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Deprived rural residents Kholmsk drinking water. Video

River instead of streets, lack of drinking water, destroyed the railroad.

30 thousands of city residents Kholmsk on Sakhalin struggling with the effects of the cyclone, which is poured out on them more monthly average rain.

Local levee broke pressure, dirty water and got poured into the city and into the reservoir.

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Novgorod region is poured rain

may 29, 2013. In the Novgorod region entered a state of emergency. The region is poured rain. In some areas two weeks has dropped three monthly norms. Most of the rainfall suffer Novgorod farmers. Thousands of hectares of fields are in the water, killing crops.

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The oil from the tree branches

Having mastered the method of extracting oil from the seeds, you can get oil even from the tree branches. Four-year linden or birch twigs (age branches known by the number of layers that are visible in cross sections of branches) crush on a grater. Crushed pulp is poured sulfuric ether or gasoline, and insist closed for two days. After a lot of squeeze, ether or gasoline poured into the flask or cup and at Greve in hot water, driving them away from oil. To make sure that we got a really oil, soak a piece of paper or their fleece, cloth, and light the wick, oil burning. The oil is obtained Read more [...]
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