UK residents have established a unique bionic arm Michelangelo

The night before, on January 24, the British agency Assosieyshn Press reported that a Briton Christopher Taylor became the first resident of the United Kingdom, who was lucky enough to try out the unique "bionic arm" has revolutionized the field of prosthetics. Named in honor of one of the greatest representatives of the Renaissance, "the hand of Michelangelo," not only "greatly simplifies everyday life, but also allows its owners to return to duty" - ITAR-TASS.Several years ago, Taylor lost his arm in a motorcycle accident the water. The accident threatened to put Read more [...]
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Birth of the idea

Until the middle of the XIX century to fight against blindness nothing but iridectomy, doctors could not offer. Blind, who nebula completely closed the cornea, and remained blind. They appealed to the doctors, begging them to return sight. The doctors tried to find ways to combat nebula. Indeed, one has only to remove the small muddy plenochku as the rays of the sun will flood the eye. But how? You can not just cut the thorn: Get a wound that would soon overgrown with very rough and thick scar. And this scar even more opaque than the walleye. But if you would make a hole in the wall-eye right Read more [...]
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Prosthetics - a system of medical, technical and organizational measures to restore the lost forms or functions of individual organs or bodies themselves. Conditionally distinguish anatomical prosthesis, functional and therapeutic. Under the anatomical prosthesis understand recovery primarily through lost organ and part of the function (without other sources of energy), such as prosthetic arms and legs, eyes (see Artificial Eye), teeth (see dentures), ears and nose, breast, and etc. Functional prosthesis involves the use of other sources energy to provide the functions of a limb or organ, such Read more [...]
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Some errors in prosthetics-4

Swelling under pressure denture begins to grow rapidly. Thus, at the present time before the nature and type of prosthesis, the patient should be carefully evaluated radiographically. Otherwise prosthetic jaw is defective. The quality of the prosthesis is completely dependent on the quality of patient examination and choose the type of prosthesis. Bug doctor made while examination of the patient, will lead to errors in the manufacture of the prosthesis. Prolonged production both removable and fixed prosthesis is primarily the prepared tooth pain when eating, changes in the periodontal supporting Read more [...]
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Some errors in prosthetics-3

Error must be considered when a physician, knowing about the intolerance of plastic makes plastic prosthesis, not applying the measures (additional polymerization process in a solution of potassium permanganate, a protective seal covering the prosthesis). Such patients are regular visitors dental institutions, constantly complaining of a burning sensation under the mucous membrane graft, color change and the appearance of the mucosa pathological elements, taste perversion. Before you make a prosthesis, patients need to be examined carefully and make them specific tests to ensure no sensitivity Read more [...]
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Some errors in prosthetics-2

Dental treatment for a crown or other fixed prosthesis can be accompanied by injury of soft tissue of the mouth. The most common injury is the language. Although at present there are special fuses for use with a separating disk, unfortunately, doctors rarely use them. Prolonged ongoing debate whether to produce prostheses with cantilever tooth or not. Long-term observations are more and more convinced that the prosthesis with the console is a mistake. They violate the physiological properties of the supporting teeth, especially their periodontal, which develops the disease process and tooth Read more [...]
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Some errors in prosthetics-1

The source of error is the absence of prosthetics doctor firm confidence in the correctness of the chosen design prosthesis. When doctor shows variations, the patient feels, and then start the discussion between physician and patient. Unsteady opinion physician immediately sent patient he begins to doubt whether he needs such prosthesis or a completely different design. In these cases, to avoid future errors, you need to invite to the consultation of a more experienced colleague and firmly decide what design prosthesis requires the patient. This needs to be written in history. To avoid errors, Read more [...]
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Some errors in prosthetics

Prosthetic dentistry is an integral part of the whole dentistry. Theoretical work carried out on the basis of the achievements of physiology, physics, and mathematics. Clinical studies based on the methods of physiology and other branches of biology and medicine. Modern prosthetic jaw must be a principal physiologic, ie, they must restore the full act of chewing, and at the same time to be perfect in cosmetic terms. Quality dentures depends on many factors: the state hospital, physician training, quality of technical work, materials and compliance with deontological rules, without which the work Read more [...]
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Dentures - orthopedic devices, restoring defective teeth and dentition. Dentures is divided into tabs, crowns, Finger teeth, bridges, laminar and clasp. Glow tooth a plastic tooth the pin, which strengthens the cement at the root of the tooth. Crown and pin teeth can be a support for bridges. Bridges are made of metal, plastic or a combination of metal and plastic and is used in the partial absence of teeth, when there are abutments. According to the construction of such a prosthesis resembles the bridge, where leg is the patient to keep the teeth on either side of the defect, and span - artificial Read more [...]
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