Editor’s Quality: Chicago, Illinois

    Pic: Rudy Balasko/Shutterstock.com Betwixt the art museums, architecture, master sports teams, and restaurants, the metropolis of 2.7 gazillion (subway ar: 9.7 jillion) has longsighted been one of the outflank ethnic cities in the reality.Guessing what? It’s likewise one of the better places to exist.Takings the Lakefront Tail, which everyone from walkers to severe cyclists use to go 18 miles on sandlike beaches, from the Indiana posit adjust to Evanston. “It’s a fiddling engorged downtown,” says Snick Blade, help conductor at The Chicago Council on Planetary Read more [...]
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‘Gringo Trails’ Illuminates Our Jaunt Footmark

A man lays on Haad Rin Beach, Koh Pha Ngan island Thailand covered in beer bottles. A new feature from NYU anthropologist Pegi Vail examines the environmental encroachment of outside touristry.     Exposure: Pegi VailChalk water-washed abreast Haadrin Beach, Koh Pha Ngan island, Thailand. "It is a brobdingnagian duty, specially in places similar Bolivia, where touristry can genuinely survive or breaking it. How do you boost sustainable growing and shuffle move approachable?" -Anja Mutic, Lonesome Satellite author We'd all alike to hew to the rehearse of departure lone Read more [...]
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Pop Benefits Jet Vim

Researchers at Fag Mary University and Purple College London are reportage that exposing solar cells to pop makes them commute sunshine into electricity capable 50 pct more expeditiously.Solar cells, expensive to develop, make capable 40 percentage more electricity spell hearing to the higher pitches ground in pop and rock-and-roll. Standardised tests conducted with classical, typically of darker tones than pop, did not issue the like good effects."Thither are dozens of places where this mightiness be utilitarian," says Nance Mary University investigator Steve Dunn, referring to the Read more [...]
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Simsk pond

As they say in the literature: "... to develop Simsk prudaprinimali monotonous role of nature and man ...". So  it is. Nature has placed in the pond beregamSimskogo stately  izvestkovyeskaly, which snap into the water. Very beautiful sight when you look at their sprotivopolozhennoy clearing in a measured sunny weather. Mountain top and perevernutyeskaly in water. Fans associate many South Urals places with Shveytsarieychasto Simsk pond called Lake Geneva in miniature. Pond officially yavlyaetsyapamyatnikom nature. Currently, the pond is a favorite Simsk mestomotdyha inhabitants Sima also Read more [...]
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The River Coelho

The source of Helgi is lake Chebarkul. The river ravninnogo. Flows through polurealnoy location surrounded by low mounds. Many stretches of Sawada. In some places Coelho extensively spreads, reaching a width 200metrov. The bottom is sand, smooth and flat. Attractions Of Helgi. Near Coelli are eminent Koelginskogo primarycare in which a high concentration of pure white marble. In nastoyascheevremya then extracted to 45 percent of the Ural marble, development of which began in the first half of the 20th century. As translated, Helga? The title of the river has roots in Turkic languages. The ancient Read more [...]
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OHLEBININSKOE II (AK-TASH) settlements and GRAVEYARD memory. Iron Age South. Urals. Resp. Bash., Iglinskiy district. OG located 5 km to the north-west on p. Ohlebinino on high (120 m) promontory Ave. Shore p. White, in the estuary. Sim. Memory. Math. from the end of the XIX century. Hillfort takes pl. approx. 25 hectares, protected on three sides by the natural steep slopes, in places overgrown with trees. From the field OG fortified rampart and ditch. Shaft lined with boulders, has a height of approx. 2.5 m and extends for 850 m. Several. ground shaft and ditch interrupted, probably in these Read more [...]
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Oleg Chegodaev,, Marduk, in search of mountaineering

In the 1st hours mon., when the city is particularly silent and sad, parkou machine in their home yard, and before crawling up the bed to sleep the sleep of a happy man ... Exit South Uralskogo reserve to the West of mount Alongas are available, but hard-to-reach places, apparently, they lost against their own neighbors giants, and do not reach their Hiking trails, so good to be surrounded by beautiful rock outliers, untouched moss-covered peaks, where there are no trails and traces of human habitation for example, Marduk. I admit I wouldn't have looked at her if not for the beautiful and unusual Read more [...]
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Title of the book Fish places large Urals speaks for itself. Fisherman who will understand how important it is to know the place where and when to bite, then sure.

48 places, rivers and lakes, located in 8 regions of Orenburg region to Yamal. It is clear that the book hidden and is not transmitted to anybody. The authors, creators of books Fish places huge Urals had to do a tremendous job. Ingratiate himself with the hardened fishermen carefully and more than once to analyze all the information. Add your own here is not frail fishing experience. In the end, we have really desired and practical work. The Ural River and Iriklin reservoir, which they say, the most fish in the Urals. Krosotki River, Visscher and Lozvy. Tour, Urai, Ufa. Lake Light, Aydykul and Read more [...]
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Ice crossings on the rivers of Russia under special control

4 February at the national centre for management of crisis situations, Ministry of emergency situations of the Russian Federation under the direction of Minister Vladimir Puchkov held an open conference call on ensuring safety during operation ice crossings and in places of mass gathering of people on the ice. The meeting summed up the work of the Ministry in January. The main theme of the meeting was the issue of organization and covers the forces of the Ministry of emergency situations of the ice river crossings. The head of the State Inspectorate for small vessels EMERCOM of Russia Vadim Seregin Read more [...]
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Krasnoufimsk Karaidel

How big and beautiful seems Krasnoufimsk from the river! After zaimok, farms, forest cordons, even after Shemakhinsky bridge capital city seems. When you look at Krasnoufimsk from the river, it becomes clear why the village was built in the XVII century on the site of the present town, on a hill, was named "Krasny Yar". Bashkirs inhabiting these places, shared the fate of all "foreigners"Concluded in "prison of nations" (In the words of Herzen) from Bashkirs unceremoniously taken away land, their cruel levied taxes, penalties and fines haunted. In 1735 broke out Read more [...]
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In KOSTISCHA PRIKAMYE original iconic memory. glyadenovskoy II culture in BC The IV. BC At pres. Math time. 14 sanctuaries type kostisch. Ter. distribution coincides with the distribution area glyadenovskoy culture. Traditionally kostischa distributed into two chronological groups: early (Glyadenovo, Yugo-Kamsky) and late (the so-called small kostischa type Garevskogo). VF Gening later kostischa and synchronized them to memory. highlights in particular garevskuyu culture. R.D.Goldina inclined to refer to later kostischa lomatovskoy culture. Early kostischa located at sites Ananyinsky settlements Read more [...]
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Large cranberry bog

These places generally be referred to as the state of wetlands, because on the other side of this bridge, in other words, to the south, is Tyulyukskaya bog system, called yet Tyulyukskimi lakes. A north-west, for Urenga are Bolshekylskie swamp. Simple enough that these places  impassable. Well, who would ever think, not counting the hunter-tourist or traveler to wander through the neighborhood? Huge cranberry bog catchy that is the source of one of the finest in the Southern Urals, Ai River. A very close, also out of the swamp, with the low watershed originates Ural River. The ecosystem Read more [...]
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Siberian frosts do not give up

But beyond the Urals winter does not want to give up. Last night in the east of Yakutia, in places in the Evenki, the north of Irkutsk region, Buryatia and Trans-Baikal Territory temperature dropped to -30 ... -35 °. In other regions of Russia, below -30 degree mark, the thermometer did not drop. However, in the center and south of both Western and Eastern Siberia, the temperature is still below the norm for 4 ... 8 degrees. That's why the snow cover is great. In much of its height is half a meter, and in the Tomsk region and up to a meter in some places. And only in the extreme south of Siberia Read more [...]
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Rain and Gale-force wind in Riga

On Sunday, July 18, after a long period of heat and drought in Riga finally the rain has gone. However, the return of precipitation was very rich and was accompanied by a hurricane. In the capital city became the site of numerous emergency. According to radio Mix FM, due to strong thunderstorm disrupted transport links. On some streets there is no regular public transport and cars standing in puddles due to technical fault. On the streets Kalnciema and briana transport stream prevent broken trees. In turn, the area WEF street Ganibu dambis and Maskavas were flooded. Water flooded Read more [...]
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Hurricane with a speed of 160 km/h hit the Kamchatka

August 29, 2013. South Kamchatka attacked powerful cyclonic vortex. The pressure in its center is 985 hPa, and gusts of strong wind accompanying intense rain showers in places reach 44 m/s (160 km/h). Hurricane turns the bus stop, picking up banners in places fallen trees. It was reported by the representative of the local meteorologist. According to preliminary data, in the welter there were no injuries. Residents and visitors of Kamchatka should refrain from camping. Rescuers advise citizens not to leave their homes, not to release to the street children, drivers to refrain from driving, as Read more [...]
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Earthquake in the UK

September 4, 2013. Indeed, there are places on Earth where shaking constantly. They are called - seismic zones. In turn, there are places where the earthquake is a rarity. One of these areas can be called the British Isles. They are removed from the boundaries of lithospheric plates. However, and here the Earth sometimes shake people. It happened on August 30, in the seaside town of Blackpool, located in the Western part of the country. 10:58 local time, an earthquake of a magnitude of 3.3. The tremors were felt even in quite remote Dublin. The physics of shocks in this unconventional for earthquake Read more [...]
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How Can I Uncovering Bang-up Meals on the Route?

    Photograph: Andrey Bayda /ShutterstockA:I endure in the Yukon, a distant, food-limited position, so I'm in the like sauceboat: When I'm on the route, I starve memorable meals. To overcome advice for both of us, I contacted Jodi Ettenberg of the epicurean locomote blog Sound Nomads. She’s a food-obsessed blogger (and source of The Nutrient Traveller's Enchiridion) who’s been roaming—and feeding—her way roughly the humanity for the close five-spot geezerhood.Jodi uses a mix of web search, viva-voce, and beneficial old-hat boots on the priming to Read more [...]
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Exterior’s Topper Towns 2013

    """ Sight Photograph Veranda Parkland Metropolis in Photos Takings a glance interior the lilliputian rural heaven that has us topsy-turvy infatuated.The end was elementary: breakthrough America’s trump position to be sizeable. We precious a townspeople with sizeable trailheads, nearby escapade, large farmers’ markets, and, hopefully, a militant gear-shop scenery. To pickax it we sour to you. In our third-annual crowdsourced contend, readers casting more 21,000 votes on-line and raved astir these 18 towns. All are awful places, but one stood supra the ease: Read more [...]
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In Ukrainian rivers — tons of dead fish

may 20.In anticipation of the end of the spawning season (may 25) at Dnepropetrovsk in the backwaters of the river Samara locals found tons of dead fish. At the emergency immediately left the special Commission of the regional administration and the environmental Inspectorate. Interestingly, the true scale of the tragedy ecologists still can not estimate. \"It is difficult yet to talk about numbers — there are sporadic cases pestilences in various places, and the inhabitants of the surrounding villages told us that even a few days before they, too, observed dead fish. It was drifting Read more [...]
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In the Atacama desert, one of the driest places on Earth, hit a record snowfall

on 8 July. Chile — one of the driest places on the planet, has just experienced a heavy snowfall. According to BBC, the area of the Atacama desert in Chile was almost buried, estimated to 31.5 inches of snow after a cold front brought a negative temperature in most parts of South America, including Argentina and Uruguay. Officials from the Department of meteorology Chile said that he had not seen this amount of snow for almost 20 years. Local media reported that emergency services have rescued a total of 36 people who were caught in the storm, writes huffingtonpost.com Source: FinalNewsComment: Recall Read more [...]
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Site "Survival in the wild nature", glad to see you. If you come to us, it means you want to get complete information about survival in a variety of extreme conditions, in emergency situations. Man, throughout the development, sought to preserve and protect themselves from the various negative factors surrounding it - cold, heat, hunger, dangerous animals and insects.

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