Artificial and mixed feeding-3

Dry adapted milk formula "Detolakt" produced in industrial conditions on the license of "Abbott Laboratories," (USA) product "Similac". Based on a mixture of skimmed milk. In connection with this formula does not contain milk fat. Fat component mixtures presented coconut and corn oil in the ratio of 60:40. Carbohydrate component mixture "Detolakt" includes only milk sugar - lactose. Product enriched with vitamins, minerals (iron, copper, zinc, manganese). Blend "Detolakt" is produced in the form of enriched and unenriched iron supplements. Read more [...]
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Check the quality of products

To picnic is not over serious poisoning zagotavlivaya products, carefully check the quality. And you have to be careful, not just buying a product on the market or in the store, but also using homemade stocks from long storage, they can deteriorate or be initially not very fresh. So you should remember some details, which will allow you to determine the quality of some of the most important products.Meat. By all indications is much better to eat the meat of animals youngish. This is most easily can be identified by color. Thus, meat from animals under six weeks the color from light pink Read more [...]
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Now you can not take a patient without having to not have a question about the mummy. Can it be applied? Ulcer, cancer, arthritis, asthma, nephritis? What mummy better - black, red or white? Bring bags and asked to identify the mummy or not. 80 years of this century in our country were years of unprecedented outbreak mumiemanii. His "take out" all sorts of ways. Take out because officially this drug in a pharmacy there. A big thank goes. All buy. All drink. Helps everyone. In any case, all say so. How can you help myself! Rasshibeshsya and get one! Healthcare is expensive! There Read more [...]
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Method of individual diet-1

If tolerated yogurt observed mild acute symptoms for 2 days, and the third day against the continuation of its use are introduced into the diet for 1-2 product per day (with an interval of at least 4-6 hours) under the supervision of the clinic and a food diary. First introduced maloallergennye but vitally necessary food. In our observations maloallergennymi products were meat beef, cabbage, barley, rice and corn grits, squash, turnips, rye bread, vegetable oil, melted butter, and often. This set of products we refer to the basic diet. As to any of them can be sensitized, each product checked Read more [...]
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Method of individual dietary

The basis of this method is a temporary exception to the absolute intake of allergenic foods for each individual patient. Individual diet therapy shown to children with eczema, neurodermatitis, strofulyusom, urticaria, angioedema, asthma and Preasthma in the etiology involving food allergens as the only cause of the disease or in combination with other etiological factors. Accordingly, individual diet therapy can be used as the main method of treatment in the first version, and in the cases of combined etiology - in combination with other methods of specific and nonspecific therapy. Method of Read more [...]
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Diet therapy

Mainstay of treatment for food allergy is to eliminate from the diet allergen that causes adverse reactions in the patient. It is quite clear that for this purpose it is first necessary to identify the allergen or allergens, and then try to eliminate them completely. Nut diet Once the diagnosis of allergy to milk installed, you must provide a diet that contains the minimum possible number of cow's milk. At the first stage it is recommended to exclude him and all of the products in which it is affiliated. Later, after sufficient samples of milk, it is possible that symptoms develop only Read more [...]
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Detoxification of soil and water

Which adds to the incident sanitarnogigienicheskuyu situation not only in the area of emergency focus, but also in the surrounding area, with elevated levels of toxic pollution. The first action to ascertain the extent of damage is to calculate the land area of contamination around each istchnika, for example, the method developed by [89] to calculate the components of liquid spills of toxic propellants. Toxicant concentration C as a function of the distance X from the source of contamination is proposed from the equation X = A1pS + B, where A and B - dimensionless coefficients. Connect the dots Read more [...]
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Straits store ammunition

Straits or spilled include distributed by the underlying surface liquid. They occur in areas of industrial enterprises at the end of the process units for violating their integrity. [1] Unlike fire and explosion accident spills occur, usually at relatively low arrival rate of fluorine in the environment and therefore have a local limited. Accidental release of a sealed volume of fluorine with high blood pressure in the environment due to the difference of the physical conditions in the media is an instantaneous partial evaporation of the product, and the remaining liquid flows out of the container Read more [...]
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Explosions in ammunition storage

Production blasts give rise to a number of sources of danger: toxic emissions from the strait and vapor products, shock-wave from the air and seismic shock waves, mechanical shock from the expanding solid phase explosion. Also, in general, may cause gas-aerosol club explosion products and ground flue outlet of the products of incomplete combustion of working media.After the explosion at a chemical manufacturing facility. Consider the most important hypothetical explosion accident in a warehouse with the components of chemical weapons. Such incidents may occur alone or be the development of Read more [...]
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Mechanical shock-resistant ammunition

Strength and resistance to mechanical stress of delivery toxic product to the place of use is an important indicator of safe management of chemical weapons at all stages of its life cycle. Therefore, chemical munitions are made of heavy gauge metal. Loss of integrity and tightness of products would inevitably lead to the exit of fluorine in the environment and would create an emergency situation. Mechanical damage shells, mines, bombs and other means of delivering chemical weapons possible during transportation, loading and unloading works inside and outside the warehouse. It is believed that Read more [...]
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Shock wave stability of formulations

The decomposition of toxic formulations under the explosion due to the shock-wave effect on the front of a moving wave. The phenomenon occurs when the detonation triggered an explosive charge into the ignition cup ammunition. A similar pattern is observed when the chemical ammunition is covered by the external explosion. The detonation of an explosive on the product passes the shock waves caused by a series of successive compressions and rarefactions of the liquid product. Compression in the shock wave causes a sharp increase in temperature of the fluid, which is the cause of its disintegration. It Read more [...]
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Thermochemical stability of formulations

Products of chemical weapons are sensitive to intense external triggering effects such as stroke, maturing, rubbing until pyrolysis or explosion. These impacts will not occur under normal conditions of ammunition, but it is entirely possible for a hypothetical design basis accidents at storage and disposal of products.Intensive decomposition of most toxic substances starts at 150 - 250 ° C, and their complete decomposition occurs at 350C and above [32.47, 48]. The processes of thermal decomposition of toxic substances occur under normal storage temperatures, but their speed is negligible and Read more [...]
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