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Portraits of familiar and unfamiliar

Portraits and Akinfiy Nikita Demidov which will be discussed, accidentally lucky enough to see in the storerooms of Mordovia republic museum. They were a surprise to me. Such images of people whose lives and activities are of great interest to many generations of researchers, can be counted on the fingers. Portraits of the founders and owners of factories in the Urals and Siberia are stored in the collections of the Nizhny Tagil historical revolutionary museum. Just want to remind you that the portrait of Nikita Demidovich Antufeva - Demidov is a copy of an unknown master, made in "Parsuna" tradition. Read more [...]
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Boy portrait

    Was previously published material "Then there were the portraits" (newspaper "Tagil work", 29.12.1987), in which talks about the identified funds Leningrad museums three portraits of the Ural breeder Sava Yakovlevich Yakovlev brush the famous Russian painter of the XVIII century M. Kolokolnikov. Read more [...]
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\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\»Portraits in stone

Fun mountain, surrounded by deaf taiga forests of spruce, pine, fir, where the pine and larch, are located on the border of Europe and Asia. Their slopes are flowing down the river Shaytanka and Sul. Beautiful peaks of the Ural mountains, and dramatically rugged terrain with many rocky ridges and cliffs, deep log with beautiful lawns, clear mountain rivers make this area an attractive place for interesting travel. Fun mountain is located 30 kilometers from the Metallurgical railway line, and this gives the possibility of using the train, to make access to them from any of the stations: Nevyansk, Read more [...]
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Portraits. Life on Canvas

Despite the fact that today the main way to get an image of human remains photo, though most people would like to have his portrait painted by a professional artist, as the pictures made with a brush of this master have amazing strength and energy, which is often felt by other people. Since then, as TALO develop the art of painting, portrait painters around the world have honed their skills in order to with a brush and paints the most vivid and expressive nature of the image transfer rights. Many brilliant artists like Leonardo da Vinci, Rubens, Rembrandt managed to achieve the highest degree Read more [...]
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Family tree

Photographer from the USA Bobby Adams enjoys unusual combination portraits that show the past and future of a single family. As they say — like father like son is very close to falling. Looking at the combined portraits of family members, we can trace the past and future of each of them — as it did in his youth, he expects in his old age …

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Batch: Portraits of Eminent Places

Hatful: Portraits of Gamey Places     Photograph: Courtesy of the American Alpine NightspotWith arresting images from Galen Rowell and Ansel Adams, among others, Arenaceous Mound's Mount: Portraits of Mellow Places is that rarefied coffee-table ledger that gets your spunk buffeting.Spell a part of the takings from the script Flock attend reinforcement the American Alpine Clubhouse (ACC), the mountaineer in the kinsfolk—hard-core or daily—mightiness besides savour a rank to the revered arrangement ($75; americanalpineclub.org). Among the legion benefits, members obtain Read more [...]
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