Rubella. What to do?

Contagious and airborne. The patient is contagious for 2 weeks after the disease. I had been ill with measles develops a strong immunity. This acute viral infectious disease dangerous because in case it is women in the 1 to 3 month of pregnancy, rubella can become infected and the embryo, which in this case either dies, or is formed with a serious heart defects (microcephaly, deafness, cataracts, heart defects and other). That's why you need to protect pregnant women, not ill earlier rubella, from communicating with patients for a period of not less than three weeks, and in case of illness Read more [...]
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Treatment of pyelonephritis in pregnancy

Read more [...]
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Fetus mysteriously disappeared from the womb of a pregnant woman

19-year-old Brazilian said that doctors maternity kidnapped her baby. Lane Santos, recovering after cesarean section, was told that her pregnancy was a phantom.19-year-old Lane Santos during the pregnancy under medical supervision and are regularly scheduled scans, which listens for the heartbeat of the fetus. "My baby was stolen" - the fruit mysteriously disappeared from the womb of a pregnant womanDuring the last ultrasound Brazilian and her husband 28-year Lorivan Alves know the sex of the child - the doctor said it was a girl weighing 3 kg.Happy couple moved into a spacious house Read more [...]
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Extragenital disease processes and pregnancy

Diseases of the endocrine glands. Women with Graves' disease (see Goiter Graves), the latest manifestation of pregnancy may increase or decrease. Pregnant women should be protected from disturbances, physical stress, spend iodotherapy. With an increase in the phenomena of hyperthyroidism pregnancy should be interrupted. Diabetes during pregnancy - see Diabetes mellitus. Infectious diseases. Acute illness (flu, pneumonia, etc.) that occur with intoxication and fever, often lead to abortion or premature birth. Diseases such as toxoplasmosis (see), brucellosis (see) and listeriosis (see), Read more [...]
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Ovarian pregnancy

Ovarian pregnancy is extremely rare. In this form of ectopic pregnancy described cases donashivaniya pregnancy to term. Usually, however, the 6-8-week pregnancy is interrupted by type outer gap plodovmestilischa. Clinically gap flows, as well as for tubal pregnancy, accurate diagnosis of the species ectopic pregnancy set only during surgery, which removes plodovmestilischa, ovary and fallopian tube.

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Cervical pregnancy

When cervical pregnancy the fertilized egg implants and develops in the cervical canal or in the neck of the uterus. This pathology of pregnancy is associated with the former abortion and transferred endometritis, uterine hypoplasia, and other diseases that lead to atrophic, degenerative processes in the lining of the uterus and hypersecretion. During the implantation of the ovum in the uterine cervix or the neck trophoblast, chorionic villi and then quickly germinate and penetrate the mucous membrane of the muscle layers of the cervix to the option because the decidual reaction of the mucous Read more [...]
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Chorea pregnant

Etiology, clinical and morphological manifestations of chorea pregnant is no different from a low of chorea in children. Develops chorea pregnant in young women, usually in the first half of pregnancy, most often at the 3rd month of the first pregnancy. Chorea in the second half of pregnancy or soon after birth is rare. Many patients with chorea occurs after repeated tonsillitis, rheumatic heart disease. Approximately 1/4-1/3 of cases of chorea pregnant - relapse small (child) chorea. Clinical and pathologic data confirm Rheumatic chorea pregnant. Pregnancy intoxication and play the role of Read more [...]
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Chorionepithelioma - a malignant tumor formed from epithelial cells chorion after or during pregnancy in the uterus, occasionally in the fallopian tubes, cervix or ovaries. Chorionepithelioma usually formed in the placental site as a node, which grows in the uterus or in the thickness of its muscular layer of the peritoneum to cover, occasionally - in-stenochno without involvement of the endometrium. Microscopically chorionepithelioma has dramatically abnormal cells (such langhansovyh or syncytial). Chorionepithelioma destroys blood vessels soon spread to the lungs, brain, vagina, liver, and Read more [...]
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Tubal abortion

Tubal abortion must be differentiated as a chronic or aggravated by inflammation of the uterus (see Adnexitis), appendicitis (see), twisting legs ovarian tumors, bleeding during ovulation, the follicle or corpus luteum (see ovary). In unclear cases, the use of biological response pregnancy (See Ashgeyma - Tsondeka reaction), a woman hospitalized. Can be applied and endoscopic methods - Culdoscopy and laparoscopy (see ventroscopy). Antialiasing and especially protrusion vaginal vault accumulated in rectouterine deepening fluid (blood, inflammatory exudate) shows diagnostic puncture the posterior Read more [...]
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Fallopian gestation

Depending on where the fertilized egg implants pipe pregnancy divided into interstitial or mediate (graviditas tubaria interstitialis), peresheechnuyu (graviditas tubaria isthmica) and ampullar (graviditas tubaria ampullaris). Pregnancy usually occurs in a fallopian tube is rare - at the same time in both, can be re-tubal ectopic pregnancy. Due to the poor conditions for the development of a fertilized egg Fallopian gestation rarely wears until the second half of the term, it is often interrupted for 4 to 6 weeks. Usually the outcome is the rupture of tubal pregnancy plodovmestilischa. Rarely Read more [...]
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Thrombocytopenic purpura and pregnancy

Thrombocytopenic purpura in most cases can not be placed in a causal connection with the pregnancy, most often occurs in pregnant exacerbation of chronic recurrent idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura and in rare cases, similarity theory appears for the first time during pregnancy. Some authors in the past described the severity of the similarity theory in pregnant women. However, a number of contemporary authors, however, noted a positive pregnancy and childbirth in similarity theory In women with PT, in a state of clinical remission after splenectomy, pregnancy and labor is normal. Forecast Read more [...]
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Acquired toxoplasmosis The clinical picture of congenital toxoplasmosis. When the fetus is infected in the first months of pregnancy phase generalization of infection occurs in utero, leading to early abortions and stillbirths. Newborn formed subacute or chronic course disease with severe deformities - anencephaly, hydrocephalus, microcephaly, anophthalmia, absence or hypoplasia of the limbs, genitals. More common in a variety of birth defects - a violation of the structure of the skull, the splitting of the upper lip, high palate, microphthalmia, anizooftalmiya. Observed epileptiform seizures, Read more [...]
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Toxaemia of pregnancy

Toxaemia of pregnancy - A pregnancy complication characterized by disorder and exchange phenomena autointoxication. In toxicosis of pregnancy observed phenomena of the general body of autointoxication patient with a primary function, and in severe cases - morphological damage to individual systems and organs. Toxaemia of pregnancy complicate the pregnancy impairs the development of the fetus, often threaten the woman's life. Toxicosis are divided into two groups: early, resulting in a period of 1 st to the 10-12th week of pregnancy, and later, developing usually from the 26th to the 40th Read more [...]
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Expert study traces of blood-1

Methods sexual differentiation of blood based on the identification in blood leukocytes features inherent in a particular sex. Women chromosome set is characterized by the presence of two sex chromosomes, XX, and men - two different chromosomes - XY. In the nuclei of leukocytes male sex chromosomes are in a tangle of chromosomes, and the woman is one of the sex chromosomes into a chromatin body and pushed to the periphery of the nucleus, forming growths, resembling the ear drum racket. In the blood of men like education (Barr body) are much rarer. Membership of the blood of men can also be set Read more [...]
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Controversial sex status

Sex and the productive capacity of. Study sexual the ability of women consists of determining the possibility of sexual intercourse and conception. This is a rare examination occurs in cases of divorce, in the case of a woman charged (not able to conceive) in the abduction of the child, as well as in determining the severity of injuries, if they were accompanied by a loss of productive capacity. Inability copulation women, there may be defects in the genitals (vagina short, his aplasia or atresia, congenital or acquired narrowing of the tumor), and because of vaginismus - reflex tonic spasm of Read more [...]
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The heart and pregnancy

During pregnancy, childbirth and the postpartum period are significant changes in a woman's body, which strongly influence the cardiovascular system. During pregnancy increases the load on heart associated with the mass of the circulating blood, the cardiac output and the effects of other factors. This burden is especially increased during labor in vain attempts, in women with heart disease during this period may develop acute circulatory failure (see). After the expulsion of the fetus may be a risk of collapse (see), especially with large blood loss during delivery. Pregnancy and childbirth Read more [...]
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Birth control measures and means-9

If breast-feeding is not menstruating, you have to believe that it can not at this period and pregnant. However, there have been cases when a woman has never postpartum not menstruate, become pregnant, since the selection of an egg from the ovary occurs before the onset of menstruation. We must bear in mind that the majority of women in period nursing (lactation) ovaries are in active work. Therefore, in this period possible pregnancy and in the absence of menstruation (according to the literature, in 10-50% of nursing mothers). In general, breastfeeding women pregnancy often occurs within Read more [...]
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Birth control measures and means-4

It is also necessary to warn against the use of very harmful and dangerous abortion methods - injection into the uterus of a soap solution with vodka. Many women paid dearly for it with their health, and some life. Sometimes young inexperienced women to terminate pregnancy and take into the "most faithful assets" on the advice of neighbors, friends or casual acquaintances. A case where woman ingested a large dose of quinacrine, to cause abortion and failed, pregnancy continued, and woman remained blind for life. There were also cases of poisoning pahikarpin, manganese, etc. Women Read more [...]
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Protection from conception

The living conditions of the spouses are complex and varied. There are times when you can not have a child temporarily. Sometimes spouses want to first finish school, find a new place, often have to abstain from the next child until such time as the older first-born, and sometimes a desire to have a child have to postpone until the recovery of one of the spouses. To protect it from conception, there are many contraceptive methods, which, if properly applied to the body can be completely harmless. But to do this before you choose a contraceptive method, be sure to consult your physician. The Read more [...]
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Once, during a lecture the young man asked, is it true that if sexual intercourse takes place in the days coming to menstruation, or during, a woman can come ectopic pregnancy? Such a question could arise only because, obviously, this man (yes, apparently, and his wife) did not have any idea about the anatomy or genitalia, nor about where and how the fertilization the female body. Sexual act ends with the eruption of semen into the vagina. No matter how significant was the feeling of love, respect, gratitude, the spouses to each other and to the satisfaction of the sexual act, the purpose of Read more [...]
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