Epidemiology and prevention of polio-3

To polio become an epidemic disease, long-term evolution of poliovirus, including multiple mating strains and their gain in malls across particularly susceptible persons. The importance of passages in susceptible individuals identified in the study of variability vaccine strain of type III (Leon 12 a1b Seybinom). This strain by passage through the intestines of children without antibodies repeatedly gave offspring with increased neurovirulence and changed the marker signs: rct/40 and d. At the same time, the passage through the digestive tract of children with naturally acquired antibodies, Read more [...]
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Epidemiology and prevention of polio-2

Much more dignity has live polio vaccine from the harmless to humans attenuated strains of poliovirus I, II, III types, which is administered orally in the form of drops or candy (pills) and can immunize not only the graft, but also susceptible individuals in contact in the family. Numerous laboratory and epidemiological trials of vaccine strains or Seybinom Koprowski conducted by these authors, as well as MP Chumakov et al., AA Smorodintsev et al. and many other researchers in a number of countries have established almost complete harmlessness and areaktogennost oral vaccination live poliovirus Read more [...]
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Epidemiology and prevention of polio

Polio can be sporadic, but can be spread epidemic covering people of all ages. Prior to the introduction of specific preventive vaccine polio posed a serious health problem. There is no reason to underestimate the danger of infection and in the present. Although morbidity poliomyelitis in the USSR has never been high at a relatively low percentage of the total infectious disease, yet in young children (1-2 years) in these figures time local outbreaks reached very significant numbers. Share of paralytic cases of polio recorded generally ranged from 30-60 to 95% or more, but the true relationship Read more [...]
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The pathogenesis of polio

According to current data polio - Common infectious disease caused by one of three types of poliovirus. Infectious properties associated with poliovirus RNA and not the protein component, as previously thought. Purified poliovirus contains 20 to 30% of the RNA, which is the carrier of genetic properties. The emergence of new strains with specific biological properties, due to changes in the structure of nucleic acids. Atrium in poliomyelitis is the digestive tract in the upper and lower section. Infection is spread by the fecal-oral possible and droplet transmission. Numerous studies have Read more [...]
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Polio (Synonym: children's spinal paralysis, disease Heine - Medina, childhood infectious paralysis) - an acute infectious disease, is characterized mainly by damage to the nervous system. Epidemiology. Polio is caused by filterable virus, which belongs to the group of intestinal neurotropic viruses. Polio is on the type of intestinal infections is also important airborne transmission. The source of polio-virus carriers are convalescents and patients with various forms of polio. Most often affects children between the ages of 3-6 months. to 5 years. The highest incidence occurs in late Read more [...]
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Virological diagnosis of polio

Virological diagnosis. Introduction to laboratory practice of tissue culture techniques for the isolation and identification of enteroviruses and the development of some of serological techniques have made possible the etiological diagnosis of each case of polio virus infection and detection in healthy subjects. In addition to epidemiological analysis can be applied mass examinations of blood samples with determination of antibody titers, neutralizing one or the other virus. Although no clinical or epidemiological evidence of poliovirus excretion or detection of antibodies to it is not enough Read more [...]
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