The phenomenon of shot shot

The phenomenon of the shot clearly traced the relationship and interaction of some elements, and other factors.For example, the velocity of the projectile in the barrel depending on the pressure, but the pressure is dependent on the intensity of combustion of gunpowder and the volume zasnaryadnogo space, which in turn depends on the velocity of the projectile. In the study of the shot, all these factors are considered in relationship.In the phenomenon of shots distinguish the following periods:preliminary period – the composition of the capsule from the explosion before driving the upper Read more [...]
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Not only the igniter

It's about the primer such as "Zhevelo", for which the ignition of gunpowder is a condition necessary but not sufficient. Photo by Mikhail Semin As is known, the combustion rate of smokeless powders depends on the pressure of the surrounding gas, where combustion takes place. At atmospheric pressure, the powder safely lit, but in a closed space, when the pressure begins to increase, the rate of combustion of gunpowder is increased, which causes further increase in pressure, and so forth. There is an avalanche process of burning gunpowder.It is obvious that the total propellant Read more [...]
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Wayward pressure moody bite

The ice on the reservoir in a protracted thaw has melted and held until recently. Now, after the severe frosts, ice even more stronger and almost to the very lamb makes a sharp bite my ice screws. Snowfalls – also did a good job! Now on the ice large snow drifts, insurmountable for vehicles. Walking on them is difficult. It holds a strong infusion, the legs fail treacherous ankle-deep in snow. It's nice to remember long-forgotten experience! It is not often indulges Volgograd winter snow!And the day turned out to be – how to order! Barely perceptible breeze, a cloudless Read more [...]
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The experiment was conducted: your opinion?

The other day, I conducted an experiment whose result for me was almost predictable. It was necessary only to find out some numbers to work with. Photo The essence of the experiment is as follows. The sleeve charged only one capsule «Zhevelo»I inserted wads of nine different species, but instead shot – rod weighing 0.6 kg. When fired, the measured altitude. It was found that the harder «cushioning» part of the wad, the higher takeoff shaft.The highest result of 3.0 m was obtained wad without any shock absorber. Therefore, the power Read more [...]
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Barometer with his hands for a few minutes

Leafing through the book with his son entitled to make such arms, ran with him to an interesting device – primitive barometer.Of course, such a design does not show the exact numbers, but to predict the weather allows.Personally for me this is important, because I meteodependent person, and to know when I poploheet, it would not hurt.«Barometer» It made improvised (glass balloon, Straw for cocktail), which will find no problem.For instructions on making cite a page from the book:Before you publish the article, decided to see how it all works.It is assumed that at the time of manufacture Read more [...]
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On a mistake Boris Laputko

Boris Laputko incorrectness of reasoning is that the general principles of inertia, to which it refers, are dynamic, but the pressure forcing (that is, which is defined by the author himself) is in its physical sense, but starting at the beginning of a dynamic process.What is happening in the cartridge from the flash before opening the capsule and the sleeve is essentially static.Indeed there is the inertia of rest, but the rest (that is, until the body is not free and is not a movement) no manifestations of inertia, we do not see. In any case, until the twist and the strength of friction hold Read more [...]
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And again on the brass sleeve

It would seem that this question has long been irrelevant, because many have long believed that a person of sound mind liner this does not apply. There are others who, while agreeing that the cap Bank of weaker HF, most concerned that this terrible mystery hares nobody opened. And stab the very birds hurl ..Photo: Fotolia It would seem that this question has long been irrelevant, because many have long believed that a person of sound mind liner this does not apply. There are others who, while agreeing that the cap Bank of weaker HF, most concerned that this terrible mystery hares Read more [...]
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Period boost to smooth-bore shot

The classical science of internal ballistics barrel systems are rarely used the concept of forcing period, analyzes the impact of discrete values ​​of the pressure boosting. For artillery classical systems is the pressure at which the leading band of the projectile fully enter the rifling of the barrel. The rifled barrel firearms boost pressure is the pressure at the time when the bullet will be fully rifling of the barrel.Thus, in order not to complicate the analysis, it is assumed – shell and bullet enters the rifling of the barrel and instantly boost pressure equal to the pressure Read more [...]
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On the application of ammunition «magnum»

During the weekend of May on our website intertwined two themes: the first - about the dangers of cartridges such as "Magnum" in IL-27 (N. Rogachev), the second - a recipe goose cartridge with the sample powder "Falcon" (unless it is a mistake ) equal to 2.8 g and 40 g starch fraction (VF Gomov).Photo by Anton Zhuravkova I decided to bring this discussion to a common denominator. Firstly, I fully share the opinion of hunters who think that sleep in the cartridge is significantly inflated hitch «Falcon». «to stronger vdarit», Futile and ultimately unsafe.Very Read more [...]
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Wedging and friction shot

Photo by Sergey Fokin Once entered into a polemic between A. and B. Laputko Yarkov little over a year ago and expressed his views on the subject of friction and wedging more not to engage in it. Excessive prolonged dispute grew out of the way the search for truth and the exchange of experiences in a squabble with mutual attacks, which dominates the desire to satisfy their own ambitions, savoring personal dislike. In my view, such a tone of the discussion is not worth doing domain readers. And so hats off to A. Yarkov, who apparently had himself put it point its publication.I also Read more [...]
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Equip chuck easy

According to my observations, the independent gear patrons of our own country gets a second wind. Contemporary Russia "realodyr" - is not only backward and retired completely impoverished villagers, but also the young and more or less successful, our compatriot.Photo by the author According to my observations, the independent gear patrons of our own country gets a second wind.Contrary to forecasts, this lesson sulivshim complete oblivion. Perhaps we repeat the experience in the US, where this topic is very popular. And judging by the Internet, the modern Russian «realodyr» Read more [...]
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About wedging shot

The controversy between Boris and Alexander Yarkov Laputko seem erupted in earnest. It is interesting to observe from all the vicissitudes of this struggle. To reinforce started up in the course of such statements respected authorities as EV Shteingol'd and SM Scheinin.Photo by Anton Zhuravkova  Article «The size and quality of the shot shot» EA Obleuhova published in «Russian Hunting Newspaper» (№4, 2010), was, in my opinion, to reconcile «hostile» hand, but that did not happen. Relying on the opinion of experts on the experiment, the Read more [...]
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Charmed gun?

Catching sighting hunting rifles, are often faced with hard questions. Sometimes you can not even get a good fight. The gun like a charm - nothing helps. You change the thickness of cardboard pads, their number, type of wads that make up the combined wad — felted plus hardboard, — change the ratio of the mass of powder and fractions with eksperimentiruesh various containers, change «Zhevelo-H» on «Zhevelo-M» and on the contrary, you try different liners, different ways of rolling, to compress the powder Other efforts — Read more [...]
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Human physiology at high altitudes,

Human PhysiologyOr that you need to know the man in the mountains)))Biology Department, it is not a curse, as it may think youth is short for Biological Faculty, in Kazakhstan in our students in the Biology course famous Kaz Gu (now National University). Taught us the conscience, and teachers, lecturers and professors were all entirely disciples great!Some of their energy and enthusiasm and we got))) pulls in science))). In the offseason, the charge on something that would prepare the material on the topic - "Physiology of the mountain hunter"))), it is no secret that in the general Read more [...]
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Atmospheric pressure for the fourth time breaks a record

Thanks to our extensive anticyclone, in the center of Russia still extremely high atmospheric pressure. Today also marks another record. By 11 o'clock the atmospheric pressure in the city (according to the reference weather station ENEA) increased to 1027.4 hPa (770.61 millimeters of mercury). The maximum amount by which the pressure was increased on January 21 was 1027.3 hPa (770.54 mm Hg) and was observed in 1973 Set fourth in the current January record of atmospheric pressure. Monthly record is in 1972, when under the pressure of anticyclonic weather in Moscow rose to 780.74 millimeters of Read more [...]
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The dizziness. What to do?

The dizzy spells occur when the disorder of the middle ear due to head injury, due to a neurotic condition, high blood pressure. The elderly head can spin for no apparent reason. Attacks last from several minutes to several hours. Signs: • The sense of rotation. • Nausea, vomiting. • Excessive sweating. • Ringing in the ears. • Fluctuations in blood pressure. • Changing the pulse frequency. • Pallor. Your actions: 1. Be seated person; if dizzy you, then take yourself and sit quietly until the end of the attack. Read more [...]
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Rainless periods. Drought

  Long periods rainless set at 80% of the cases in the fields of high pressure, i.e. in the central part of anticyclones, ridges, or "fuzzy" fields of high pressure. Drought, 67% of the intensive development of the meridional circulation forms. On the Status of tall ridges and troughs relative to Western Siberia are three types of processes that lead to long rainless periods, drought (see Fig. 5.9) [9].Fig. 5.9. The structure of the pressure field in the middle troposphere (AT500) and the path of cyclones (1) and anticyclones (2) during the establishment of droughts and dry periods in the Read more [...]
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Testament changes in upwind drop the truth of an altimeter?

Suunto Transmitter     Pic: courtesy, REISuunto TransmitterA:The matter is, all altimeters sour off barometrical imperativeness. That's how the gadgets cognize you're passing up or polish?ever-changing pressure as you uprise or condescend pushes in or pulls out a bantam membrane that so triggers the detector that measures aggrandizement advance and exit. So, changes in pressure due to shifts in brave surely bequeath alteration your altimeter indication. Is that a big hand? Not real. My live has been that at dark?when my altitude girdle unceasing piece I nap?I've seen at almost swings Read more [...]
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survival gun

Test POWDER "FALCON".• In the vastness of the Russian Federation in a number of circumstances more versprochenen remains gunpowder "Falcon". But the tips of plant equipment with this powder remain very poor. The plant still gives advice only on antiquated equipment with the introduction of cardboard, fiberboard (not even felt the wads and rolling the sleeves. Well as in the 19th century. If there are no other materials, containers, methods of spin. Read what is written on a Bank - prostatitis.But when such instructions, the factory is not responsible for "liberties" Read more [...]
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repel an attack, not with weapons.

All work carried out only in conjunction with a petal or respirator and goggles. Untried little idea - create remedies for animals. The animal does not die, but the scent and the desire to get closer lost. If anyone tries - unsubscribe. I'm sorry to spoil the fire extinguisher. So - take a powder extinguisher (plastic only)screwed neck and pour powder. 2. Fill it to the same volume of mixture (90% of snuff, red pepper 5%, 5% black pepper). (But safer without peppers) 3. Use only in conjunction with a petal or respirator and goggles. Do not disassemble METAL WITH Monometr EXTINGUISHERS under Read more [...]
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The Survival in the wild nature - how correctly to behave, it having appeared in an emergency situation. Ability to find a way out from any situation: to kindle a fire, to put traps, to prepare food, to arrange dwelling and a lodging for the night; to learn to knit knots, to clear water, to be guided by districts, correctly to choose equipment, a knife. Also you can download directories to tourists, encyclopedias survivals, video Bear Grills to Survive at any cost (Man vs. Wild).