Hunting and morality

Opinion Orthodox priest huntingFather Yaroslav   HUNTING — BUSINESS reasonable peopleThe newspaper reader is the conversation the Orthodox priest of the spiritual and moral aspects of hunting. Hopefully it will be interesting to a wider audience, as the relationship of the Church to raise issues and its pastors oldest human activity – hunting. It's no secret that among the clergy in this respect there is no consensus. Some would like to ban hunting in general, including its murder «our little brothers», those. a mortal sin. But are they right? Or is Read more [...]
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SAPOZHNIKOV Gabriel (1759 after 1802), the first chronicler of Perm. In 1781, in connection with the discovery of the city of Perm and give Peter and Paul Church Egoshihinsk s da status of the cathedral, as a student of theology (a pupil of the senior class.) Vjatskoj Theological Seminary, sent by order of the Vyatka and Velikoperm. Lawrence Bishop of Perm, where ordained a priest of the cathedral in 1800 was appointed sacristan of the Cathedral and pers. Consistory. In 1788 the beginning. be a chronicle of, to-Rui brought until 1802. Vol .: Chronicle Perm composed priest Gabriel Sapozhnikov Read more [...]
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Illegal monastery in Sirbishino

    It has long been wiped out by a convent, located fifty kilometers from Nizhny Tagil nearby village Sirbishino. However, until 1895 there were only a dormitory for nuns, and then in 1913 was incorporated community, and only in 1916 the drive has a new status of the monastery.     On the eve of the October Revolution, the monastery numbered in one nun and forty three novices. The monastery itself was made of wood. Vvedenskaya church was laid June 18, 1913 and consecrated in honor of the Entry of the Theotokos February 1, 1914. After eight years of its existence in Read more [...]
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Girl, which was sent by the teacher-satanistka demons could not keep three healthy men

For five years, both in Sevastopol Catholic parish of St. Clement is Fr Jan Bielecki - one of the few Catholics in Ukraine who have authority exorcist. For more than 30 years, this man, literally and figuratively, courageously fighting a war against the forces of evil. "Today" was possible not only to communicate with father John, but also to witness the unusual action - a ritual expulsion of human demons.Voice not his own. Instead we get a magnificent temple in ordinary apartment Sevastopol, where he conducted the service. Before the altar, sitting on his knees and clasped his hands in Read more [...]
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In the Rostov region priest 18 years deceiving parishioners

For 18 years Shakhty Priest Vadim Edamenko baptized children, sanctified cars and houses, burial service of the dead, without permission from the church. In 1994, Priest Vadim Edamenko derived from the state of the Russian Orthodox Church for violating church rules. According to one theory, the cause of this was the church that had a priest, being in extreme intoxication. For this he was banned from conducting services and priests. As it turned out, for 18 years the ban did not prevent Vadim Edamenko do it all, and at the same time taking money from the faithful. In Shakhtinsky diocese of the Read more [...]
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Secrets of the Sumerian civilization

For this once densely populated fertile land were countless troops of the Persians of Cyrus and Darius, pylili Greek armies of Alexander the Great, a band of men rode the Prophet Muhammad and the Ottoman Janissaries, centuries wandering Bedouin tribes, not knowing what is under their feet.Forgotten Schumer As the years passed, adding in the century and the millennium. Europeans considered rare in a desert land only strange hills lit merciless sun. But, apparently, it is time to learn about completely forgotten past. In 1869, a French archaeologist Jules Oppert found cuneiform inscriptions of Read more [...]
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Pyrokinesis — burned alive

Since time immemorial, there are cases where people turned into a handful of ashes in just a couple of seconds from the fire suddenly broke out, which was of unknown origin. It was found that the flame temperature at the time of human spontaneous combustion as three thousand degrees. But interestingly, located next to the likes of flammable items such as paper, linen, wool and so on, the flame is not affected. A case where a man, lying in bed, started blazing flame, but the blanket and sheet remained intact. That happened in 1992 with Ron Praystom, who lived in Sydney and worked as a firefighter Read more [...]
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Again code Templars!

After litigation inheritance Filaret still got to the Director, or rather his authorized representative. Sigh of relief, Gerard packed his bags and returned to Paris. However, at first glance nothing interesting we found. Shabby clothes, books, including several copies of the Bible, leaflets with the text of sermons in which we are, no matter how hard we try, did not find any revelations - the usual tales for believers. Obviously, everything of value was stolen before us. Why, then, the clergy disputed inheritance Filaret? We had a long discussion with Gerard this question and came to the Read more [...]
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Serial crimes. Foreword

Human history - the history of wars. This led and leads to impairment of human life and encourages people to murder and crimes. When violence is legitimized in the name of the case, in which people do not see the moral purpose, it can not but encourage the individual, individuals to use violence in the name of what, in their manic perspective, may seem justified. In the history of sealed criminal acts of those who considered it possible for you to commit violence, murder, etc. Serial crimes truly appalling. Queen of the killers in Hungary is, according to historical chronicles, royal lady - Read more [...]
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Opus Dei

Religious society "Opus Dei," which means "It's (or rather, a great thing," opus "- a word applied to a thousand-page research, great works of art, music, etc.) of the Lord," was founded by the Spanish Escriva de Balaguer . Future Monsignor born January 9, 1902, in the Spanish town of Barbastro. His father was the owner of a small chocolate factory. Endowed by nature of mind and retentive memory, Escriva showed early interest in the surrounding events. Matured Escriva particularly concerned that many clergymen have lost credibility, and frankly some of them Read more [...]
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