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Photo by Alexey Galkin The vast majority of fishermen do not doubt the need for sweeps. I, in general, too. But there are nuances. Systematize them I could not, I will tell what I know, in chronological order.He started spinning I learn from rotating and vibrating lures. First conducted uniformly, the second — «step». First strike equally strong, but gradually came to the conclusion that when uniform wiring powerful sweeps harmful. Repeated bites after it (in case of failure, except for schooling bass) were extremely rare, and the loss was more hooked. Evolution Read more [...]
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In a physical fight with enemies, principally all. therefore it is necessary to know the vulnerable points on the human body.In areas where there are vulnerable points of the body, include the crotch, solar plexus, ribs, heart, liver, spleen, armpits, kidneys, coccyx. (see the dots in figure 1)*** CROTCHThrough the perineum is a lot of large vessels and nerves, above are the sexual organs, which are very sensitive. Kick in the crotch causing pain shock and the danger of rupture of the bladder.*** THE SOLAR PLEXUSPoint the solar plexus is located in the centre of the chest.About the solar plexus Read more [...]
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Sun released the most powerful flash this year

On the sun on Thursday afternoon there was the most powerful flare of the year, which is classified as GOES C3.4 level was assigned — previously the biggest event of the year was considered the flash level C2.7, registered in July. Solar flares are divided, according to the power of x-ray radiation from the sun, into five classes, which are designated by letters of the alphabet: A, B, C, M and X. The minimum class A0.0, corresponds to the radiation power of the Earth's orbit in NW 10 per square meter and when moving to each next category is increased by 10 times. During the peak of Read more [...]
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A powerful storm over the Georgian city of Poti

Hurricane in Poti In Georgia, the city of Poti in a powerful hurricane wind gusts reached such force that easily tore roofs off houses, felled centuries-old trees and power transmission towers. As a result, no light left more than a thousand families. Damaged dozens of buildings, including the building of a school. Roads congestion. Disaster relief and rescue teams involved in power engineering. Source: The first channel Read more [...]
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Tornado and storm over Florida and California

Several homes destroyed in one of the districts in the state of Florida powerful tornado. In addition, in the course of its movement felled many trees. By happy coincidence, none of the residents was injured. Forecasters say that the risk of new and powerful tornadoes in the region remains high. According to meteorologists, the cause of tornadoes in the state is the collision of two weather fronts. For several days in Florida did not stop strong winds, accompanied by heavy rain, thunderstorms and hail. Tornado speed vortex flows which reached 120 kilometers per hour, was recorded today at 07:00 Read more [...]
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INDUSTRIAL REVOLUTION XVIII-XIX centuries., Or prom. coup totality tehn. economic and social. changes that accompanied the transition from the manufacturing stage Mfr. to the factory system, machine industry. The term Industrial Revolution was proposed by Blanco (1837) and Engels (1845), and after publ. Arnold Toynbee Lectures on the Industrial Revolution (1884) has become generally accepted. PR spontaneous, complex, very long mass process, capturing not only the development of tehn. funds and the economy Manuf., but also the area of ​​trade, demographics, conditions, nature and content of Read more [...]
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On Primorsky Krai struck a powerful snow cyclone

A powerful cyclone hit tonight on Primorsky Krai. In Vladivostok, Nakhodka and other cities marked precipitation — snow and rain. However, the temperature is kept at about zero degrees, glaze observed phenomenon. Temporarily halted the movement of coaches on the route Vladivostok-Nakhodka, where two mountain passes, other vehicles on this road goes.

According to the maritime weather forecasters, the weather will last two days, March 16 expected cooling to -8 … -10 °.

Source: Conduct

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Kizelovsk TPP

Kizelovsk TPP first U. power plant built on the plan of electrification in 1924 in Gubaha electrification Kizelovskij coal bass. Initial powerful. Art. 6 thousand. KW (2 to 3 thousand turbogenerator. KW each). In 1926, a high-voltage electric line was built to Chusovskaya and Lysvensky met. s-ladies in 1930 received from the current TPP Kizelovskaya Perm, Berezniki Kizel. As a result, several. reconstruction of the original powerful. Art. increased 20-fold by the end of 1959 reached 118 thousand. kW. GRES-born, and a steady supplier of electricity in Eq. Energy Ring. Author: Nikolaev SFRead more [...]
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Potash plant Verkhnekamie

Potash plant Verkhnekamie laid in Perm. region. since the 1930s on the basis of deposits of potassium and potassium-magnesium salts, opened in 1925 first Solikamsk potash mine administration were commissioned in 1934 as part of the mine and two enrichment piano to sylvinite and carnallite. At the last enriched carnallite produced raw materials for Solikamsk Magnesium h-huh. Initial powerful. Enterprise 1.5 million tons of potash in the second Solikamsk potash mine administration came into operation in 1973-1975, and the third in 1984 in the postwar period is deployed page. potash mines in Berezniki. Read more [...]
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Yegorshinsky TPP

Yegorshinsky TPP beg. p. in 1916 on the bank. Bobrovka near the miners' village. Egorshino Perm. lips. In 1917-1919 p. Suspended and resumed in 1921 on the ba. electrification plan. In October. 1922 Electra. gave the first talk, to-ing produces two turbogenerator British firm Thomson-Houston powerful. 500 kW each. Were later equipped with two turbine generator Leningrad. metal s da powerful. 1,5-2 thousand. KW and one Swedish company Yungstrem by 11.5 thousand. KW. By 1941, Art. had established powerful. 24 megawatts, serving Yegorshinsky coal bass. Giving current in Eq. energokoltso. During the Read more [...]
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THEOLOGICAL ALUMINUM PLANT built in 1941-45 Krasnoturyinsk Sverdl. region. May 9, 1945 was issued the first aluminum. In the postwar years, p. Enterprises continued, reached its design is powerful. Alumina plant, electrolysis body, converter stations, anode paste plant, foundry-mechanical and others. Max. powerful. zd reached in the 1960s, giving approx. a quarter of the aluminum in the USSR. In 1970-80 the company has been reconstructed, aimed at improving the working conditions, the environment, effective workshop Mfr. goods cum. consumption. AO BAZ ranks third in terms of Manuf. and the second Read more [...]
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On the Kamchatka volcano began a powerful eruption

The Klyuchevskoy volcano in Kamchatka throws pillars of ash to a height of two kilometers. Crater ash plume stretches 125 miles to the southwest. In the dark over the volcano was observed luminescence. For days on restless mountain height of 4750 meters occurred more than 400 seismic events observed temperature anomalies. The background temperature of minus 3 degrees in the area of the crater — plus 65 degrees Celsius, told ITAR-TASS in the Kamchatka branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences. The last powerful eruption of Klyuchevskaya was in 1994. Then the crater of the Read more [...]
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In Western Europe rages powerful ciclovida

In Western Europe rages powerful cyclone. The rains caused severe flooding in Poland and southern Germany. Flooded the main highway, a hurricane tore shingles from roofs. In neighbouring Austria was large hail. He smashed glass in homes and damaged dozens of cars. Due to the bad weather crashed a small helicopter — the car fell in the forest, the pilot was killed. In Northern Italy the wind picked up and brought to the streets of garden furniture, roofing and light barriers. There are victims. In one of the towns collapsed wall of a house, under the rubble can be people. Read more [...]
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The powerful storm made landfall on Warsaw. Video

The powerful storm made landfall on Friday evening, 6 August, the capital of Poland: water flooded the Warsaw metro, fallen trees, paralyzed public transport. Water flooded the streets in many areas of Warsaw, including Rembertow, Wavre, Ursynow and Srodmiescie. «A few hours into the city's rescue Service received about 500 calls from Warsaw with a request for help», — said a spokesman for the state Fire guard Paul Fronczak. In Torun railway in Warsaw were flooded three city bus. The passengers climbed on the roof, from where they had been evacuated by rescuers Read more [...]
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In Lithuania hurricane consequences. Photo

Today, 23 August, at night, for the most part of the territory of Lithuania passed a powerful storm, accompanied by thunder and rain. As the correspondent of IA REGNUM news fire Department and rescue, the most affected two areas: marijampolė and Prienai, where gusts of wind fallen trees. At the moment rescuers hurricane consequences. Meanwhile, according to experts, it is still not calculated the exact destruction after the storm, which was held in Lithuania on 8 August. The approximate damage is about 10 million litas. According to the President of Lithuania Dalia Grybauskaite, previous Read more [...]
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The MOST POWERFUL SMOKE BOMB from Newspapers and nitrate.

Note: the acrid smoke.For personal injury made by the product (fumes, burns) or its components (poisoning ammonium nitrate), also for unlawful acts associated with this information, the administration group is not responsible.details http://www.apipko.com/delaem-dymovuyu-shashku-dlya-fo..Powerful dymovuha of nitrate and Newspapers 2:51Read more [...]
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Taiwan was struck by a powerful Typhoon. Video

More than a hundred people suffered from bad weather and at another point on the Earth — Taiwan. The island was struck by a powerful Typhoon Hanapi. He already took the lives of three Taiwanese. More than 6 thousand people were forced to leave their homes. The wind speed at the epicentre of the disaster had reached one hundred and sixty two miles per hour. Destroyed homes, damaged power lines. The Typhoon brought heavy rains that caused severe flooding. By the evening, Hanapi will go towards China's Guangdong province. Source: Details-TV Read more [...]
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Vietnam suffers from a powerful flood

East Asia is once again under attack of water. Vietnam suffers from the most powerful floods over the last thirty years. The rains do not stop there for several weeks. Mixed with mud and stones, river flows reach incredible strength. One of the ways water has literally picked up a passenger bus and washed him into the flooded ravine. In the fourteen people were killed, many injured took hundreds of meters. Source: TV Channel \"Zvezda\" Read more [...]
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The number of victims of the eruption of Merapi exceeded 200 people

The number of victims of the eruption of Merapi volcano in the Central part of the Indonesian island of Java has more than 200 people, said Friday the Agency The Associated Press with reference to the Control on the elimination of consequences of natural disasters (OPSB) Indonesia.Earlier it was reported killed 191. According to the Department, at present, the official estimate of the number of victims increased to 206 people, included in this list from the dead caused by the emission of ash exacerbations of lung diseases and of heart and other chronic diseases. One of the most active volcanoes Read more [...]
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Earthlings promise the most powerful storm

12 November apparatus NASA «SOHO» and «Stereo» recorded at the Sun is a powerful flash-class-4, followed by — strong emission of plasma toward Earth. So on November 14-15, earthlings promise one of the most powerful magnetic storms in recent years. It can lead to failure of communication systems, electronic devices and surveillance systems, as well as to damage the spacecraft in earth orbit.12.11.2010 intensified group spots 1123 Solar flare — this process of energy (light, heat, and kinetic). The most powerful solar flares are related to x Read more [...]
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