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Frustrated expedition

In 1840-1880 gg. in the Russian activities on the development of high-latitude Arctic lull. Once in the 1838-1839's. AK Expedition Tsivolki the New Earth ended in failure, the Russian government refused further funding of polar expeditions. However, this does not mean that Russian scientists have finally abandoned the research. Since the second half of the XIX century have shores of Novaya Zemlya intensified their activities Norwegian industrialists. Became clear that the settlement of Novaya Zemlya Russian subjects. During this period, it was proposed several major expeditions Read more [...]
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The lessons of survival. We spend the night in the winter forest

Begin to engage arrangement overnight, if possible, of course, need to daylight in order not to look for in a snowy forest wood and materials for your temporary shelter. And you need to start, of course, with the choice of place.Begin to engage arrangement overnight, if possible, of course, need to daylight in order not to look for in a snowy forest wood and materials for your temporary shelter. And you need to start, of course, with the choice of place.The winter day is short, so it often happens that a hunter or a fisherman plans to travel to hunting or fishing in one day. It does not always Read more [...]
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Reed Paradise

Ah, the smell of hay shock. Datura smell! That night rain, that he gave a special flavor and aroma of hay. Oh - what a smell!Photo: Rafael Mukhamedshina Kolyan pulled out a bundle of hay, and sat on it, and I just huddled to kopёshke back and now are constantly moving out, roll down the slippery hay. Get up, arrange a sidbu not want. Do not want to shy disturb, disrupt the prevailing condition.At the far Ples invitingly yelling duck. She makes only small breaks and cries again. The sound is so clear, so sharp. This is because the dawn is too quiet. Yes, yes, - is this: the dawn Read more [...]
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All shelters require little time to build and not enough materials. In particular, they are applicable for the winter time because provide equal heating of the great long number of people located around the campfire or stove-outhouses.Cone hut arrange a diameter of from 6 to 7 m is Recommended the subsequent simple method device of a conical tent. Take 20-30 poles of a width of 7-8 cm in length and 4.5-5 m and arrange from their tapered frame tent. Poles are positioned so that the distance between their lower ends does not exceed 50-60 see Sustainability framework ensures that all poles rest on Read more [...]
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HOW to Build a DUGOUT

The dugout is a ground - based household structure. The main purpose of the dugout to make the role of ordinary residential and business premises in the absence of the past to rest and stay of personnel, accommodation different warehouses, workshops, Fri communications and the rest.The dugout by the standards of field criterion makes a very comfortable living conditions, providing the personnel area and volume are almost similar with the criteria barracks and containing all the unit in full.Dugouts, depending on destination, can have different sizes, but the principle of construction and the materials Read more [...]
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We will need a roofing material, cement, sand, gravel, rebar, duct tape, stud, Bur garden and slightly patience and diligence. To start pulling out of hole depth of one meter at least.And so proceed to the production of a pier Foundation. Do device: wood Board draw a circle of a diameter of 180 mm, if the diameter of the column 250 mmBecause reinforcing ligament had to get up with a gap to the edge of the pillar. In the resulting circle write an equilateral triangle. The apex of this triangle twisted pair screws. Another screw twisted pair near the top.He serves as a stop when the forming wire. Read more [...]
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What to do if lost in the woods?

Hello dear kamrady.Proizoshel one case from Friday to subbotu.Chetvero adults boarded the train and went to look for mushrooms in the forest one of Ulyanovsk.It all started as usual, went into the woods in search of mushrooms, were quite plotno.Shli shli.I collected again here at one point, they realized that they lost! And most importantly, not one of them did not know what to do in this sluchae.Sredi them was a woman she had a sore serdtse.Estestvenno started to panic and this woman was ploho.Stali call on his cell, but the sense was malo.Stalo dark, it started to rain . Bonfire smogli.Chto not Read more [...]
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Statistics indicate that people who due to various events (salutaris, the tragedy of the vehicle and so on) one on one with feral nature, can for a long time to save power and protect themselves from adverse natural causes, if you build a temporary shelter, even the simplest. To build such a shelter is needed and as rescuers from the air significantly easier to find a camp or shelter with warning signs than a lone human figure or even a group of people.The camp site must meet several requirements, most important of which is security. You cannot build a temporary house on the river shallows, low Read more [...]
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Earth’s magnetic poles change

Earth's core is too deep for scientists were able to directly measure its magnetic field. But to draw conclusions about changes in it can be, and by observing the field of the Earth on the planet's surface and kosmose.Soglasno results of a new analysis of the data in the kernel there are areas with rapidly changing magnetic characteristics. According to the Geophysics Institute of Geophysics of Paris (Institut de Physique du Globe de Paris) Kull Arnaud (Arnaud Chulliat), the area may be responsible for the removal of the magnetic pole of the northern part of Canada.North Magnetic Pole, Read more [...]
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COZY SHALASH for 20 people.

ChumGood winter home for guerrilla groups - round hut or tent (Fig. 3). Chum diameter of 6 meters for 20 people. For the construction of the core taken pole thickness of 7-10 centimeters in length - to 4.5-5 meters. Please install the tripod of three poles tied with rope or wire on top. Around it are placed poles (30-35 pieces) so that they relied on the ends of the tripod. Distance between bases of poles should not be more than half a meter. Associated skeleton plague has a conical shape. Poles intertwined crate of the thick boughs. Layers stacked on top of pine branches, which for better Read more [...]
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Surprisingly actual song

www.youtube.com/watch?v=tz1TSimdIWw&NR=1&feature=endscreenNeighborhoods in fire Burning outside. Our old King Harry Moved wisely. On parched cornfields Grains not gather - Flying squads horse, Trampling rye. Why suffer - to work, - All started up on the scrap heap. God forbid you be born Under Henry the Sixth! Whose banner on shelves? For that bargaining is conducted? Who will rule the world - Lancaster or York? What we nobles Neither tipped king For us the same thing - Bondage and loop. Milord our fun, Yes a little disconcerting that. God forbid you be born Under Henry the Sixth! Everywhere Read more [...]
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The North Pole turned into a lake

July 25, 2013. Instead of snow and ice, swirling in the wind, now a greenish-blue lake at least a foot deep splashing around webcams placed at the North Pole. Meltwater lake started to form on July 13 after two weeks of warm weather in the high Arctic. At the beginning of July, the temperature was 2 to 5 degrees Fahrenheit (1 to 3 degrees Centigrade) is higher than the average for the most part of the Arctic Ocean, according to National Snow & Ice Data Center. Read more [...]
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Bogs and quicksand. What to do?

Precautions: • To find a long pole, which must be taken before a road. • To choose higher ground, overgrown with bushes. • To step into the Bush, which grows the Heather. • Move as slowly as possible and easier. How to get out of the marshes: 1. To throw heavy objects, reset the backpack to lighten their weight. 2. To put under the feet of the pole or stick. 3. Move smoothly and slowly, not making any seizure, sudden movements. 4. Feeling that you sucks, immediately lie down flat on hummocks and wait, when you throw a rope or stretched Read more [...]
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Antarctica is hidden from warming the ozone hole

Paradoxical increase in ice off the coast of Antarctica in the global warming associated with the so-called ozone anomaly in the South Pole. According to the representative of the Arctic Research Institute Alexander Klepikova, reduction of ozone leads to a cooling of the upper atmosphere, and the strengthening winds, protecting Antarctica from warm air, reports RIA "Novosti". "Over the 30 years of observations that we have satellite data, we increase the ice cover in the Southern Ocean surrounding Antarctica, more than 4%," - said the scientist. At the same time, the amount of drift ice at the Read more [...]
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survival hero of our time

Yesterday Tomsk and the school attended by my children, visited the Stately Wayfarer and survived Fyodor Konyukhov.Slightly biography;Fedor Filippovich grooms was born December 12, 1951, on the shore of the sea of Azov. Father Philip M., a descendant of fishermen whose family came from Arkhangelsk province, mother - Mary miss, a native of Bessarabia.With youth showed eagerness to travel and discover all the abundance of peace. The first expedition was carried out in 15 years, crossed the sea of Azov on a fishing rowing boat.To 50 years, made more than 40 unique expeditions and ascents, expressing Read more [...]
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About Zeta Nibiru, etc.

Dedicated to Aris comrade! After reading articles about Zetah and Nibiru doetogo also digging in the internet about Zetah, decided to put their thoughts and change the perspective from the scientific side. And so are some quotes from sites devoted to the Zetas. 1. The Zetas say that the earth stopped and they produce an independent movement of Mother Earth, in order not to attract the attention of people, and the government is hiding! But the atmosphere also rotates together with our planet (not to be confused with the winds), we can calculate that if all abruptly stop the Earth will be swept gale-force Read more [...]
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Ice fishing seine in Yakutia.

Yakut - "Munch" Placed in the "hunt", as "fishing" can not see. Go on a fishing infrequently, usually. There are special feeding lakes, where fishing is prohibited at other times. One - two times a year, in autumn, in October-November until the ice is not very thick. Usually gather large brigade. In extreme times we had about 30 people, probably. And we caught a lot of carp. I brought home 60 pounds, almost enough for the whole winter. About him, and tell you how the most successful of my departure for Munch. It all starts in the morning, not too early, we came to 10 hours. Disassembled successfully. Read more [...]
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the survival of the idea of housing

An unusual TYPE of Dwelling. FOXHOLE.Our settlement is really glorified their Fox holes. And even aside from the “official” names of the Sources proposed variation Listeners and Novouralsk. But we can polytraumatic faster than the number of holes than the creative originality of the projects (although further convinced nosokomiale - I am sure - will show wonders of architecture. Already incubating projects 8-pointed and round Fox holes). Historically, three are inhabited burrows were constructed in order as quickly as possible to get ready housing, spending little money. Not counting the 3 Read more [...]
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survival hunger aunt

ABOUT THE TRAPS.*Ground trap.[1]The trap should be placed above the ground, tied one end to a tree, goal peg or great long log which animal will be able to push through only a small distance until the loop is not delayed. Snares can be made of rope, twine or wire. *Suspend one trap.[2]This trap has a trigger, which when triggered raises his game in the air due to tension. Good to catch rabbits and more than large animals, but it is necessary to consider the strength of the material of the trap.*The crushing trap.The trap uses logs or languid stones, in order to squeeze or crush the prey, usually Read more [...]
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Traps and snares …

If by fate you brought into the backwoods, and no food left, or very little, you can try to catch the beast using primitive traps. The advantage over conventional hunting traps that you do not expend very little effort and time (except for manufacturing and installation).Below is a relatively free translation of the article "Six primitve traps for catching food in the Woods", although there is an explanation and did not need - all clear from the figures.Trap game at small sizes can be made from parachute straps, fiber tendons or fishing line. To catch an animal the size of a deer trap should Read more [...]
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