How to scare, to escape from wild animals

wild nature fraught with a lot of dangers. One of the threats to human in extreme environments are wild animals, large predators. Although, the most dangerous predators on the planet – human; without weapons, equipment, support, friends, lonely wanderer yield strength dangerous predators, moreover, in their habitat. Yet, the most powerful weapon a person – is the brain. And even when the forces are not equal, savvy can help resist in the confrontation with wild animals. On the methods of protection from predators and wild – we'll talk today. If there is the risk of big game or Read more [...]
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Large predators

When traveling in the wild are particularly dangerous large predators. In different parts of the world they are different, they are not everywhere, as such, in many places, their number is minimal. But that's no reason to drop them off! After all, a raging bear or the lynx would be enough to kill a person. In the wild, we are not always top of the food chain.Of particular danger to humans of: brown, black, and White bears; Tigers; trot; Panthers; jaguars; lions; Wolves; various kinds of crocodiles. How to protect yourself from attacks such dangerous fauna? Strategy behavior when meeting with Read more [...]
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Scientists have found that the brains of sharks in many ways similar to the human

Australian researchers have found that brain shark has many similarities with the human. The authorities hope to use this information in the fight against predators. Over the past year off the coast of Australia, the cases of white sharks attack on surfers and swimmers. During the ten months of this year on the west coast of Australia recorded five deaths. The government has announced drastic measures against sharks. Money, in particular, stand out for scientific research, which aims - to find effective ways to ward off predators from the shore. Researcher at the University of Western Australia Read more [...]
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Behavior of predators denies rules of natural selection

Evolutionary scientists for a long time deceived the public by claiming that predators choose prey among the sick and debilitated animals. But recent studies debunk this fundamental dogma of natural selection, causing serious udarpo theory of evolution in general. It is not always the predator becomes the prey of a weak or sick animal even easy availability of money. Everyone knows that dogs love to chase after all - from rubber toys to neighborhood cats and cars. The same is true for most predators. They like to hunt and kill. Let me give you a few examples to illustrate this important, Read more [...]
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American city attacked trot

Residents Karoltona (exclusive suburb of the U.S. state of Dallas) are alarmed by the quiet streets of the rich cottage areas calmly strolling trot. The Internet is increasingly spread Amateur footage of predators and find out the relationship shared area for the people. Karoltona popularity, despite such an unsafe neighborhood with wildlife, from year to year but is growing. In 2006, the city entered into the American Top 100 "places where I would like to live," and two years later was in the top twenty in the U.S.. Because of this status suburb is constantly expanding, and thus Read more [...]
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Constraints on growth of deer

Many factors affect the life, reproduction and mortality of an animal, and eventually inhibit growth in its population, it is accepted to group into two main categories: abiotic and biotic. The former include: the climate, topography and soils, the second - the relationship of vegetation, predators, parasites, likely competitors for food and love. The latter is often called the anthropic factor. All these factors act on the animals in isolation, but in the aggregate, and a small deviation from the average level of any one of them causes a chain reaction and involves the action of others. The Read more [...]
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Definition of raptors

Each hunter must learn cultural distinguish the main species of birds and especially harmful predators. It is important to be able to identify birds in the field, sometimes at a considerable distance. The main concerns when considering their characteristics should be given to the forms (silhouette) flying birds (Fig.43), the features of their flight behavior, typical of habitats habitat, size, and the most characteristic features of their color. Hawk. Some of the most harmful of raptors - hawks and goshawks hawk "- live in wooded areas of our country that determine the nature of Read more [...]
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To which group of mammals also include human beings?

Distant ancestor of man, apparently, eating grass and juicy vegetables. This is demonstrated not only the Bible, particularly the book "Genesis" of the Old Testament, but also the structure of the human gastrointestinal tract and some indirect evidence. Consider them. Let's start with a comparison of the teeth. Do we see a great predators, long and sharp canine teeth, poorly developed incisors and molars are pointed, not in contact with somknutyh'chelyustyah. That is well adapted teeth to grab, hold and tear prey food, not crush, chew or rub it in herbivores than sharp incisors, Read more [...]
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