The caches in the consciousness of the survivalist is a bookmark with food and everything that will come in useful in the event of the coming of the time of troubles , which leads to BP. we also know about guerrilla caches, bookmarks, which are no well and are in the forests, together with the content in their gun, etc. but this is not all..The theme of the caches itself for a very exciting, on the one hand this part of the story, and the other side is already rotten partisan bookmarks that look out for old times already virtually impossible. but find , are found. all less often.. to Find a hiding-place Read more [...]
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society of vyryvalsya equipment

Any instrument must be in such a place, that no one, not counting the owner could not take it. This is due to the security of the lives of others. This is especially vital in this case, if the number of live children that had threatened to take up this adult toy and scare others. The consequences can be sad, because should start to think about the correct, safe storage of guns. In this article we will consider the storage of fire-arms. To resolve this obstacles there is a special gun safes. They are divided into a certain number of types, depending on the gun owner, and other reasons. Carefully Read more [...]
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Let's try to understand NATO and American definitions and classifications databases. In 2003, the United States was the reform of the global network of military bases, under the motto: "the Capacity and efficiency, not size" . According to the latest systematization of military facilities military facilities) of the U.S. armed forces, only 2 of 12 you can confidently called bases: the main operating base (Main Operating Base, MOB) and advanced operational base deployment (Forward Operating Base, FOB). Read more [...]
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Z Ring     Picture: Cadaver EllisWhy It's Sang-froidThe presence is a ring unto itself—a behemoth pail scoop stows raingear and bottles, spell a unshakable zip opens into a presence pocket big decent to firm a purifier and your luncheon. This makes the Z efficaciously 300 three-dimensional inches larger than its declared 3,760-cubic-inch capacitance. » Another leakproof zip gets you into the principal compartment from the face; thither's no pauperism to commence a sportfishing misstep from the top. » Back-panel effervesce is flabby and meshy against the hide, Read more [...]
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Bolivia: the burning earth in Cochabamba

on 15 June. An unusual phenomenon occurred in the area of Nueva Felicidad municipality Villa Rivero (Villa Rivero). Fire burst out of the ground covering an area of ~50 square meters, which resembles the fear of local residents, as this event is accompanied by other strange phenomena. The fire was observed within three weeks, according to the Bolivian press. On Saturday (June 11) showed the motion of the earth, causing alarm among the people who fled in terror, thinking that everything will collapse. In the field within five years had dried up the flow of water, and now this place cracks Read more [...]
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Bulgaria has requested to host the permanent U.S. military contingent

17/12/2012 Bulgaria appealed to the United States to host the permanent contingent. Sofia explains this desire that the presence of U.S. troops in the country to help improve security in the region and improve the training of Bulgarian soldiers and officers. It first is to increase the U.S. military presence on the range "New village" in the town of Sliven, wrote in his newspaper "Trud" from Sofia. Moreover, at the site may be established a permanent U.S. military commanders, said the publication with reference to the outcome of the visit of Defense Minister Anyu Angelov Read more [...]
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On the moon, the water was always

Traces of moisture found in the structure of the lunar rocks, evidence against the theory of the Moon's formation as a result of the collision of large celestial body with the Earth.The study of ancient lunar rock samples obtained during the program "Apollo", showed the presence of their crystal structure traces of water. This is not consistent with the theory of the origin of the moon glowing "garbage", which resulted from the collision of Earth with a large cosmic body Yusyue said Zhang of the University of Michigan (USA), one of the authors of the study. In this case, Read more [...]
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Sudakov search sites in rivers without sounder

There are certain methods may not be very accurate and fast, but the time-tested and more than one generation sudachatnikov. They do not require material costs, and the costs are included in physical organic sporting sense zander. The first of them - the visual. If you are on the river in calm weather, look closely at the water surface. You will see that for far differently for speed and direction. The possible availability brovok the bottom, the depth drops, rapids and so you will point the surf generated flow. On availability holes and pits in coastal edge - the reverse flow. Border regions Read more [...]
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Underwater volcano near Kalpakkam

on June 26, 2013. Indian Council for regulation of nuclear energy (Atomic Energy Regulatory Board (AERB)) began a detailed study of how the detected underwater volcano threatens the nuclear power plant at Kalpakkam, about 70 km from Chennai. The confirmation of the presence of an underwater volcano was announced 5 weeks ago. At the moment, Geological survey of India (GSI) also conducts special studies of the status of the volcano, although the initial analysis showed no geological activity. In addition to AERB and GSI, the research will join the national Institute of Oceanography (NIO), Oil Read more [...]
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Survival of the fittest

Dlubokonauchnoe investigation on the problems of mankind, which tells that in the next few years the number of homo sapiens sharply decline. A law will take effect, which we tried to cancel with medicines and other creature comforts: the fittest survive. That is a healthy, smart and lucky.  Part 1     Inwe behold - wonderful inhabitants of the planet, chatting and spinning as Yule, in a strange place called the universe. From what conclusion is that we are full-fledged citizens of the universe. However, like the mouse, or different assholes, Read more [...]
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Life on Mars

Is there life on Mars? The search for life on Mars began in 1978. In 1978, at the red planet landed American shuttle Vicing. They conducted experiments on Mars in order to identify the remains, or the presence of organic life, but they failed to neither the first nor the second of the following reasons. First, the world has not been found any presence of organic residue or any other life, and secondly, in the atmosphere of Mars was discovered the presence of methane, methane organic.The scientists analyzed the data and determined that methane in the atmosphere - it is a feature of Mars does Read more [...]
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Determination of blood group-2

Antigen detection system AB0 (H) made by three main methods: a quantitative method of absorption of agglutinins is simple, avoiding the influence of various contaminants carrier subject, but is not sensitive enough, serological methods of absorption-elution and mixed agglutination very sensitive and are generally used to determine blood group in the traces of a small size. These methods are based on the ability of antibodies? and? absorbed by the corresponding antigens A and B. The disadvantage of methods absorption-elution and mixed agglutination, it is essential for them to use diagnostic Read more [...]
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X-ray diagnosis of anaerobic infections

Radiographic damage tissues and organs during anaerobic infections may be manifested by the presence of gas accumulations, the form of which is due to both the degree of development of the disease and the nature of the anatomical substrate of the pathological process (connective tissue, joint and other cavities). Since the X-ray can be identified macroscopically perceptible even minimal amounts of gas in a relatively short period of time from the beginning of the disease, X-ray examination should be carried out where possible in all cases of suspected anaerobic infection. Radiographically not Read more [...]
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Prothrombin (factor II, trombogen) - glyukoproteidov present in blood plasma and is a precursor of thrombin - an enzyme that causes the clotting of blood. In normal plasma contains 10-20 mg% prothrombin. Biosynthesis prothrombin occurs in the liver and is dependent on the presence of vitamin C. With a lack of this vitamin, which occurs, for example, obstructive jaundice, there is spontaneous bleeding due to impaired synthesis prothrombin. When gipoprotrombinemii can develop children's early hemorrhage. For the determination of prothrombin in the plasma was measured so-called prothrombin Read more [...]
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Diagnosis of postnatal diseases deleted form

With a feverish illness that arose after delivery or abortion, you want to allow a series of diagnostic questions. First of all, it must be established whether the temperature increase due to postpartum (post-abortion) septic infection or it depends on other causes. Therefore, in each case, raising the temperature to produce a thorough and complete examination of the patient. Often in clinical practice allowed the following diagnostic errors: 1. In the presence of postpartum (Post-abortion) infection diagnosis: influenza (usually at the beginning of the disease), pyelitis, pyelonephritis, malaria Read more [...]
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Burns in the forensic respect

Burns are usually caused by an accident; murder (scalding children, igniting flammable liquids with people who are unconscious, and others) and suicide (self-immolation) are rare. There may be cases of burning corpses, or parts thereof in order to hide the crime. In most cases, death of the burning occurs in the first day of shock, and at the autopsy show only signs of sudden death. Upon the occurrence of death in a few days after O. detect swelling and hyperemia of the brain and lungs, multiple hemorrhage and thrombosis in the gastro-intestinal tract, sometimes in the kidney, adrenal, degenerative Read more [...]
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Dental examination

Of great importance are patient complaints, often pointing to the typical symptoms of a disease (eg, pulpitis, salivolithiasis). When collecting history (general and specific) it is important to get an idea about the development of the disease and the nature of the pathological process, and find the migrated and associated systemic diseases (eg, hemophilia). On examination, the maxillofacial region and upper neck draw attention to your face shape, skin color, when viewed from the mouth - on the state mucosa, teeth, bite nature (see). Thus apply dental mirror, spatula, tweezers and probes. Palpable Read more [...]
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Examination of the patient-1

Various disorders of the endocrine glands give a person a kind of changes: 1) a person with increasing projections (nose, cheeks, chin) is observed in acromegaly, and 2) face thyrotoxic goiter patient - quickly turning red, with moist skin with dilated eye slits, enhanced gloss eyes bug-eyed, which gives an expression of fear, and 3) a person with myxedema - uniformly swollen, pale, eyes narrowed the gap, loss of hair on the outer half of the eyebrows, sometimes - in a pale blush background resembling face dolls, and 4) face at evnuhoidizme - wrinkled, hairless, and 5) in pituitary - Cushing's Read more [...]
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The chemical composition of urine

The chemical composition of urine complex, known for more than 150 of its components. Quantitative determination of the normal components of urine - urea, uric acid, indican, sodium chloride and other produce for the study of kidney function, or metabolic disorders may be needed. Routine clinical analysis should only determine whether the urine of the most important pathological components. In a clinical urine sample determine protein, bilirubin (bile pigment), urobilin, sugar (if you have one - acetone and acetoacetate), sometimes blood pigments and indican. Availability squirrel in the urine Read more [...]
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Treatment and prevention of pneumosclerosis

First of all, the elimination of etiological factors (including smoking). Careful follow-up care of pneumonia (not only antibacterial, but also physical therapy and exercise therapy) to a complete disappearance of all clinical and radiographic evidence - the so-called residual effects. Active monitoring of patients who have had pneumonia for at least a year (fall, spring). In the presence of sputum - concern for its evacuation. Limitation of antitussives. Expectorants (potassium iodide). Drainage situation. Bronchodilators. Acute exacerbations - early use sulfonamides, antibiotics. Remediation Read more [...]
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