Research the Buffalo River’s Hardwood Harbor

Whitaker Item.     Though it has a low home visibility, Arkansas’ Buffalo Internal River is a immense regional tie—the subject ballpark serving whole saw 1.16 jillion visitors in 2011, more Arches, Everglades, and 307 former parks and monuments. No enquire—one of the nation’s longest free-flowing rivers at 150 miles from its ancestry thereto’s merging with the Whiten River, the Buffalo tumbles 2,000 feet done the blockish Ozark mountains, below 400-foot limestone cliffs and yesteryear across-the-board amaze bar campsites. A twelve entree points substance Read more [...]
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4.4 points — Earthquake in Japan

An earthquake measuring 4.4 points occurred on the main Japanese island of Honshu. According to the Meteorological Department, there was no tsunami threat. No injuries or damage data are not available.

The epicenter was located off the coast of Fukushima prefecture, north of Tokyo. Center lies at a depth of about 90 km. Tremors were felt residents of four nearby prefectures.

Source — Itar-Tass.

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Romania has been a sharp increase in seismic activity

Bucharest, December 03 (New Region Sergei Vulpe) - Romanian seismologists predict that by the end of the year in Romania may occur 7-magnitude earthquake, but the authorities have kept this information secret. As the "New Region" with reference to the Romanian Agency for Investigative Journalism Media, according to the Romanian seismologists, in 2009, there has been an abnormal seismic activity in the country. Every month in Romania usually occur 10 to 15 earthquakes ranging from 2 to 4 points Richter, but in April of this year, the number doubled and tripled in the coming months. As the seismic Read more [...]
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Report (01.12 — 06.12.2009)

Each week we will collect data and write reports on changes in the global climate. Let's start with the earthquakes. Over the past week there were 12 earthquakes that have been written in the media. In fact, they were much more, but because their power is very small about them, nothing was said. The Earth's crust is in constant motion as we can judge by the large number of news about the earthquake. Tuesday (01.12.2009) - In the Mediterranean, an earthquake of magnitude 4.5 points. - An earthquake measuring 5.7 was recorded off the coast of Vanuatu. Wednesday (02.12.2009) - In the north of Read more [...]
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In the north of Kyrgyzstan at night, an earthquake measuring 3.5 points

The earthquake occurred on Tuesday night in northern Naryn region of Kyrgyzstan, according to preliminary data, no victims and destructions. "According to the Institute of Seismology of the National Academy of Sciences, the earthquake was registered on Tuesday at 00:05 local time at the epicenter of the power of 3-3.5 points" - told RIA "News" in the press service of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Kyrgyzstan. The epicenter of the earthquake was located on the ridge of At-Bashy, 20 kilometers south of the regional center of Naryn. Source: Komsomolskaya Pravda Read more [...]
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Earthquakes in New Zealand and off the coast of Portugal

In New Zealand earthquake. The strength of the tremors reached 4 points. This was reported in the National Seismological Service. Earthquake felt residents of the North Island. No injuries or damage information yet. New Zealand is part of the so-called Ring of Fire. This seismically active zones and volcanoes, including underwater. Every year, on the islands of the North and South is fixed to 14 thousand. Earthquakes. In the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Spain and Portugal today, an earthquake of magnitude 6.3 points. Information about damage and casualties yet. According to the National Geographic Read more [...]
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In Kyrgyzstan, an earthquake measuring 4.5 points

Today, in Kyrgyzstan, an earthquake measuring 4.5 points, the agency reports citing the press service of the Ministry of Emergency Situations. According to the press service of the Ministry of Emergency Situations, referring to data from the Institute of Seismology, National Academy of Sciences, December 24 at 08.15 local time was recorded at the epicenter of an earthquake measuring 4.5 points. The earthquake was located 35 kilometers north-west of the town of Talas, where the earthquake was felt the force of 3.5 points. In villages Jong-Arik, Uch-Emchek, Ken-Aral, Min-Bulak felt tremors force Read more [...]
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Earthquake in Magadan

An earthquake with a magnitude of 4.5, the calculated force 5 points occurred in the Kolyma. According to the Geophysical Survey of RAS, the tremor was recorded on the eve of 116 km north-west of the town of Magadan at a depth of 33 km. This earthquake was felt in the city of Magadan, p. Ola, p. Gadlo force up to 4 points. Death and destruction in an earthquake is not.


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Here in Poland, an earthquake measuring 4.42 points

Today, January 22, in the central part of Poland, an earthquake measuring 4.42 points. According to local media reports, tremors were recorded at 05.05 (6:05 in Kiev) local time in the vicinity of Bełchatów and Pajęczno, near Lodz. According to preliminary data, no victims and destructions. «The emergency services do not have information from residents about damage or statics of buildings associated with the earthquake», — said a spokesman for the local fire guards Arkadiusz Makovsky. According to geophysicists, for the area where the earthquake occurred, the tremors Read more [...]
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Another zemeletryasenie in Poland

In Poland, was recorded another earthquake in 6:35:41 to UTC. Its magnitude was 3.5 points, the depth of the epicenter 10 km. Source: EMSC Comment: It should be noted that for two weeks, from 25 January to 9 February in Poland was recorded about 15 earthquakes. Their power was varied from 2 to 4.9 points. The strongest - 4.9 - occurred on Feb. 6. Read more [...]
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Ukraine is waiting for an earthquake of 9 points

Romanian scientists are sounding the alarm - after the earthquakes in Haiti and Chile no less destructive shaking (9 points) can occur at any time in Ukraine! Mountain range on the border with Ukraine (Vrancea zone in the Carpathians) has almost the same activity as in Chile, according to experts of the Romanian Institute of Physics of the Earth, justifying his gloomy prediction. "The earthquake feels even Moscow ..." - said the director of the Romanian Institute of Physics of the Earth George Mermuryanu. According to him, the expected shaking can outdo the one that was in 1977, when the Bucharest Read more [...]
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Earthquakes of magnitude 5.7 and 5.5 occurred in Tibet

Successive earthquakes of magnitude 5.7 and 5.5 points recorded on Wednesday in the Tibet Autonomous Region of China, reports Xinhua news agency. Both earthquakes occurred in the county district Nezhun Natsyu Tibet Autonomous Region. Tremors of magnitude 5.7 points were recorded at 10:06 local time (5:06 MSK), the power of 5.5 points — at 10:44 local time (5:44 MSK). The epicenter of the first quake was at a depth of eight, the second — seven kilometers. Earthquake of magnitude 5 points observed in Tibet in early January and the end of February 2010. Read more [...]
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What wheels should I get for my new route wheel?

Ksyrium Elect     Exposure: courtesy, Execution PedalKsyrium ElectA:Ah, yes. Execution points?whirl for cyclists. You pay that $20 founding fee, beginning edifice up points, and shortly you're in their bag alike a python belongings a pussyfoot. I was at Execution in Seattle the early day and shook them fine-tune to price-match Nashbar on a cycling reckoner. But it fair wasn't the like?Operation, course, now owns Nashbar. So I wasn't rattling stickin' it to 'em. Anyhow, wheels. Both the Neuvation and the Mavic Ksyriums are proprietorship rimspokehub systems, different, say, a Mavic Read more [...]
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Krasnoyarsk predicted a devastating earthquake

In the coming years in the Krasnoyarsk region may occur strong earthquake, which resulted in the destruction of not excluded about 30% of the city's buildings. Threatening seismologists forecast was made at a meeting of the regional committee of the Legislative Assembly on economic policy, according to "Nezavisimaya Gazeta". Subject powerful earthquakes in the region rose three years ago. In September 2007, the vice-president of the Russian Academy of Sciences Nikolai Laverov with a group of seismologists from Moscow and Irkutsk, sent a letter to Governor Alexander Khloponin. The letter stated Read more [...]
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Earthquake in Sochi

   According to seismologists, the epicenter of the earthquake is in the hundred ninety kilometers from the city in the mountain range of the Northern Caucasus. Shaken during the day, about half a second. It was an earthquake on a regional scale and small capacity. Such shifts of the crust, the professionals call "background earthquakes." In Sochi, they occur two to three times a week. And they are almost impossible to feel. Helen Karpovich, head of Sochi seismic "On, on the treatment of our station, it was small, ranging up to 3 points, it was felt on the higher floors and seysmochuvstvitelnymi Read more [...]
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Half disasters

American experts are waiting for new earthquakes in California and the Midwest. World "season earthquakes" captured the first six months of this year and threatens the continuation of the infinite. If last week was shaking India, China and the Pacific Islands, then on Tuesday morning disaster force of 5.7 on the Richter scale struck in California (USA). By the end of this week around the Californian city of San Diego is expected aftershocks force of up to 4.5 points. The correspondent of "NO" talked to American seismologists, it is believed that all these riot of nature are the result of the collision Read more [...]
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An earthquake of 6.5 points in Mexico

Photo: emsc In the state of Oaxaca in southern Mexico recorded an earthquake of magnitude 6.5 points, according to the BBC news service with reference to the USGS. The epicenter was located near the city of Oaxaca, 300 km from Mexico City, tremors were felt in the Mexican capital. Information about the victims and destructions. Source: Reporter Read more [...]
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Which ring can clutches climb pitch on with all the early poppycock?

Whitney     Exposure: courtesy, GregoryGregory WhitneyWhitneyA:Aught wish great alloy and big ropes stuffed into a gang to pee-pee you wishing you?d preoccupied light-packing alternatively of careen mounting. Who gets to expect the 200-footer? Perhaps it?s punter to yield two 160-foot eight-mils. Either way, that farce very adds to the internment. You demand a gang with a actually dear respite, as my guessing is the loading volition be in the 60- to 70-pound compass. I?ll advocate leash: Arc?teryx Bora 80 ($375; It?s not a immense ring, but it?s big adequate Read more [...]
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7 magnitude earthquake in the south of Fiji?

Magnitude: 7.0 Time: July 8, 2010 12: 47: 37.3 UTC Depth: 15 feet Coordinates: 21.78 S 176.16 E 15 Source: EMSC Comment: 7 points - the average score is outputted from the sum of all the seismic stations have registered it (or any other) earthquake. Following the link can be seen that the maximum magnitude was 11.4. A two stations have recorded 9.6 and 9.7 points. The rest were given the results of up to 0.4 points. How true this system estimates the average score - a question. Read more [...]
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Petzl Scoot

Petzl Flutter.     Pic: Courtesy of PetzlA:The 29-ounce Dash has a bad brand monopoint for exact arrangement piece playing extremum miscellaneous and ice climb. The French-made climber has 11 nerve points upright longsighted decent to allow constancy without having to high-step—two of the points are angled forwards to commit backup to the monopoint, two unofficially supply sidelong clasp piece traversing, and iv in rear provide constancy when descending and veneer declivitous. The full battlefront part can be replaced if it wears out. Read more [...]
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