The first private owner in Russia

City Pavlovsky on Oka in Nizhny Novgorod region is traditionally known as the city zhelezyachnikov. The first forge appeared in the area in the VII century, and made them axes, knives, scythes and other farm implements. Photo by Oleg Zaytseva.Valery Sofronov same attraction of the town, like Pavlovian knives. Orod Pavlov Oka Below­urban area traditionally called the city zhelezyachnikov. The first appeared in the smithy this location The VII century, and done in these axes, knives, scythes and other household implements. Once upon a time Read more [...]
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Private and my

In the neighboring Volsky and Khvalynsky District Saratov region during the hunting season of 2009-2010 were recorded three cases of shooting of "unknown" hounds. "Unknown" - a responsible person of public and private hunting management in the areas. Photo: Mikhail Semin Horrible! What scum! Butchers! Pig! The killers! Here is a small list of print curses against the current private owners.I admit that the way in which land and property of the general snatched «by itself» private traders, disgusts me. However, time passes, private traders, wiping from the evil emissions Read more [...]
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Chastnik have private owner

Once a friend of mine, a novice hunter, discovered that in the Novgorod region the opening of hunting moved from April 11 to 18th, became me "torment", they say, let's be opened in the Tula and Kaluga third and mastered Novgorod province with proven decades dobychlivymi places remain "for dessert." When I was ten years, eighty-third year my parents bought the best house in pyatistenok New Life Venevsky village district of Tula region (of course, buy a house and then it was impossible to land, and have issued gift a receipt receiving money). Otpaivali son Read more [...]
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Who will guard the hunting grounds?

The rate that the private owner will take care of the rented property, not justifiedPhoto: Sergey Fokin I have to say: I am opposed to private hunting leases. And it is not a big supporter of fixing of hunting grounds in general. But under the circumstances, can not be choosers.The current policy of the authorities can be expressed in two words: «to give everything». Like, all the market itself «ustakanilos»: Demand will create an offer, the competition will lower prices, private owner would take care of their property. But, in practice, nothing like this Read more [...]
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Hunting areas of Stavropol go into the hands of private owners

Stavropol became the first country in the region, which has earned a new law on hunting. The land is now divided into hunting grounds and 70 per cent received plots transferred to private users for up to 50 years. And more recently, a public organization of hunters and fishermen had a monopoly. Almost all of the hunting grounds of Stavropol was her fiefdom. Now, as all who wish to do the hunting economy, society should take part in the auction, where the main thing - no reputation of the applicant, and the ability to pay.Deputy Chairman of the Stavropol regional public organization of hunters and Read more [...]
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