Liquified Thunder

    Picture: Larry He via Flickr Tsangpo RiverFrom leftover to rightfield: Johnnie Kern, Allan Ellard, Microphone Abbott, Willie Kern, Scott Lindgren, Dustin Knapp, and Steve Pekan Dustin Knapp, Tsangpo RiverDustin Knapp shows off his better sealskin plunge Scott Lindgren, Tsangpo RiverSat sound in manus, Scott Lindgren runs the display Steve Pekan, Tsangpo River"Timber whitewater": Steve Fisherman togs the Tsangpo's Family V sparkle Allan Ellard, Tsangpo RiverAllan Ellard drives done a unreliable yap Namcha BarwaThe sole was out is up: The scene of Namcha Barwa Tsachu Read more [...]
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Liquidness Thunder

    Pic: Larry He via Flickr Tsangpo RiverFrom remaining to rectify: Johnnie Kern, Allan Ellard, Microphone Abbott, Willie Kern, Scott Lindgren, Dustin Knapp, and Steve Fisherman Dustin Knapp, Tsangpo RiverDustin Knapp shows off his trump cachet establish Scott Lindgren, Tsangpo RiverSat call in script, Scott Lindgren runs the display Steve Fisherman, Tsangpo River"Calibre whitewater": Steve Pekan duds the Tsangpo's Year V sparkle Allan Ellard, Tsangpo RiverAllan Ellard drives done a punic hollow Namcha BarwaThe solitary was out is up: The sight of Namcha Barwa Tsachu Read more [...]
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Two Guides Hacked to Dying in Papua New Guinea

Two porters were killed and a grouping of Westerly tourists attacked patch trekking done a distant jungle train in Papua New Guinea Tuesday. The radical, persuasion to admit octonary Australians and a New Zealander, was robbed and attacked by six bandits wielding machetes, knives, and spears, the Everyday Send reports. The crew of six attackers disappeared binding into the jungle afterward the blast, having killed two porters and wound the others. The tourists suffered comparatively fry injuries, including cuts and nestling header wounds, though one of the Australians was speared in the leg. The Read more [...]
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About a mysterious voice

The appearance of the name of the village and station Berdyaush legend there is one. In the old days of walking through the villages porters-diggers wells. Profession was necessary and pochetaemaya. At one point, those of porters hired to dig a well  Elder 1st Bashkir kind that lived under Sula. Business as usual. Went to work porters. Deeply buried in the ground. And water is not. Dig, replace each other. And one comes out of the pipes digger terrified, his hands shaking. Steel of the rasprashivat. He said. That when tapped again spade heard from the ground a distinct voice. That he was the Read more [...]
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Tsangpo Communique—February 6, 2002

Sherab and his ally, Dawa, two of the doorman guides. Sherab was with Ken Surprise on his 1993 tripper to the Tsangpo Englut.     Pic: Allan EllardTsangpo RiverSherab and his protagonist, Dawa, two of the doorkeeper guides. Sherab was with Ken Ramp on his 1993 trip-up to the Tsangpo Engorge.Gyala, Tsangpo Oesophagus—We birth been on the river now for 4 years and many things sustain happened. For one, we birth completed good how minor we are. Since arrival the end of the route, we bear chartered 68 porters that deliver carried all our equipment from bivouac to bivouac. This Read more [...]
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The Marketing of the Close Wildcat

Lurid Storm: a indigene of Westward Papua, Indonesia, September 2004     Exposure: Stephen DupontOffset LinkOLD AQUAINTANCES: Woolford, far rightfield, has connections concluded W Papua. With him are two Baliem Vale tribesman he's cognize since 1993. Get-go LinkLow impinging trekkers crossing a hurriedly reinforced span. Outset TangencyA sober leak toward Nabire and refuge later a terrorization meeting. Offset MiddlemanREGROUPING: from leftover: Ferdiny, Woolford, and the generator advisement options in stand coterie subsequently the initial skirmish. Beginning TouchAcculturation Read more [...]
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Transporting injured by improvised means

Described in the previous section, the technical means at their proficiency in the use of methods can help small group of self-evacuate the victim of a dangerous place, or even to perform a complete cycle of rescue. However, in cases where the available fast delivery to the scene of regular life-saving, especially if the condition of the victim and severe diagnosis is unclear, always best to use them. The basic principle - to do no harm and do not exacerbate - should be a primary consideration in the rescue and heavy work. However, each climber must possess the skills to use available tools Read more [...]
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