So what is all the same in the 20 days of December?

Hello comrades! Many of you have long puzzled over this mystical date - 21.12.2012. What did not come up with western mediapropaganda, and the planet Nibiru, and aliens, and global warming and generally nothing less - end of the world. But in actual fact it's much easier and more boring than you might expect. Fantasy and imagination fade off to the side ... So, during the deepest analysis (or rather stupidly stumbled on this topic), I found that the American media propaganda system worked well their grub - for pretty not bad minds of viewers zazombirovanny various catastrophes and disasters. Read more [...]
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Rushed into the room.

COMING TO LAND COMET To our planet at high speed approaching comet C/2009 R1, was opened in 2009. In mid-June in the northern hemisphere will be able to see this object in the sky with the naked eye. According to NASA, now a comet can be seen with binoculars before sunrise in the northeastern part of the sky, in the constellation Perseus. By 15 June it reaches the minimum distance from the / The head of the celestial body size larger than the diameter of Jupiter and is a cloud of gas around a greenish comet nucleus. Tail length is about a million miles away. Read more [...]
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The situation with the Earth. the scientific method.

- Earth something unusual happens to the extent not previously the case that, judging by the trends may present a direct threat to me and my family. - Possible sources observed two unpleasant: Nibiru and HAARPy driven by selfish people who have a lot of power and money. Nibiru looks more likely source than HAARP. - Because I do not have any influence on source, I did not achieve 100% confidence in his nature. I switched to a related investigation. - As at 14 March 2012. natural tendency unpleasant prompted me to make a detailed analysis in order to bring to the attention of my family and friends. - Read more [...]
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Rest until

Thinking out loud: planet began to resent, faults plates tense infrasound wave covers the entire globe affecting animals and humans. Animals - behave unpredictably attack people. In countries that hysteria, horse exchanges collapse generates fear layoffs and bankruptcies. Insurrection, riot, revolution. Planet rages and descend on us tsunami, tornadoes, earthquakes, which also undermines national economies. Hysteria hangs in the air and on the Internet. Awaken old volcanoes. Now a new wave. War and intolerance in all countries. People at high and mean another blow next element and think big .... Hold Read more [...]
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Great parade of planets 6-7 August 2010

In the near future, namely 6-7 August 2010 will be quite interesting astronomical phenomenon. Six of the planets - Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn and Uranus will form almost a straight line (within 5 degrees) (perfectly straight lines with the participation of such a large number of planets naturally not the case, so the position of the planets within a few degrees is considered to be one line). The earth will be in the middle between Jupiter and Uranus on one side and Venus, Mars and Saturn on the other.From the Earth it will look like this:This parade is notable for the fact Read more [...]
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Parade of the planets can be seen tonight

Tonight Russians may witness the rare phenomenon - parade of planets. Stumbling blocks can be managed from burning peatlands. Parade of the planets - is a phenomenon in which a small area of the sky going three planets: Venus, Mars and Saturn, the \"guests\" which will also visit mercury. Here's how to explain this unique phenomenon, a senior researcher at the State Institute named Sternberg, Moscow state University Vladimir Surdin: \"Parade of planets is when several planets are close enough to each other from the point of view of the observer. They say that they \"line up\", but it's too Read more [...]
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Night was the parade of planets. Video

That night, many armed with telescopes and binoculars to better see the rare phenomenon — parade of the planets. On one side of the Sun lined Venus, Mars and Saturn. To this «three» periodically joined by mercury. Source: Lead Read more [...]
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Satellite map real proishestviy on the planet.

Hungarian business RSOE EDIS has created an interactive map of accidents on the planet.
All anything, but there is no information on the map of Russia. In any case, the incident on the map displayed manmade, viruses, etc. Below is a description of the card icons.

Global map

Offs. site / alertmap /

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How to survive humanity — scientists, hypotheses, science (updated). Video

Hawking said that people should as soon as possible to colonize other planets, because in the foreseeable future existence on Earth would be impossible for a number of reasons. Not so long ago myself, Stephen Hawking said that if humanity wants to survive, then the only way to do this is to leave the Earth. (Stephen Hawking recommended humanity to leave Earth) Perhaps he is right - it is not enough that the man slowly destroys everything that nature has created previously, and there is a threat quickly destroy themselves in the form of a fusion nuclear and conventional weapons. In General, Read more [...]
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What is necessary to prepare.

There are only three options for the apocalypse: 1. Falling on the ground of a large asteroid (more than 1 km in diameter) 2. Supervolcano eruption 3. Nuclear Winter (a consequence of a series of explosions of nuclear warheads with total capacity of over 10,000 MT) In all cases will have the same sequence of events: 1.Vybros stratosphere large amount of dust and soot, which would global change in the heat balance of the planet due to the reduction of air transparency (come chill). 2.Nachnetsya global precipitation due to condensation of water dissolved in the atmosphere after cooling (Deluge) 3.Nachnetsya Read more [...]
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For stories about the green men treat with irony — but …….

Scientist Alexander Filatov from the village under Abramovo Sarov calculations involved moving mysterious planet Nibiru, which in the near future ... can collide with the Earth. Their calculations, which eventually led him to a sensational conclusion Sarov engineer began after meeting with the works of the famous orientalist Zecharia Sitchin. He deciphered the ancient Sumerian inscriptions, presented the finished picture of the development of our civilization. Filatov checked Sitchin presented data and was amazed! But to understand the issue, you need to make a brief historical digression.Ancient Read more [...]
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Earth asteroid threatens three

It is learned that in the near future security of our planet and mankind is potentially threatened by three asteroid, and it is likely that their orbits will have to adjust with the intention that they did not encounter with in the near future of our planet and mankind potentially threatened by three asteroid, and one of them - Apophis.The greatest way of these three asteroids known asteroid Apophis (Apophis). With our planet this asteroid might encounter in 2036. In order to more accurately navigate to the location of the outer body in space, Russian scientists plan to send Read more [...]
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Star alignment to the summer of 2010.

Star alignment to the summer of 2010.Here we begin to enter into the peak astrological planetary phase / April 27, 2010 to Fall 2010 /, what was this before / beginning of the crisis, etc. / - were only "flowers" - and "berries" are just beginning ...We are entering a period of cosmic anomalies that affect on Earth, increase in seismic activity and other natural disasters only confirms this. Ahead of us a series of tumultuous events of social, political and natural character.Especially because the Higher Powers have already begun to present us with surprises - in fact the last facts of Read more [...]
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The Furious Register

    Picture: Instance by Jason HolleyQ) I noticed a mocker and a redbreast pairing approach my menage. What was that all almost? Julie Herndon, Yorktown, Virginia A) Interspecific SHAGGING, more unremarkably known as cross, is pretty far-flung in the avian mankind—but it happens well-nigh only 'tween birds of the like phyletic genus, such as golden-winged warblers and blue-winged warblers. It's fairly obvious why: For sparks to fly betwixt shuttle species, they mustiness be interchangeable in sizing and familiar in apiece former's pairing calls and rituals. In the pillowcase Read more [...]
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International On-line Archives

Remote clip, May 1999Do the planets very brand a timid "euphony" that you can learn?--Rita Sousalous, Davenport, IowaIt's a beautiful thought, this antediluvian whimsey of the "euphony of the spheres," but ilk so many beautiful ideas, it's totally notional. The hypothesis, thinking to sustain been originated by Pythagorean mathematicians of antediluvian Greece, went thence: As the planets whirled approximately Ground with hone balance Read more [...]
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Extraneous On-line Archives

International mag, Lordly 1998By Hampton SidesIs Pluto genuinely a satellite?— J. Durant, Essex, MarylandAfterwards sedulous candidature by its discoverers at Arizona's Lowell Lookout, upstage Pluto was hurriedly stated a satellite in 1930, and e'er since so schoolchildren sustain been taught with enceinte condemnation that thither are niner heavy bodies, or "major planets," revolving some our Sun. Yet if it were ascertained now, Read more [...]
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Official science on the impact of the sun and planets through the Sun

Are the official science influence of the planets and luminaries (Sun and Moon) on earth processes and living organisms? Can be a simple answer: "Yes!" Different areas of science has had vast influence on the results of the research have gravitational fields of the moon and planets, and the electromagnetic field of the Sun. But these effects are very difficult to investigate, because sometimes difficult to establish their relationship to terrestrial phenomena, and separated from other influences - other celestial bodies and independent processes that occur on Earth. Is there such global Read more [...]
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December 21, 2012 — the parade of planets, end of the world, the beginning of a new era or a normal day

According to Spokesman Pulkovo Astronomical Observatory Sergei Smirnov about what exactly will be 21 December 2012 in terms of astronomical events, we learn only when the date comes, and now it's safe to say that there will be a small parade of planets. Let's try to summarize the available evidence on this issue."We are the closest to the edge of the galaxy. When looking at its center, we can see the constellation of Sagittarius and Scorpio. Dec. 21, the day of solstice, the sun passes through these constellations. We do not know how to line up the planets of other systems. This is Read more [...]
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Top 10 Scientific Discoveries of the outgoing 2012

12/13/2012 This year is not over yet, but scientists are summing results remember the most important discoveries that were awarded this year. New Planet, the incredible achievements, new animals, worthy of Guinness World Records ... now think of the most high-profile openings of the year.10) The giant crocodile which broke all records. Giant crocodile Lolong 6.17 meters in length, live in captivity, the biggest crocodile. It is written in the book of Guinness World Records. After he was accused of assaulting people, killing two people, he was caught in the Philippines, was placed in a nursery Read more [...]
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Astrology on December 21, 2012 — the end of the world come.

While many are preparing for the expected end of the world, Tallinn astrologer Olga Potemkin says nothing special on this day, December 21, 2012, will not happen.Astrologers present time is described as a transitional period when changing stellar timing, that is, the earth's axis moves from Pisces into Aquarius. Age of Pisces was associated with the religious wars, totalitarianism, and spiritual stagnation lasted about 2160 years and ended in 2003. Age of Aquarius - the era of knowledge, supporting the change vision of humanity."The closer December - confirms astrologer Olga Potemkin Read more [...]
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