Glaciers are melting much faster than predicted

The ice in Greenland and in the Arctic is melting faster than predicted. Already by 2100 the ninth year the water level in the oceans will rise one meter sixty centimeters. It threatens the extinction of many small Islands, reducing the territory of the country, flooding of coastal cities.Source: Details-TV, The National Snow and Ice Data Center, Channel PEAK Read more [...]
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Where Russians can expect eight-meter tsunami in the forecast for 2013 MES

As predicted by MOE in 2013, Russia can expect fires, floods, earthquakes and powerful eight-meter tsunami. However, the ministry believes that next year will be quieter than the 2012-th.A preliminary forecast of the main risks in 2013 by Russian Emergencies Ministry begins with a description of seismic hazard. Expected strong earthquake on Sakhalin - just north of the disaster relief, which in 2007 were recorded strong aftershocks. Then the magnitude was 6.8, after which happened 100 aftershock jolts. 51 houses were damaged, the homeless were 1,200 families. More than 24 people received compensation.In Read more [...]
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The ancient Maya predicted a solar eclipse in 1991

Maya, who became most famous in recent days in connection with the end of the world, they would never have predicted quite accurately predict the real astronomical phenomenon for many centuries before the attack, the researchers say.A new book entitled "Astronomy in the Maya Codices" (American Philosophical Society, 2011) which was awarded Osterbrock Book Award as the best book on the history of astronomy at the American Astronomical Society on Monday, January 7, details the impressive series of observations made by astronomers Maya before the start of the 16th century.The team of anthropologists, Read more [...]
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How far the tsunami spreads

Velocity of the wave when you walk on the ocean depends on its depth. Knowing the depth of the ocean in all its waters, we could calculate the time to reach a wave of a distant place, but we do not know. There are still areas of the ocean that are virtually unexplored. Yet the speed of a large wave can be predicted quite accurately. All tsunami that reached Hawaii, since the disaster in Hilo predicted to within a few minutes. If any wave still reaches the coast before the predicted time, oceanographers find this simple explanation: according to them, the waves found deeper places and better Read more [...]
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What age will the future bring?

    Huzhno know whether their future and the future of the country in which you live?    He just need a very necessary! The ancient sages said, "Who does not look away, to await similar troubles."       Hachnu with road stories that happened to me almost 38 years ago.December 23, 1970, I bought a train station Omsk a train to Novosibirsk-Adler Kamensk-Shakhty. At that time I was twenty-one, and I for the first time in my life was to go by train. Planting took place at night, it was vetryano, in Read more [...]
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End of the world October 21, 2011 — a new date for the end of the world from Harold Camping

October 21, 2011 Will the Real end. So said Harold Camping On the eve of May 21, 2011 a terrible panic gripped the world. Residents of the United States, Europe, and in particular, Russia, were not a little alarmed, because it was on this day, a self-taught American preacher predicted the end of the world. According to the forecasts of the former engineer, now a sectarian, Harold Camping, only two percent of the population had to ascend to heaven, while others will go to hell. In this preacher predicted the Second Coming of Christ, and asserted that the world will fall terrible catastrophe, Read more [...]
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