Hollywood Goes Eco for World Viridity Company

    K CompanyHollywood, CA —With the amusement community train up for the Oscars finale workweek, a choose grouping of Hollywood celebrities showed their common face finish Friday dark at Planetary Greenness's Ball-shaped Thawing Company. The result was unionized to profit the jet rebuilding of the metropolis of New Orleans likewise as Planetary Viridity's worldwide thaw initiatives. It was likewise a kick-off for World Viridity's efforts to deliver celebrities make finale Sunday's Academy Awards in environmentally favorable vehicles. "The issue was a rattling winner," Read more [...]
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A new type of planetary rovers for Phobos

Traditional rovers are not suitable for small satellites and asteroids, but the study of their surface is essential for understanding the history of the solar system. Obviously, you need a new solution ...Gravity on the moon six times weaker than the Earth, Mars - three times. So clutch luno and rovers with the ground always left much to be desired, which causes them to move at low speed. But on some celestial bodies lunar gravity is much weaker, which further aggravates the problem by eliminating the possibility of even a caterpillar drive.Long attracted the attention of scientists Phobos Read more [...]
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Extrasolar planet moves around its star in the opposite direction

Scientists have tried to figure out why one of the planetary systems of the planet moves in the opposite direction of its orbit its star. Recently, researchers have studied quite bizarre planetary system in which the exoplanet HAT-P-7b is moving in the opposite direction of its orbit around its star. The central star of this planetary system is located at a distance of 1.040 light-years from Earth in the constellation Cygnus.Planet HAT-P-7 was found March 6, 2008. The orbit of the planet is close to the star HAT-P-7, the major axis of the orbit is slightly more than 5 million miles, and its Read more [...]
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And the big stars are planets

About hot young blue stars have found a massive object, which can be as heavy planets and light brown dwarf. But whatever it was, the debate about whether or not to form a blue-giant planet, apparently, should be considered closed.U.S. astronomers led by Joseph Carson (Joseph Carson) from the College of Charleston Space Telescope Subaru found a method of direct observation of the planet HD 222439 b. It revolves around a young star HD 222439 of spectral type B9, also known as Kappa Andromeda. Luminary removed from us at 170 light-years, with very HD 222439 b shares with the star of more than Read more [...]
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Will mankind survive before the red sun?

What awaits the Sun and our planetary system in the future - and not just our own. In recent years, more than a hundred nearby stars discovered planetary systems. Appears, and the planet will not last forever. Particularly sad fate awaits the world, close to their stars. What kind of - this is said in the article.Sun - an ordinary star of spectral type G2. It takes place around the middle of the Hertzsprung-Russell diagram (H-R). The horizontal axis of the chart postponed spectral type of the star and the vertical - luminosity. The spectral type of the star is determined by its temperature. Read more [...]
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