into a long, thin nose, tufted of pinnate setae. It flowers from May to October, achenes ripen in June and October. European look. In Central Russia occasionally occurs Read more [...]
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Cornflower gritty

Perennial herb 40-120 cm tall stems are erect, branched at the top. Leaves pinnately or pinnatilobate, bottom with long petioles, upper part sedentary. Large baskets. Outer and middle bracts with black-brown or nearly black, large (2-6 mm long) appendages and long cilia on the edge. The flowers are pink, outer flowers in the basket a little bit larger medians. Fruit-achenes 3.5-4.5 mm long, whitish tuft with brownish-gray tint, 4-5 mm long. It flowers from June to September, achenes ripen in July and October. Europe and North view. In Russia, common in many regions of the European part, Read more [...]
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To this genus are highly branched shrub up to 5-7 m with numerous green or grayish-green, deciduous autumn jointed stems. Leaves linear or needle-like, 3-7 mm long. Flowers bisexual, white, pink or carmine, sometimes greenish-white. Fruit - a nut with a hard pericarp, winged or densely planted with branched setae forming a ball. Calligonum propagated by seeds, stool shoots and root suckers, perfectly adapted to life on the shifting sands. Spherical fruit rolled by wind over long distances. Seeds covered them grow even in adverse desert conditions. Young shoots sticking out of the sand in Read more [...]
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Feverfew pink (P. red meat; Caucasian camomile, chamomile Persian) (Pyrethrum carneum bieb.)

Perennial (30-90 cm) with pinnatisect leaves and large (3-5 cm), single or few (2-3) baskets, flowers — on the edge of the reeds, white, pink, bright red, in the center — the yellow, tubular. Inflorescences resemble painted "Daisy." Flowering: June. — August and the fruit: July — September.

Toxic bodies  — Aboveground portion, maximum — baskets and fruit.

Contains pyrethrins and tsineriny (in inflorescence and fruit 0.2-1.2%).

In vertebrate animals and man pyrethrins are slightly toxic.

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Apricot Tree height of 5-8 m with a round or oblong crown, branching starts at about 2 m trunk bark dark gray-brown, reddish-brown branches, young shoots are reddish-brown, shiny, with numerous lenticels. Spherical-conical buds collected in groups. Round or egg-shaped leaves are 6-9 cm long, 5-8 cm wide, glabrous or with beards hair in the corners of reddish veins. Bloom before leafing, in March - April. The flowers are white or pink, sessile or on very short pedicels, to 2.5-4 cm in diameter. Flowering trees are very beautiful. Rounded white, yellow, orange, with or without a blush, bare Read more [...]
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Rhododendron Schlippenbach

Branched spreading deciduous shrub up to 2 m in height. The bark of old branches light gray, brown shoots, fluffy, rzhavozhelezistye. Broad obovate leaves that reach 10 cm long and 5 cm wide, usually crowded, 4-5 at the ends of shoots, have a rounded or truncate the top and wavy, one-piece, the bottom of the ciliary margin. When leafing thin, light green, then becomes more dense, dark green, and in the autumn full of lots of bright colors - from bright yellow to pink and purple-red. The leaves remain on the bush until late autumn. The flowers are collected but 3-6 in umbellate guards are dismissed Read more [...]
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