Key Conditions Orbiter Fails

A planet intentional to rails discerp upwind has failed on the eve of the 2013 Atlantic hurricane temper. Attempts are organism made to reactivate the flunk planet, but NOAA reported that thither is "no appraisal on its regaining to operations." A scanty planet has been excited to cater reportage of the Easterly Seaside.Typically, two satellites are victimised to smear worrying brave—one apiece concluded the Westward and Eastward coasts—with a thirdly orbiter in modesty. If the s operation orbiter fails, NOAA would be constrained to trust on polar-orbiting satellites and more Read more [...]
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New Engineering Enables Wildfire Prognostication

Firefighters are now wagerer able-bodied to foreshadow the conduct of wildfires in material metre exploitation a new higher-resolution planet tool. The gimmick plant in coordination with a upwind estimate called the Mates Atmosphere-Wildland Firing Surroundings estimator framework.The new planet cat's-paw, the Seeable Infrared Tomography Radiometer Retinue, can concealment the total satellite every 12 hours and seizure images with pixels eq to 1,200 feet crossways—an betterment from the premature MODIS exemplar, which provided a footling o'er one-half a knot per pel. The Couple-Atmosphere-Wildland Read more [...]
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From Darfur to Yamal. Photo

7 December UN starts climate change conference in Copenhagen. Say, as always, will be about saving the planet from global warming. Nine photographers agency NOOR produced an impressive report - that the planet is not so, and whose life after the conference could change Honestly say, global warming - it is primarily a policy and then science. When in 2007? M climatologists have officially recognized that greenhouse gas emissions are to blame first and foremost people with their industry, the political campaign was already in full swing. The Kyoto Protocol signed by the time a hundred-plus countries Read more [...]
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Born as the Ural Mountains

Ural the world is a unique phenomenon. And for his role as planetary seam once scrapie two great continent. And here the abundance of natural landscapes, scattered­GOVERNMENTAL generously throughout its space. And on climate diversity. In fact, where you will find another such region, which cools the head to ancient ice of the Arctic Ocean­on, and the foot was calcined calcined sands pus­tyn? Region, where the same day in June shines indepen­Catching up on the sun blossoming subarctic tundra and grew­Cauchy stretches forbs alpine meadows. Where you can relish in the hunt or Read more [...]
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Found evidence of past geological and climatic changes

An international team of scientists from several universities in Europe, Japan and the United States completed the data collection and analysis of cores from the glaciers of Greenland. According to the research experts reported on two very significant temperature jumps that have occurred during the last Ice Age. Experts say that these races have had a significant impact on the circulation of atmospheric tides on the planet.Ice samples showed that in the northern hemisphere of the planet were two significant warming period - the first took place 14,700 years ago, when just 50 years of global Read more [...]
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Elysium 1:45:17on 26 Oct 2013 at 19:03|I like4617 commentsEugene Siberian and I will look)26 Oct 2013|Ratmir Minibaev Has long been found. Found26 Oct 2013|1Nikita Kucher Looked good )26 Oct 2013|Marat Sahibgrew The essence of the movie boils down to the fact that all that made white people were either for Jews or for all other peoples of the planet, while he himself should divide with the planet.26 Oct 2013|5The survival. SV-BUNKER and someone asked about CV? neater. Read more [...]
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The upper layer of the atmosphere of our planet, for unknown reasons shrunk

Photo: July 16th. / ITAR-TASS /. The upper layer of the atmosphere of our planet recently greatly shrunk and scientists can not yet find the explanation for this phenomenon. It is the most external layer of the atmosphere called the thermosphere and is located in the interval of heights from 90 km to 600 km above the Earth's surface. He is now recovering. Such events are not something very rare, but the extent of the latter phenomenon is literally shocked scientists. «This is the biggest contraction of at least the last 43 years», — said the head of research Read more [...]
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The heat will tear the planet increasingly

August 15, 2013. The atmosphere of the planet heats up, and it happens regardless of human activity or emissions of carbon dioxide. This is indicated by the results of a study published by the American, Spanish and German scientists. According to experts, the heat, like Moscow 2010, will tear the planet more often. In an article published in the journal Environmental Research Letters a group of authors from the universities of Pittsburgh, Madrid and Potsdam, described two scenarios. According to optimistic forecasts, the number of extreme weather events, including the so-called heat waves will Read more [...]
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Should I Enthrone in a Planet Call?

Planet phones can be expensive—but they don't birth to be. Via Shutterstock     Photograph: Anton GvozdikovA:Planet phones suffer been round for decades, but thither are a duet factors that shuffling them more approachable now. Foremost, gobs of places now charter the equipment. Nearly Internet-based shops let you use one for the workweek for below $200 (both headphone and transactions).Because of brobdingnagian new space-aged investments, sat phones render wagerer help, more affordably. One of the briny serving providers, Globalstar, has been lagging because of its old planet Read more [...]
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Next week Jupiter will be closer to Earth at closest distance

photo: PRAVDA.Ru Next week earthlings will be able to see in the night sky Jupiter, which will approach as close as possible to the Ground. As reported on Friday at NASA, on the night of Monday to Tuesday Jupiter will be just 558,8 million miles from our planet. According to scientists, this happens once in about 50 years. Last time it was in 1963, and the next is expected in 2022. The biggest planet in the Solar system in the case of good weather at night will be visible from Earth with the naked eye, experts say. And Shine Jupiter is brighter than all other stars. And a telescope or binoculars Read more [...]
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Astronomer: on Jupiter there is something strange

In the news last week Jupiter appeared repeatedly. The fact that the planet came to Earth very close by cosmic standards, the distance of \"only\" 559 million kilometers. And although astronomers interpret this phenomenon as usual, the telescope giant planet tried to address many. But something interesting on Jupiter's really happening, told Вестям.Ru employee astronomical Institute Sternberg Vladimir Surdin. Not so long ago on the planet suddenly disappeared belt of dark clouds, which is adjacent to the famous Great Red spot. (Approx. - The great Red spot - cloud structure, similar Read more [...]
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The ground shakes more and more

Alarming news are full of all the news columns of different countries of the world. Hurricanes, floods, volcanic eruptions, earthquakes began to occur on our planet almost every day. A powerful earthquake rocked China, Egypt, Indonesia, Iran and Kamchatka. Strange tremors are observed in Chelyabinsk and Volgograd. And if in Volgograd culprits underground fluctuations of 2-3 points consider the military, making obsolete ammunition, the reasons for fluctuations in Chelyabinsk, no one could explain. Because this area is considered to be aseismic. The military, as it has historically, from their Read more [...]
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World leaders will refuse to save the planet

A boy stands next to a large bottle with the message \"it's Time to save lives in Cancun, situated on the beach in Cancun organization \"Oxfam International\". Unable to find a solution to the problem of global climate change, the heads of state will spend the next two weeks in Cancun during the annual conference of the 193 Nations of the UN. (AP Photo/Israel Leal) To keep global warming at a relatively safe level of less than 2 degrees over the next 50 years is almost impossible to recognize the participants of the summit on climate change, which will begin its work today in the Mexican neighborhood. Most Read more [...]
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Treatment O.V. Martynov, dated 6 December 2010

All 9 channels of our system has passed a signal at the level of deep electric fields about the imbalance in the system structures of the planet. Comparing these data with the data of 2009 and received confirmation from the Italian experts, we believe that the planet is ahead of a whole cycle of catastrophic situations. In more detail, indicating the coordinates and the content of the event we will ask tomorrow at the end of the day. doctor of technical Sciences, Professor O.V. Martynov Addition: Data WBG-2 for 05.12.2010 (time GMT+1) The above-mentioned signal shown in the graph systems WBG-2. Read more [...]
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By 2100 mad climate shake the Earth, flooded the city and record heat

September 30, 2013. If you do not reduce emissions of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, the situation on the Ground can change dramatically not in favor of the people, writes Antonio Cianciullo in an article published in the newspaper La Repubblica. «In the year 2100 we will have 9 million on the planet, a significant decline in land area due to the occurrence of the seas, — the article says. — In cities exposed to the devastating blows of the waves, will pile up protective dams, people, persecuted tropical diseases will be millions to leave the plains, flooded with Read more [...]
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Midwest \»drowned\» in the snow

A powerful cyclone that originated off the coast of Mexico, to gain strength, covered the Midwest of the USA. The wind speed in some areas up to 80 kilometers per hour. Powerful snowfall has covered almost half of the U.S., covered over some areas of the Midwest under 60-cm layer of snow. According to authorities, wind and icing caused breakage of the transmission lines in the area from Texas to the States of New England. Freezing rain and a sharp decrease in temperature resulted in the breakage of the transmission lines, but also to the failure of several substations. On the East coast of the Read more [...]
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In 2011-2015 will be high seismic activity

In 2011-2015 forecast the highest cycle of volcanic and seismic activity in the entire history of observations. This was during a scientific conference held on 14-15 April in Almaty, said the Vice-President of the International Academy of Sciences, Director of the scientific research Institute for prognosis and studying of earthquakes, doctor of geological-mineralogical Sciences Elchin Khalilov (Azerbaijan).Elchin Khalilov - known scientist in the field of geodynamics, seismology and tectonics. He participated in many international conferences held in England, Austria, Germany, Brazil, Russia, Read more [...]
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Academician Dudyshev about the future

Russian scientist V.D. Dudyshev a long time studying the natural phenomena of the planet and created a Unified theory the theory of natural phenomena. A special case of this theory is the latest theory of the Apocalypse, which is inevitable, as the inversion of the geomagnetic field of the Earth. The growing number of powerful earthquakes (Haiti, Japan) with increasing inversion (coup) of the geomagnetic field of the Earth and global climate change, flora and fauna of the planet over the last few years are consistent with the findings of a Unified theory of natural phenomena. One of the main Read more [...]
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Miass rocketeer will save the planet from an asteroid

August 18,. Miass rocketeer will save our planet from asteroid collisions. Now in rocket center «Makeeva» — the development of a global system of protection of the Earth. The threat is real. Already in 2029, scientists predict dangerous asteroid mass of 20 million tons. Asteroid «Apophis» scientists have discovered seven years ago, and then it became clear: he — a serious threat to the planet. In 2029, this cosmic body will be too close to the Ground. If the asteroid will enter the zone of the so-called resonant return, then a collision is imminent Read more [...]
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The perfect storm

The last time the average person it seems as if the world had gone mad. Various publications, radio, television vying talk about the end of the world, and each offer their own versions. Why the hysteria? It turns out that our indefatigable activity has led to the fact that the planet has begun an irreversible process. And from year to year, they are all accelerated. The melting of Arctic ice and as a consequence, the increase in Global sea level and climate change, the occurrence of deserts - it all happened much faster than expected by scientists a few years ago.NASA claim that in 2013 Read more [...]
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