Rosstat published data «Socio-economic situation in Russia in January-October 2011.»

Head of the Analytical Center of the Information Agency for Fisheries Timur Mitupov notes that 10 months of 2011 registered a decline of production by group «Fish and fish products are processed and preserved» in all federal districts, except for the Far Eastern Federal District.In January-October 2011. compared to the same period last year, an increase of fish production in the Far Eastern District 13.2% to thousands 1792. tons. The decline recorded in the central region by 7.4% to 102 thous. Tons, in North-West District 0.93% to 981 ths. Tons, the Urals Federal District by 3.9% to Read more [...]
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Rothschild and Russian powder

Russian army at the turn of the 1890s. still equipped with outdated single shot rifle. The security interests of states require a new re-multiply-charged weapons with a cartridge in the smokeless powder.Cartridges with smokeless powder to the 3-line rifle model 1891 (left) changed the service cartridges to 4.2 linear sample in 1868 (right) with black powder. But where do we get the new gunpowder? .. The solution to this problem has given significant impetus to the establishment of military weapons… today's hunters and gave excellent carbines, and a very good cartridge. So Read more [...]
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Here to stay

In 2008, the company "Velomotors" was bought by the city Motovelo Zhukovka, which once produced bikes "Desna". In the nineties, the frequent change of owners has transformed plant literally in ruins. So to establish a modern production of bicycles and motorcycles in Zhukovka had zero. Photos of Velomotors From the assembly line in a factory Zhukovka first ATV came July 28, 2009. On full capacity to weld shop robotised posts for production of frames for all models ATV. At the same time factory area started construction of new buildings and installation Read more [...]
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Industrial hunting inspectors are already in the nine municipalities of the Komi Republic

 In early October of this year, industrial hunting inspectors appeared in Sysolskiy and Udorsky areas. Production hunt inspectors also act Knyazhpogostsky, Kortkerossky, Syktyvdinsky, Ust-Vymsky, Ukhta, Ust-Tsilma and Koygorodsky areas.In total in the country to date, there are 28 people with the status of production hunt inspectors. In addition to state inspectors Ministry of Natural Resources of the Komi Republic, they are deployed to combat poaching.  «With the creation of the institute of industrial hunting inspectors in the Republic of Komi have additional capabilities in the Read more [...]
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Dog lesson

Claim elderly hunters that the village Vsegodichi Uvod River, near the city of Kovrov, anciently called because of the richness of the floodplain every game. And Kryachkova, Nearest village, with a sense named. And the name Teterino, the village that a little further away, on the same says. Random names of the people does not happen. And though they say now experienced that game after the reclamation has become much less on I think that if somewhere and you can successfully hunt in Kovrov area, the only there.Snipes, mallard, snipe, teal, and other unknown game, suddenly Read more [...]
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Forever bygone gun

Hunting path length in the 60 years I basically walked arm in arm with the Izhevsk shotgun. But the most sunken into the soul and leave a mark in my mind were two guns - IL-54 and IL-12. In this article, we will focus on double-barreled shotgun IL-54, I bought with it.…gun – lightning and thunder in the hands of a hunter and a certain distance makes him the lord of life and death of all living creatures. ST AksakovHistoryOn the basis of the technical documentation obtained from Germany, production was organized IZhMEHe double-barreled shotguns on the basis of eight models «Sauer» Read more [...]
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Predatory approach

Wolf - is the bane of our hunting. Cleduya approval Leonid Pavlovich Sabaneev, very greedy wolf — at one time it eats up to 8 kg of meat, which is enough for him for a few days. From this we can conclude that for the year the wolf consumes more than 500 kg of animal food, and in winter when the ground is covered with snow, the wolf eats only meat. There was a time when the collective farm chairmen and owners of private holdings numbered damages caused by wolves in winter, a considerable sum.Pets are trying to protect from the wolf fangs. On serolobyh predators organized battue Read more [...]
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The whole world in your pocket

Breathtaking scene of spy movies, mostly older, who have had at least some content other than shooting and massacre: the hero, sometimes the villain, slowly creeps wherever he is, in principle, should not fall, and in the light of a desk lamp miniature camera removes secret documents.Last modification classes­-classical device MINOX TLX. Its serial production was «frozen». Here at least TV series «Rate larger than life» Captain Kloss, as I remember, too, took the exam for this subject, though, does not seem to on «excellent»...Discovered Read more [...]
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«Eternal» Chris Reeve Knives

American master nozhedel Stanley Christopher Reeve This year celebrated the anniversary of its kind. Thirty years ago, in January 1984, he established his own company Chris Reeve Knives and thus fully passed on manufacturing piece knife, leaving virtually all other types of plumbing work and other productive activities. All the best-selling — cloned, and sometimes counterfeited. When the customers sold the knife very similar to Sebenza, but is not approved, it Sebensza, — it is still all It passed. But when the knife is sold as original Sebenza, Read more [...]
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Production of food in the Arctic

To survive in the polar regions our planet is extremely difficult. Especially if we are talking about extreme autonomous survival. Today we talk about the complexities of food production in the Arctic (hereinafter, so as not to confound the author will talk about the Arctic, but the description can be carried over to the South Pole - Antarctica). Features subpolar climate zone: Low temperatures; six months of polar night; an abundance of snow, ice; Strong katabatic winds from the pole. Under these conditions the plants can not grow, so that vegetarian food in the Arctic You can not count on. Only Read more [...]
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Emergency kits. Tips on picking [1]

Survival tool is different inviolable supplies (NZ), emergency styling, sets, kits, etc., (the title isn't the essence of the principle, here, really, is more important than the content).Sets & kits special purpose (galakticheskie, aviation, army, spetsnaz and other departmental) I'm not going to outline. They are designed by experts, taking into account the specificity of the purpose, place of use and the qualifications of the people for whom they are provided, and typically have a narrow application. Copy of their independent travelers one-to-one unlikely to succeed. For example, in the NT a Read more [...]
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The addition of COXY

Kuksa is a common Finnish Cup, although it would be more accurate to call this thing a Cup or even a pitcher, although the size of this object are quite different from malehankih 50 ml comparable to a huge 500 ml, used as subnets. In most cases, Kuksa is made from birch burl or suvali. The so-called knobby knot on the trunk, which should not be confused with wood mushrooms. Although production may approach any material. The Kuksa cut manually. After production it was soaked in the hot oil for preservation. In most cases vivariums in the food linseed oil or a strong solution of sea salt (but unique Read more [...]
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The drought has deprived the eastern provinces of Syria wheat crop

"The global market is saturated with offerings of grain" - in one voice shouting traders on the world's major stock exchanges. This is true, but for large producing countries and the key players of export-import operations in the international trading platforms. These data have nothing to do with countries below the poverty line. Syrian authorities have had a very frank discussion with local sociologists and here what conclusions they have reached. Severe drought in the eastern regions of the country led to complete destruction wheat crops and mass migration population dehydrated lands. Eastern Read more [...]
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Training NAZ medium

Good day! Now is my favorite time of year winter. And that means it's time to training for survival in the winter forest. In this connection, it was decided to gather in haste NAZ midsize whose assignment field training weekends (well, night). One of the criteria for drawing up a set - its budget. And-and-and so! PRESENTS YOU my training NAZ:Protivogaznaya bag is armed army UK, waterproof   - Price 390 p. All presented below reality inside it, despite the small dimensions. Fixed as a shoulder bag, and the need remen.Pri instantly removed by a latch fasteks.Few tools: knife made in Germany Read more [...]
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I did not expect even that in Russia the production of braids began 270 years ago

 Home to such agricultural implements for mowing grass and breads became the Middle Urals, more precisely, the now defunct Byngovsky Plant, which was located in the 7 miles from Nevyansk.    In the chronicle he came in 1718, when he first earned his Molotov factories and smithy ten horns. This ironworks was built at the behest of the founder of the famous metallurgical Nikita Demidov dynasty Antufevicha. Here produced copper utensils, iron roof and other gear. And in 1731, after the completion of the first stagnant factory in Russia started doing braids that were of high quality. Read more [...]
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People to live in prosperity

     Before the Great October Socialist Revolution Nizhny Tagil was not only a center of industry, but also the focus of a cottage industry. There are widely developed metalworking and woodworking production. Workshops produced the so-called schepnoy goods, chests, famous painted trays.     The village had a small farm. They baked bread and pastries, made sausages and smoked.     After the construction of the Urals (metallurgical) railway Perm–Ekaterinburg many artisans gained access to a wider market. But the railroad also contributed to Read more [...]
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Shop wheel sets

    In 50-60 years, due to development of industry in the country was a question to increase the capacity of railways roads. Before Railcar Plant was tasked with creating a rolling stock increased carrying capacity and Operational speeds up to 120 km / h.     In accordance with Resolution of the Council of Ministers on 11.08.1956 it was decided to build the Urals plant shop with powers to issue wheelsets 125 thousand units in year. For Uralvagonzavod was drafted a machine shop for the production of wheelsets. At present the group 385 th notes 40-year anniversary.     Read more [...]
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Hoping to undermine the oil and gas export Kremlin, Washington threw Europe the idea of energy independence. And enthusiasm began to promote it in those countries where nasality have genetic dread of some types of Russian hegemony. But the ecstasy subsided, when it became clear that the South American development of shale gas will transform Starenky Light in the global repository.Volunteers Stremersch Bureau International Investigations of the Eastern European States have collected data on the development of shale gas.Chemistry and lifeEuropean greenish in panic - increasing production of shale Read more [...]
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Fyodor Abramovich sear

Read more [...]
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Ushakov, from father to son, son to grandson

Age of Russian business well over a thousand years. Political development of the Russian state giant areas paralleled with their economic development entrepreneurs. In 1918, the Soviet government under pain of death forbidden enterprise, and until recent years it was regarded as a depot, a criminal. Of Russian life, seized the most important element of economic development, eliminated a layer of Professional Organizers, which gave rise to the domestic economy and nurtured for centuries. But their history is entitled to the attention of our contemporaries. Each clan is famous entrepreneurs and Read more [...]
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