First aid for injuries

With an open fracture must be prevented from entering the wound infection and simultaneously immobilize the injured limbPicture: Marat Velichko Accidental injury is available to any hunter or fisherman, found themselves in a difficult situation, far away from the point of professional medical care.General principles of first aid for injuries and accidents lies in the fact that as soon as possible to stop the impact of damaging factors and to take urgent measures to maintain vital body functions of the affected person. To do this you need to know what you can do, and that is absolutely Read more [...]
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The dangers of the desert

Desert full of dangers for the traveler. In this review we will talk about the threats that are waiting for a lone traveler in the desert and how to avoid them. It often happens that during a trip to an exotic country, and is a tourist lost in the desert. The desert is one of the most disadvantaged regions to autonomous survival. Terrible heat; scorching sun; no vegetation, and therefore shade; dangerous poisonous snakes, scorpions; lack of water, and not a lot of food; Well and sandstorms as the last straw. The heat need to be protected clothing, in every possible way to close the exposed skin. Read more [...]
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Survival in cold water

Be in ice water – serious test. Even for the trained organism – it is a huge stress. The water temperature is less than 5 degrees. Celsius, a person can survive for about 15-20 minutes, and then begin to decrease the body temperature. Blood will begin to move more slowly, begin to go numb limbs, straying breath. And then – end. It's one thing if you need to cross the conscious water obstacle with ice water. Other – if you accidentally It was in cold water. If you fall into a lake or river – try, without losing a second, to get out to the beach. If the wave around the Read more [...]
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Infectious agent

Remember Mom instruction from childhood: «My hands before eating». «do not eat unwashed fruits». «do not take any crap in your mouth». «roysya not in the mud». It seems to be a nonsense to follow these rules, when life is in the balance, when it the struggle for survival in the wild. However, not all so simple! Eat something is something, or pick up some, not only intestinal, infection – this is very bad, just the same in the wild. Aid can be expected from. You can specifically laid up, exhausted. In the case of diarrhea, you face more and dehydration. Despite Read more [...]
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Emergency kits. Tips on picking [2]

20. Candle complete combustion.Melted stearin is poured into a wide (like jars from under the Shoe cream containers in the centre sets the wick. Than bigger jar and thinner wick, the longer burning candle. The brightness of light is governed by the width of the wick. For convenience, you can make two wick different thickness and light them interchangeably depending on what you want flashy light or economical expenditure of stearin.The candle is used for preheating of snow shelters, melting snow, warm water and heating food during the cool emergency night lighting. Simplifies the fire. Can be used Read more [...]
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EMERGENCY Supplies of Goods FOR Long-term STORAGE IN the APARTMENT

Anything can happen anytime.Will adapt and you can live in all criteria. Fuel for heating can look, the clothes - the subject of long use, and hunt there every day this cheap human nature.On the web sites of vyryvalsya often discussed question progerias, and you know it all.No pretending, just want to share with you what was shared with me my "prosharenyy" in this issue the other.specifically :his approach to creating a food supply in case of emergency, On his behalf :Procurement variants progerias mass. I will talk purely about your own experience, on the basis of their own reasoning Read more [...]
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Before the movement necessary to laboriously check equipment, clothes and shoes, so that when the movement not released anything sounds - no messing around, no knocking. To identify these shortcomings senior must build a group and force everyone to jump.Defects are eliminated here.The hilly terrain provides excellent covert movement. Most stealth is achieved by movement along the crest. You should not move on the top of the ridge, as on the ridge just to find the silhouette of a man against the background of the horizon, both in daytime and at night. The ridge crossed on their bellies with the Read more [...]
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Convenient hatchet

Hello! I want to offer you a versatile small hatchet. I use it for 16 years. Its pretty easy to make, but you can buy ready-made. Takes place a little, you could put in a backpack or bag, you can - in the trunk of a motorcycle or car. Here it can be seen: / # mainImageLink / # mainImageLink / # mainImageLink Its dimensions are: length - 330 mm width of the hammer to hammer ax RK - 120 mm Height nail puller, crowbar - 50 mm ax blade width from corner Read more [...]
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super shirt!

All residents of the forum and common good day! About 2 months ago, inspired by the idea or even true to say a serious desire to buy a reservation! The question became, what? Prior to that, thinking about the self-manufacture of compact personal unload with pockets and adding armor-plates, and basically desire EEC has not disappeared! But the question became compactness socks this item ...-everyday! And I stumbled on here such zhiletik and basically he interested me! Moreover, it is possible to add plates and subsequently, depending on the situation! I would like to know you guys opinions on this Read more [...]
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Its mini-village. There is a wish?

Hello. It has long been thought of this tormented me, warmed and hassled. It has long been trying on and pondered ways to embody this idea. After all, what is happening now in the world in general, and in particular country? Live in cities with a mousetrap, eat anything, breathe dirtiest. Vulnerable and helpless in many positions. We're a lot about it cry, pour each other online tears. But once you need to make the first real step and try to change the existing order. Some of us are already buying land, garden plots with houses and tries a little to protect themselves and their loved ones from Read more [...]
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easiest ax

Good day, I want to show you a simple to manufacture an ax that's just, for lack of a better, can help you cool under the PSU. Reheated for forging can be on fire, blowing ensure minimum sheet of plywood flat broom of twigs, "sidushkoy" of foam or even a guitar. Forge - hammer on a piece of rail on the "shoe" of the sleepers on a boulder on the sidewall of a sledgehammer on the butt of an ax driven into the stump. Can be forged and stone, of course. Material - any lousy steel or even bronze. Remarkably fit rail crutches. A piece of old springs, chip picks - no matter how important that it was Read more [...]
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fishing stocks

Hello to all! recently had the idea to write about the publication-that lay down things from fishing in strategic reserves, after consulting with turistom discussed some list of things ... and so-transgress: 1) The line: diameter of 0.2 and 0.3 in the unwinding of 100 meters (you can rewind to motoviltse to save space, but not tight) + 20 meters Braids-can be used as a lead-faute de mieux. Lots of fishing line will not (the more it weighs almost nothing) - Put more and leashes-2 medium-sized pieces-is no longer necessary. 2) Hooks: small, medium and large for 10 pieces (or more to donk kuda.mozhno Read more [...]
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In Yaroslavl came a heat wave!

Here came the long-awaited spring. Today, 8 May, the thermometer will show up to 28 degrees. Forecasters promised Yaroslavl heat and dry weather and sunny tomorrow, May 9. Victory Day over the region will be 23 + ... + 29 °, forecasters predict Gidromettsetra. However, in the evening possible cooling to +9 ... +11 °, so those who are going to go on a "green" or walking late, jacket or sweater to take with them still stands. By the way, due to the heat wave in the region of possible emergencies. "There is an environment conducive to the increased likelihood of natural foci (peat) fires and move Read more [...]
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Android application for survivalist, or telephone as a means of survival

Good time of day!I certainly understand that in a nuclear war or teleportation Sahara mobile phone (especially if we have not even a knife) is of little use to put it mildly. But in the ordinary of our everyday survival - I think the thing is very important and irreplaceable, especially as modern phone is a small computer with a very interesting and useful features. Well, what you can call on it - a no brainer and should not develop the theme. That the battery is discharged per day (HTC, Samsung Galaxy and everything on Android) - also understandable, spare battery (zaryazhennyy!) should always Read more [...]
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Talk about GPS

As I understand it under the PSU with an abrupt change of poles, etc., etc., are left hanging satellites in their orbits and work will not stop. Accordingly GPS navigator can be very useful to us, even if the landscape will change to no recognition, the ability to determine its location on the planet and adjust your route will not be superfluous. I'll post part of the article for reference only and interested can go to the link on to get more information and to read the full article HERE And by all navigators look HEREUpgrade "yellow» eTrex-andThe purpose of the upgrade - buy a device for Read more [...]
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Transitions in the desert. (Part One)

Case can bring anyone in the desert, and many of us have not been there even once imagined it as the illustrations in the tour agencies. Bare sand dunes, wind carrying sand moving huge weight. So the desert are very different, the very definition of the desert depends on the amount of precipitation falling in the area. It does not bare sand or rocks in the desert lacks vegetation and wildlife is not so scanty as we imagine sometimes present.And so we make the transition fell in the wilderness, and that should be taken into account in the first place. Let's say you're in a place where you have Read more [...]
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Defence housing part 2. Defense neighborhood.

Defence housing part 2. Defense neighborhood. "Civil" option. Part 1: of the worst scenarios for the attack: D-Day landings in Normandy in 1944. Landing from the water on a sandy beach, carefully covered with barbed wire and decorated with anti-urchins. A front bluff with pillboxes and large-caliber guns. In some American movie scene was shot very clearly. Captured per day.I feel as young reached for slippers and experienced mowed look at the forged boots I will not try to capture the immensity and specify the presence / absence of a defensive weapon. Read more [...]
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Making a knife in the field of materials at hand.

Article not definite, but IMHO "better sit bad than good standing"How many copies have been broken in the debate about the best survival knife, what it should be: big or small, folding or fixed, and can better multitool or even keep walking with ax and wait for the moment when it comes survival. This would be more correct to call the theme - "Robinson Knife," is when he or will of fate was God knows where, and with an almost nothing, and the fact that lying around in their pockets as well, not pulls the title of the instrument.It is clear that nayfomana more likely to be in an emergency situation Read more [...]
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Secrets of a successful fishing: Equipment amateur fishing

Fisherman with no decent backpack - not a fisherman. Satchel spaciousness and comfort of their own so that the hands are always free. There can be placed and equipment, and products, and production. Decent fishing satchel is as comfortable. Fisherman in the fishing shop: all of the contrast can simply choose the desired object and not suffer during the delivery of useful things on the place of destination. Increased attention should be focused on the strap: in the standard they should be wide and thick to unload shoulders while walking.Useful for fishing and landing net, because fish never Read more [...]
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5 things I most needed.

Even as a child playing in a camp in Robinsons, our counselors asked the question: what would you take to a desert island if you could choose? Could choose only 5 things. Simple and not like: a set of tools, a refrigerator with food, or a backpack with things. There was a condition: these things need to bear. Excluding clothing. Just 5 things that you are most needed. Since then, many years have passed, but I can not stop to reflect on this issue, and here is the conclusion I come to myself, the more we can take, the more difficult to make choices and to give up something good for the benefit desired. Read more [...]
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